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  • Futurist, Author, Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technologies Speaker.

  • Advising companies and governments on AI and emerging technologies' impact on business and society.
  • Quoted as one of the three most influential futurists in the world, Vito Di Bari is an innovation strategist and an inspirational keynote speaker with a global reputation for excellence. Based in Miami, FL, he is celebrated for his captivating and entertaining presentations that leave audiences enthralled. As an esteemed former professor of Project Design and Management of Innovation at both the Polytechnic University and Bocconi University in Milan, Vito brings a wealth of academic and practical experience to the stage.

    Vito is the only keynote speaker who has given a TEDx Talk in five world continents. He has also served as the Executive Director for the IMI Institute of UNESCO in Paris and was appointed as the Innovation Designer for the World Fair Expo 2015 in Milan. In 2001, he founded Next Media Lab, an international cutting-edge research laboratory, where he currently serves as CEO. After moving to Miami Beach, he founded Di Bari & Associates, a design studio creating one-of-a-kind artistic urban installations.

    A prolific author, Vito has published numerous works on innovative theories and contributes to prestigious magazines such as WIRED and Harvard Business Review. He has also appeared as a host for television’s Discovery Channel and the Italian broadcasting network Italia 1.

    Vito’s clients praise him for his expertise in innovation, technology, and addressing the challenges of the future, with an ability to engage and captivate the audience. His presentations are known to be entertaining, insightful, and energetic, covering a wide range of industries. He has a talent for making complex topics accessible and relevant, inspiring audiences to think about how technology will shape our lives, businesses, and the world around us.

    Clients book Vito Di Bari to discuss a range of topics, including the influence of innovation on various industries, the role of technology in decision making, and its impact on businesses and lives. They are interested in his views on IoT, AI, and emerging technologies, and how they can be leveraged for business advantage. Clients seek insight on leadership, vision, and how to anticipate and adapt to change, as well as understanding the future of specific industries.

    Vito delivers impactful messages with a view of the near and mid-term future, highlighting how to innovate and stay ahead of the market. His presentations empower business partners, conveying the importance of technology in shaping the present and future. Clients appreciate Vito’s focus on delivering engaging, thought-provoking content that leaves audiences uplifted, challenged, and inspired.

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    Vito Di Bari's Speech Descriptions

    Vito Di Bari’s visually immersive presentations are less like a speech and more like a show. The renowned futurist packs his keynotes with video footage and demonstrations of up-and-coming technologies that get people talking and rethinking their business strategy. Di Bari works across a wide range of sectors but always customizes his program to meet your organization’s needs.


    How to inspire your organization to embrace the AI transformation and a guideline for executives, partners, and customers on how to successfully introduce AI in business.

    The digital transformation is not yet complete, and a new transformation is needed. AI has started to revolutionize the way we work, yet many organizations are reluctant to adopt it. In this keynote "Welcome to the AI Transformation", internationally acclaimed futurist Vito Di Bari explores the latest advancements, trends, and potential applications of AI across diverse industries, illustrating how and why AI will give companies a lead over their competition and thrive in the coming years.

    The AI market is expected to reach the $500 billion milestone by next year. If your company’s system is still not integrated with AI, your company will soon be left behind, facing severe threats to its survival.

    WHY NOW?
    A business boom is coming over the next years that will impact all kinds of companies, in all industries. It’s time to integrate AI into business operations to boost productivity, save time and resources, and establish long-term customer relationships. Yet many companies will delay the introduction of AI, as many have done before with other digital transformations. Some organizations will be resistant to change, while others will not know from where to start.

    This keynote is an engaging and unique experience specifically tailored to the theme of each individual event. With a focus on live interactions with the audience, it includes AI and AR projections, fictionalized custom videos, memorable storytelling, and coups de theatre. With a grand finale, the story of “A Day in the Future” on a movie screen, accompanied by live commentary and symphonic music. At the end of his speech, there is a gift for each attendee: the eBook “Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Transformation”.

    The main topics covered are the following:
    1. An overview of how Artificial Intelligence will change the way your specific industry will work in the future, with a focus on AI transformation and its advantages for your company and its employees.
    2. Forecasting of business trends, business growth, and market evolution, driven by AI technology.
    3. Useful guidelines on how to combine the power of AI with emerging technologies such as IoT, AI Cloud, Extended Reality, 3D printing, and cooperative Robots.

    After attending this presentation, your audience will take away the following:
    1. Organizations, partners, and clients will understand why investing in AI is critical for the growth and success of your business, and how they can be part of a single plan aligned with your company’s specific objectives.
    2. Attendees will overcome their reluctance to embrace AI and gain a deeper understanding of AI as a game-changer with insight into its ecosystem of emerging technologies.
    3. C-Level executives will learn how to set realistic expectations, how to measure outcomes of an AI driven strategy, and how AI can enhance revenue, boost productivity/efficiency, improve customer experiences, and reduce costs.

