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  • Named one of the most important futurists in the world, Di Bari helps businesses and the public sector prepare for the coming wave of nanotech, AR, robotics, 3D printing, and other innovations that will reshape our way of life.

  • Di Bari is the founder and Scientific Director of the International Research Laboratory LabNext, known as the MIT of Milan, Italy, and taught design and innovation at the Polytechnic University of Milan and the University of Bocini for over 20 years.

  • As Innovation Designer, Di Bari's vision, designs, and writing were instrumental in securing Milan's position as the host city of the 2015 World Expo.

  • Di Bari's visually immersive and accessible presentations have been hailed around the world, winning him speaker invites to TEDx Conferences on 5 different continents.
  • Named “one of the world’s most important futurists,” Vito Di Bari gives businesses a preview of vanguard technology that will transform their industries and customers’ lives. As the founder and Scientific Director of the International Research Laboratory LabNext (also known as Milan’s “MIT”) and a long-time professor of innovation, design, and media, Di Bari has been at the forefront of breakthroughs in nanotech, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics, and media for the past two decades.

    Currently based in Miami, Florida, Di Bari is the founder of Di Bari & Associates where he uses 3-D printing, AR, and sensors to create leading-edge installations and solutions for urban developers and city governments. His designs and projects marry technological innovation, chic urban living, beauty, and ecological solutions.

    Globally regarded for his visionary forecasts and dynamic presentation style, Di Bari has spoken at TEDx conferences on 5 different continents – more than any other TED speaker. He is the author of 11 books on innovation and writes columns for WIRED, Harvard Business Review, the Italian publication Il Sole 24 Ore, and Panorama.

    For over 20 years he was an esteemed professor of Design and Management of Innovation at the Polytechnic University of Milan as well as the University of Bocini, in Italy. Concurrently, he served as the Executive Director at UNESCO’s International Media Institute. In 2006, Di Bari was selected to be the Innovation Designer for Milan’s bid to host the 2015 World Expo. His brochure, The NeoFuturist Manifesto played a crucial part in the final decision to hold the Expo in Milan.

    Di Bari is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. In recent years, he has presented at EXMA, CIHAC, electronica, the Fujitsu World Tour, Cisco Live, the BMW Drive 7 Tour, the Freescale Technology Forum, Schneider Electric LAM, Campus Party, Computex Taipei, UFI 50th Anniversary, SEAT, the Accenture Partners Convention, Nielsen Technomarketing, Deloitte World Summit, Golden Tulip 50th Anniversary, Hitachi Europe Meeting, Oracle, Nissan Preview, Tetrapak Seminar, and the Leroy Merlin Convention.

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      Vito is an inspirational speaker with a dash of humour who literally shows the future on stage. His keynotes combine the depth of business strategies and the magic of entertainment. Founded on a solid scientific approach, his keynotes include the unveiling of new technologies, and reveal a detailed forecasting of medium-term business trends. His background as United Nation’s IMI UNESCO Executive Director and university professor is harmoniously paired with his showmanship style to create memorable and storytelling using custom films on theatrical screens, humour and the occasional coups de theatre, to show us the future: how our lives will change in the next 5 to 15 years. Tailored to each individual event, because no two keynotes are alike, he recounts the stories of evolution of individual business segments, uncovers the future way of working in those industries, as well as the future competition in those markets. Telling stories of individuals responsible for pivotal moments throughout history while echoing the works of artists, writers, and philosophers, all narrated as an enchanting tale of the never-ending challenge of human civilization. Now throw in some metaphors, paradoxes, and jokes…a lot of jokes. Live interactions with the audience to sprinkle in extemporaneous brainstorming, some blitz surveys, Q&A’s, and even dancing. Add a dash of live tweets to and from the people in the room, tweeting infographics and receiving back comments in real time. The keywords of Vito’s topics are future, innovation, leadership, business trends, business growth. The keywords of Vito’s style are inspirational, humour, storytelling, vision.

