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Winn Schwartau, one of the country′s leading experts on information security, infrastructure protection and electronic privacy is often referred to as “the civilian architect of information warfare.” He coined the term “Electronic Pearl Harbor” and was the Project Lead of the Manhattan Cyber Project Information Warfare and Electronic Civil Defense Team. Today, he balances his time between writing, lecturing, building corporate and national security awareness programs and consulting.

Schwartau′s recent book, Cybershock is a non-technical look at hackers, hacking and how security affects families, companies and nations. It is meant for the average computer user or for organizations to help make their staffs aware of security concerns in the workplace.

His prior critically acclaimed publication Time Based Security, (1999) redefines the needs and premises of information security by offering a means to measure security in the protection of networks. His first non-fiction book, Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway is the seminal work on the subject and became an instant ′must-read′ security classic. It is a compelling, analysis of personal privacy, economic and industrial espionage, national security and defense. He calls for the creation of a National Information Policy, a Constitution in Cyberspace and an Electronic Bill of Rights. The sequel, Information Warfare: Cyberterrorism, Second Edition, was released in 1997. Published in May of 1996, his Complete Internet Business Toolkit is one of the first books to ever be banned from export out of the United States. He was a major contributor to both of AFCEA′ s Cyberwars Books and several international books on CyberWar and Espionage.

Mr. Schwartau is also the author of the prophetic 1991 novel, Terminal Compromise which details a fictionalized account of an information war waged on the United States. This book predicted a number of cyber-events, including the Clipper Chip, chipping, magnetic weapons′ assaults, data and hardware viruses, to name a few. He other popular writings include CyberChrist Meets Lady Luck and CyberChrist Bites the Big Apple, which cover underground hacker events, Firewalls 101 for DPI Press, Information Warfare, Mehrwert Information (Schaffer/Poeschel, Germany), for Introduction to Internet Security for DGI and MecklerMedia, several chapters for Auerbach′s Internet and Internetworking Security Handbook and Ethical Conundra of Information Warfare for AFCEA Press.

With hundreds of credits to his name, his articles and often controversial editorial pieces have appeared in Wired, NY Times, Information Week, Network World, ComputerWorld, Network Security, St. Petersburg Times, Internet World, Virus Bulletin, Security Management, Infoworld, PC Week, etc. He has been profiled in magazines and newspapers around the world.

As an acknowledged global expert in the field of information security, Mr. Schwartau has testified before Congress, advised committees and has consulted as an expert witness. He appears regularly TV shows such as Larry King, Nightline, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, Australian TV, as well as hundreds of radio shows nationwide. He has been featured on dozens of documentaries including the Discovery Channel, A&E, History, BBC, CBC, Encounters, Now It Can Be Told among others.

Past president, American Computer Security Industries, Inc. Mr. Schwartau developed the COMPSEC security technology, which is the foundation of the Novel′s C2 secure Netware. His work has received a coveted slot on the National Computer Security Center′s (NSA′s) Evaluated Product List. He also developed the ENIGMA and ENIX.SYS security systems.

Professional Speaker and Seminar Leader
Mr. Schwartau is a popular and entertaining keynote speaker and interactive seminar leader who always keeps his audiences awake with thought provoking insights and commentary. His recent lectures have included: Banking Association, West Point, CitiCorp, UBS International, SUN Microsystems Security Tour. NASA, FBI, NATO, Sandia National Labs, Naval Postgraduate School, Swedish Government, SCIP France, IIR Australia, Dutch Police, Too Many Financial Organizations To Recall, US Air Force Academy, Information Warfare Conferences, Electronic Funds Transfer Assoc., ISACA, Military Intelligence, Cooper′s and Lybrand, Florida Law Enforcement, ASIS, IBM, ISSA, JWAC, Aerospace Industries Assoc., Society for Competitive Intelligence, RACF, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, International Virus Bulletin Conference, Open Sources Solutions, American Computer Telecommunications Association, Computer Security Institute, Federal Communications Conference, MIS Training Institute, ISSS, NCSA, civic groups and Chambers of Commerce.

Additional Background

  • Founder and Co-Sponsor: InfowarCon Conferences on Security, IW and infrastructure assurance, 1994 – Brussels, Belgium, London, and US.
  • Contributing Editor: Infosecurity Magazine
  • Editorial Board Advisor, Network Security Magazine, (Elsevier), U.K.
  • Contributor and Columnist, Network World (1994 – )
  • Consulting Security Expert: Giga Information Group
  • Advisory Board Member, Click2Send
  • Senior Editor, CartaCapital, Brazil
  • Editorial Columnist and Security Features Contributing Editor, Network World
  • Member, Editorial Board of Advisors, InfoSecurity News, 1990 –
  • Publisher and Founder, Security Insider Report (1992 – sold 1997)
  • Contributing Editor: Secure Computing Online (Scandinavia)
  • Security Columnist: PlanetIT, CMP Publications
  • Member, Board of Directors, Tritheum Technologies, (company sold 1998)
  • Member, New York Institute of Technology Criminal Justice Advisory Board
  • Host daily Radio Show, On the Line by New Media Entertainment (1998-1999)
  • Member, Board of Directors, HomeCom, Inc. Atlanta, GA (1996-1997)
  • Member, Board of Advisors, IBIT, International Banking Information Technology, Liechtenstein (1995-1997)
  • Technologist Advisor, National Computer Security Association (1990-1997)
  • Contributing Editor, Internet World (1994-1996)
  • Security Technologist to the International Security Systems Symposium Seminars.
  • Commentary Editor and Columnist: “Security Insider,” Security Technology News, Phillips Publications. (1992-1995)
  • Member, Editorial Board of Advisors, Crisis Magazine (1988-1994)
  • Former Architectural Security Consultant to Hughes STX on Enterprise security network architectures, design and implementation.