    This keynote presentation is perfect for C-level executives, partners, and clients looking to lead their companies through a transformation process. It’s also an excellent opportunity for companies launching new innovative lines of products, going through relevant evolutions (such as a merger, acquisition, joint venture, or partnership), guided by leaders with a vision to share.

    This presentation can be delivered as a keynote speech, either in-person or virtually. It will be customized to meet the specific needs of each event and can be complemented with additional activities such as participation in a panel, a meet and greet, or a book signing.

    Following the presentation, we offer a post-event debriefing session with company executives to gather feedback and insights. This can lead to the design of further workshops or brainstorming sessions on specific topics related to the AI transformation, enabling attendees to embed what they have learned and keep the momentum going.


    A new business renaissance is coming.
    Format: 45-90 minutes keynote

    This program is perfect for:
    • C-Level
    • HR and Organizations
    • Clients, Partners and Stakeholders
    • Associations

    The audience will leave with:
    • Team members will understand how to accelerate actionable change.
    • Organizations will be empowered to innovate and embrace challenges.
    • Clients, Partners and Stakeholders will learn why your new lines of products are aligned with the market evolution.

    The main topics are:
    • knowledge of emerging tech that will change the way their specific industry will work in the future;
    • forecasting of business trends, business growth, and market evolution;
    • inspirational guidelines to achieve future leadership through innovation, emerging technologies, knowledge of business trends.

    A perfect inspirational moment for conventions of companies going through a transformation process, guided by leaders with a vision to share, launching new innovative lines of product, announcing a relevant evolution (such as a merger, acquisition, join venture, partnership), celebrating an important anniversary. The future of business trends and business growth, innovation and leadership: a great inspirational talk for C-Level, partners, clients and stakeholders.

    It's time for strategical thinking and developing new tactics, to team up in more performing ways and accelerate digital transformation. It's time to embrace the emerging technologies to emerge stronger and in better competitive shape than before.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Vito Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Vito did a spectacular job. His video towards the end of his presentation was phenomenal. It was an insightful, eye opening, and passionate look into the very near future of just about everything in our daily lives.”

    “Vito Di Bari give us an interesting perspective about the Paradox of Automation, full of humor and sense, with interesting new concepts that make us want to lead this evolution instead of worry about it.”
    Rogelio Viesca Arrache, CEO, CLARO

    “Vito Di Bari captivates his audience with storytelling, amazing videos. Vito brings priceless insights for propelling companies and organizations into the future, wielding fresh prospectives for business objectives, products, service and clientele. Each of his keynotes is specifically tailored for each client and he always gives 150% exceeding client’s expectations. It is always a pleasure to work with him.”
    Monica Bellini, Miami Celebrity Agency

    “A very insightful and inspiring talk!”
    George Karam, Global Account Director, SAP

    “Vito Di Bari was just superb! Not just because of how he delivered his interesting content and perspectives, but most of all for having achieved the engaged presence of the top echelon of the Executive Branch, the relevant ministers to the issue at hand, the highest level private sector representation and the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, for the full length of his dynamic talk. “
    Rosendo Álvarez III, H. Consul of Estonia

    “Vito Di Bari’s keynote is the best I ever seen. He goes through the next business trends, the emerging technologies and how they will change the way we work and tells how to use this knowledge to compete in the business arena. The, the gran finale: Vito shows the future as it will be on big screen and comments it live with symphonic music in the background. The effect is spectacular, the audience is fascinated and inspired.”

    “He is the new European guru of innovation.”
    The Financial Times

    “Vito Di Bari’s presentation at Ted Shanghai was amazing.”
    Lucas Machin, Dean Hult International Business School

    “Mr. Di Bari challenged our conventional thinking.”
    Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO Miami Children Hospital

    “Vito Di Bari is a visionary on Innovation, a great leader and a fantastic speaker.
    He was a guest speaker with terrific impact.”
    Fabio Bennasso, CEO Accenture Italy

    “Vito Di Bari engineers dreams. Feasible dreams, based on solid facts.”
    Kenneth Arrow, Nobel Prize for Economics

    “Di Bari is a visionary who has the ability to understand where innovation is going”
    Emma Marcegaglia, President of Confindustria

    “Di Bari’s scheme of digital innovation strikes me as remarkable”
    Lawrence Klein, Nobel Prize for Economics

    “I love his creative ideas, the metaphorical imagery, the visual boldness and the unique approach.”
    W. Allen Morris, CEO AMC

    “One of the three most influential futurists in the world, along with John Naisbitt and Alvin Toffler.”
    Encyclopedia of Speakers

    “Vito did a spectacular job. His video towards the end of his presentation was phenomenal. It was an insightful, eye opening, and passionate look into the very near future of just about everything in our daily lives.”
    Clark Mulligan, LPA

    “Vito Di Bari challenged our conventional thinking.”
    Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO Miami Children Hospital

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