      Vito Di Bari was the Innovation Designer for the World Expo 2015, Executive Director at United Nations’ UNESCO, in Paris, and Professor of Design and Management of Innovation at Polytechnic University of Milan. Quoted as one of the three most influential futurists in the world, Vito has published 11 books on innovation and hosted the show “Live from the Future” on Discovery Channel. Named Big Thinker 2014, he is considered the thought leader of the tech driven design movement Neo-Futurism. TEDx speaker in five continents. The Financial Times has defined him as “the Guru of Innovation and Design”; the Nobel for Economics Kenneth Arrow, said, “Vito Di Bari engineers dreams. Concrete dreams, based on solid facts”.

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    Vito Di Bari’s visually immersive presentations are less like a speech and more like a show. The renowned futurist packs his keynotes with video footage and demonstrations of up-and-coming technologies that get people talking and rethinking their business strategy. Di Bari works across a wide range of sectors but always customizes his program to meet your organization’s needs.

    Format: 45-90 minute keynote This program is perfect for C-Level Executives

    The audience will leave with:
    - knowledge of emerging tech that will change the way their specific industry will work in the future
    - forecasting of business trends, business growth and market evolution
    - success case histories, best practices, leadership techniques to win the future of business competition
    - inspirational guidelines to achieve future leadership through innovation, emerging technologies, knowledge of business trends.

    A perfect inspirational moment for conventions of companies going through a transformation process, guided by leaders with a vision to share, launching new innovative lines of product, announcing a relevant evolution (such as a merger, acquisition, join venture, partnership), celebrating its anniversary. The future of business trends and business growth, innovation and leadership: a great inspirational talk for C-Level executives.

    Format: 45-90 minute keynote.This program is perfect for:
    CMO, Sales Manager, Consultants, Marketing Advisors, SEO experts, Social Media, Content Managers, Marketing Researchers, Media Planners

    The audience will leave with:
    - a map of the future evolution of technologies impacting on marketing activities in the next 3 to 15 years
    - a guide on how to use these technologies to successfully engage and win the business competition
    - success case histories, best practices, professional motivation
    - inspirational guidelines to achieve future leadership through innovation, emerging technologies, knowledge of business trends.
    Successfully premiered at EXMA, the emerging LATAM marketing platform, with over 6,000 attendees. The future of business trends and business growth, innovation and leadership: a great inspirational talk for marketing executives and consultants.

    Format: 45-90 minute keynote.This program is perfect for:
    city managers, county managers, CRA and P&R managers, smart city engineers, consultant, manufacturers, developers, building and construction executives, urbanists, architects, engineers, associations of the above professionals

    The audience will leave with:
    - a wonderfully inspiring vision of the potential of smart technologies and new art and architectural trends to build the city of the future
    - a positive approach to problem solving through cutting edge technologies
    - pride of communities, love for art in public places, knowledge of innovative architectural solutions.
    - inspirational guidelines to achieve future leadership through innovation, emerging technologies, knowledge of business trends.
    This is much more than a keynote, it's a multimedia feast of positive icons and smart solutions to increase the quality of life of the future dwellers. The future of business trends and business growth, innovation and leadership: a great inspirational talk for the ones who will design and manage the cities of the future.

    Format: 45-90 minutes. This program is perfect for:
    C-Level Executives, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Change Management Teams,
    Associations looking at the future, Executives focused on business trends and business growth

    In 2025 there will be twenty-six smart objects for any person on earth, and our perception of the digital and physical world will drastically change. We will not connect through devices any more but through the objects surrounding us. The world will become dig-cal because everything will be digital and physical at the same time. This keynote is about IoT, AI, nanochips, sensors, cloud and adaptive tech and how they will change the way we live and work. It's an inspirational talk about the future. Depending on the audience it might be customized to illustrate business trend driven by emerging technologies, innovation leadership and the business growth, if it's intended for C-Level executives. Or it can focus on the transformation of our everyday life if it's addressed to a public audience. At the end the future will be unveiled, with a video produced expressly for this keynote literally showing the future on the big screen, commented live by Vito Di Bari.