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Winn Schwartau's Speech Descriptions

    Suggested Topics:

    Information Warfare and Cyberterrorism

    • Cyberwar 4G: The Coming Smart Phone Wars
    • How and Why Infowar Occurs
    • Global, US and Commercial Perspective
    • Defensive postures for nations and companies

    Real World Security Awareness

    • Cyber Security: 2020-2030
    • Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless
    • Successful Employee User Participation in Corporate/Gov’t Security
    • Fun, fascinating and effective

    10 Cool, Free (or Really Cheap) Non-Obvious Ways To Improve
    Enterprise Security Posture

    • Security doesn′t have to cost a lot, especially in these days of tight budgets. Schwartau talks about a range of approaches to improve security, many of which are free, non-technical in nature, yet highly effective.
    • Take A Placebo
    • Do You Trust Your Spouse With Your Life?
    • Make Good Garbage
    • TCO
    • Decomplexification
    • Let’s Get Physical
    • Measure This
    • 911
    • Awareness Programs
    • Be The Enforcer

    Computer Ethics for Kids, Companies and Governments

    • Bringing it all home... down to the basics
    • Ideal for educators, parents and family support groups
    • Highly interactive, provocative and audience debate laden

    Protecting Kids and Families on the Internet

    • Step by step how to!
    • Non-technical as it can be.

    Unpopular Approaches to Solving Cyber Terrorism

    • Solving security and cyberterrorism is not an easy technical problem.
    • There are myriad issues, and many of them are incredibly unpopular - yet necessary if we are going to get anywhere. Schwartau address the lack of leadership, over reliance on political correctness, poor administration, profiling, H1-Bs, lawyers screwing things up, and more issues that will seriously get you thinking.
    • Be prepared to be offended, entertained and learn how to really shore up enterprise and national security.

    Security 101

    • The basics of information security for beginners, non-technical and management.

    Rear Echelon Attacks: Asymmetrical Adversarialism

    • No one is going to attack the USA with conventional weapons. The Chinese have declared Unrestricted War against the U.S. in time of conflict.
    • The ‘bad guys’ are going to attack the unclassified, rear support lines to reduce our operational capability. Fascinating and scary.

    Time Based Security

    • Quantifiable Methods for Developing Enterprise-wide Security
    • Helps technicians and management understand security as a risk and then how to measure it for mitigation. Corp and mil audiences ideal.

    Corporate Vigilantism: Right, Wrong or Necessary?

    • When law enforcement won’t respond to or investigate cyber-attacks, what should we do? Take the law into our own hands? Many people are. Did you know it is illegal to disarm your adversary in Cyberspace?
      * Surveys, Results and Opinions. Great for Interaction and debate

    RF Weapons, HERF Guns and EMP Bombs

    • A Tutorial on The State of the Art for Terrorist Attacks Against Infrastructure, Business and Government
    • The first and only unclassified taxonomy on these advanced weapons of mass disruption.

    Cyber-Disaster Exercises

    • Coping With Cyber-Attacks, Responses and Role-Playing (Highly Interactive, Tension Filled and Fun)
    • Commercial, Government, Municipal, Military and International Scenarios and Games
    • Contingency and Consequence Management

    An Electronic Bill of Right and National Information Policy

    • Personal Privacy, Creeping Government, Identity Theft and What to Do About It.
    • In Cyberspace, You Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Protecting Your Privacy in a Digital World

    Mobile Technology

    • Cyberwar 4G: The Coming Smart Phone Wars
    • Top 10 Mobile Security Issues
    • All Things Mobile... Security and Insecurity
    • Advanced Mobile Authentication: Technology Versus Business Cases
    • Securing the Mobile Environment
    • Deploying Mobile Devices across the Bank – Risks and Rewards

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Books by Winn Schwartau:
    Surviving Hackers, Phreakers, Identity Thieves, Internet Terrorists and Weapons of Mass Disruption

    The well-insulated public has not yet had the opportunity to learn what hackers and hacking are really all about: they don′t understand the full scope of hacking and how profoundly it′s changing all of our lives,” says author Winn Schwartau. Written for the layperson, Hacking takes the reader from the basics (What is hacking? Who hacks?); through actual hacking tools and techniques; to corporate, law enforcement, and military hacking policies; to how to become a successful antihacker. It provides balanced viewpoints through words and images from the principal figures in the hacking and antihacking worlds: corporate security experts, lawyers, judges, security-conscious military and government officers, and hackers and phreakers themselves. Your book will be personally autographed by Winn Schwartau.

    Order Here

    Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids (And Parents and Teachers Who Haven′t Got a Clue)

    Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids is a colorful, extensively illustrated book written in an easy to understand, non-technical format. No other book has been specifically targeted at non-technical parents, teachers and kids who are in the greatest need of ethical education on issues they don’t understand.

    “What a great tool for teachers in the classroom!… is a tool that no 21st Century classroom should be without!” — Bonnie Cangelosi, Principal

    Order Here

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