Vivienne Ming Profile

  • Founder of twelve companies to date and inventor of multiple new technologies in the Artificial Intelligence, Health, and Education space.

  • Expert Problem Solver leveraging Big Data to draw previously unknown correlations and solutions.

  • Advisor and frequent speaker to Fortune100 companies, C-Suite executives, world leaders and government officials.

  • Professional Mad Scientist, Co-Founder & CEO, Socos Labs, Director, OptoCeutics, Chief Scientist, Dionysus.
  • Dr. Vivienne Ming’s passion for maximizing human potential and fostering personal transformations has been the driving force behind her illustrious career. After completing her PhD, she held a joint postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, later joining the latter as a research scientist and visiting scholar.

    Throughout her career, Vivienne has challenged poor education and health policies and demonstrated that traditional hiring metrics have little bearing on workplace success. This led to a collaboration with Accenture to train staff to be more creative.

    She co-founded Socos Labs, where machine learning and cognitive neuroscience are utilized to maximize students’ life outcomes. Vivienne has also published research on AI in education and developed “Muse,” a machine learning-based tool for parents that recommends activities to support young people’s creativity, motivation, and emotional intelligence.

    Her research has shown that psychological constructs such as metacognition, socio-emotional competence, creativity, and curiosity significantly affect long-term life outcomes, including health, productivity, education attainment, and life satisfaction.

    In addition to her work at Socos, Vivienne is a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, where she conducts research in neuroprosthetics. In her personal time, she developed a predictive model for managing her diabetic son’s glucose levels and systems to predict manic episodes in bipolar sufferers.

    Vivienne sits on the boards of StartOut, The Palm Center, Emozia, and the Bay Area Rainbow Daycamp and serves as an advisor to Credit Suisse, Cornerstone Capital, and BayesImpact. A vocal advocate for LGBT inclusion and gender equality in technology, she resides in Berkeley, CA, with her wife and co-founder and their two children.

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    The Opportunities and Limitations of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    AI is a powerful tool with seemingly unlimited potential but it must be better understood to be effective for most organizations. With exclusive research and case studies for each audience’s industry or sector, Dr. Ming shares some of her foundational stories of AI’s breakthroughs, where the technology is being applied, where it could be better utilized, and where it’s headed.

    The Neuroscience of Trust and the Diversity-Innovation Paradox

    Building a culture that embraces the tension between trust and diversity takes time and effort. When led correctly, diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams in terms of higher collective intelligence, innovation and creative problem solving. However, even when leaders believe in the power of diversity and the value proposition for diverse teams, many struggle to capture this value – because of the way we’re wired.

    In this keynote and/or discussion, Dr. Ming shares: the complexity of The Neuroscience of Trust and how our brains process information about other people, why creating a culture of trust in diverse teams is harder than it looks, and what we need to do about it. Vivienne shares research and experience in real organizations and has explored ways leaders and teams can “hack” their brains and overcome instincts that impede their ability to hire and nurture winning diverse teams.

    These same ideas can be applied to how sales teams connect, build and maintain relationships with customers, how marketers better understand target audiences, and leaders can leverage special, ultra-diverse teams for special projects and key initiatives.

    The Tax on Being Different: Data on Diversity

    There is an unspoken tax that we all pay. It is a tax that impedes growth and stagnates economies, a tax that causes massive amounts of money and productivity to be lost every year. This tax is collected around the world and often targets those least able to pay it. It is the tax on being queer, POC, or female. It is the tax on being different.

    Dr. Vivienne Ming provocatively addresses this tax by making it tangible. Leveraging massive amounts of HR data, she rewrites issues of bias and discrimination in order to understand and quantify what your differences are costing you. Simultaneously didactic and richly autobiographical, The Tax on Being Different combines vibrant life stories with profound insights about people and, more importantly, how we can change them for the better.

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