    The audience will leave with:
    - an optimistic attitude towards the future
    - knowledge of emerging tech that will change the way we will live and work in the future
    - inspirational guidelines to problem solving through cutting edge technologies
    - a wonderfully inspiring vision of the potential of AI, robotics, IoT and smart technologies

    Format: 45' to 90' keynote. This program is perfect for:
    hotel C-Level and owners, conventions and events C-Level, hospitality professionals at large, hospitality companies embracing innovation, motivated hospitality marketing teams,
    hospitality companies and teams celebrating their anniversaries

    The audience will leave with:
    - a view of where is moving and why the hospitality sector in the next 5 to 15 years: innovation, business trends, transformation
    - best practices, case studies and techniques to lead the business the competition
    - inspiration to move forward and embrace innovation to maximize returns and net profits
    It's the ultimate keynote to inspire C-Level in the hospitality business to embrace innovation and intercept the future through a radical transformation. Great for anniversaries (I've performed it for 50 years of Golden Tulip) and for teams and professionals in the conventions and events business (it had a great feedback at IBTM event).

    Format: 45'90' keynote. This program is perfect for:
    C-Level in the Retail Business, Teams of Emerging Brands, HR of Innovative B2C companies
    "Today we will learn how to win the business competition... from the animals, we will unveil an exponential retail trend, get back in time to forecast the future, receive seven postcards from 2025 and end with a time travel." This is how Dr. Vito Di Bari, named one of the three most acclaimed futurists in the world, starts his keynote on the future of retail. A memorable and inspiring lecture, and a travel in time from the birth of retail to the present and over. With a grand finale: Vito will show the future of retail. Literally, with an exclusive short movie commented live on big screen.

    The audience will leave with:
    - a positive approach to the future evolution of retail
    - out-of-the-box thinking to engage consumers
    - a lot of cool ideas to take to the next tech level their point of sales, shops, shopping malls
    - inspired vibes and motivation to lead the business competition of the future retail industry

    What People are Saying about Seeing Vito Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Vito did a spectacular job. His video towards the end of his presentation was phenomenal. It was an insightful, eye opening, and passionate look into the very near future of just about everything in our daily lives.”

    “Vito Di Bari give us an interesting perspective about the Paradox of Automation, full of humor and sense, with interesting new concepts that make us want to lead this evolution instead of worry about it.”
    Rogelio Viesca Arrache, CEO, CLARO

    “Vito Di Bari captivates his audience with storytelling, amazing videos. Vito brings priceless insights for propelling companies and organizations into the future, wielding fresh prospectives for business objectives, products, service and clientele. Each of his keynotes is specifically tailored for each client and he always gives 150% exceeding client’s expectations. It is always a pleasure to work with him.”
    Monica Bellini, Miami Celebrity Agency

    “A very insightful and inspiring talk!”
    George Karam, Global Account Director, SAP

    “Vito Di Bari was just superb! Not just because of how he delivered his interesting content and perspectives, but most of all for having achieved the engaged presence of the top echelon of the Executive Branch, the relevant ministers to the issue at hand, the highest level private sector representation and the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, for the full length of his dynamic talk. “
    Rosendo Álvarez III, H. Consul of Estonia

    “Vito Di Bari’s keynote is the best I ever seen. He goes through the next business trends, the emerging technologies and how they will change the way we work and tells how to use this knowledge to compete in the business arena. The, the gran finale: Vito shows the future as it will be on big screen and comments it live with symphonic music in the background. The effect is spectacular, the audience is fascinated and inspired.”

    “He is the new European guru of innovation.”
    The Financial Times

    “Vito Di Bari’s presentation at Ted Shanghai was amazing.”
    Lucas Machin, Dean Hult International Business School

    “Mr. Di Bari challenged our conventional thinking.”
    Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO Miami Children Hospital

    “Vito Di Bari is a visionary on Innovation, a great leader and a fantastic speaker.
    He was a guest speaker with terrific impact.”
    Fabio Bennasso, CEO Accenture Italy

    “Vito Di Bari engineers dreams. Feasible dreams, based on solid facts.”
    Kenneth Arrow, Nobel Prize for Economics

    “Di Bari is a visionary who has the ability to understand where innovation is going”
    Emma Marcegaglia, President of Confindustria

    “Di Bari’s scheme of digital innovation strikes me as remarkable”
    Lawrence Klein, Nobel Prize for Economics

    “I love his creative ideas, the metaphorical imagery, the visual boldness and the unique approach.”
    W. Allen Morris, CEO AMC

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