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Victoria Labalme helps professionals do more than communicate; she teaches them how to create an experience. The creative communications specialist and Hall of Fame Speaker blends decades of show business, entrepreneurship, and extensive experience working with Fortune 100 companies to up their presentation game and explore their untapped creative potential.

Victoria is the founder of three learning systems that are consistently sold-out: “The Throughline”, the “Executive Mastery Series”, and “Rock The Room”. She is a private coach to top executives at Microsoft, Starbucks, PayPal, Lowe’s, Intel/McAfee, as well as leading entrepreneurs, TV personalities, and TEDx speakers.

As an actress and entertainer, she has given over 200 performances of her solo shows, appeared at comedy clubs, at Caroline’s on Broadway, primetime news shows, and HBO’s Sex & The City, not to mention dozens of television commercials, including a Super Bowl spot.

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      • Born into a family of writers, artists, and educators, Victoria created a whole new artistic category in the speaking profession with her “Theatrical Keynotes.”

    After completing a distinguished record at Stanford University, Victoria went to train and work professionally in the fields of acting, comedy, writing, and film production. Included in this experience was the rare distinction of being mentored by the legendary Marcel Marceau.

    Known for her unique style of blending the spoken word with physical expressiveness and comedy, Victoria has earned awards for her writing and performance work, as well as acclaim from critics across the country ranging from the New York Times to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Her professional appearances such as HBO’s Sex & The City; film documentaries directed by Academy Award nominees; over 27 television commercials; off-Broadway shows; NBC News; Fox News; ABC/Good Morning America’s stage in Times Square; and performances of her original one-woman shows at scores of high profile theaters, comedy clubs and corporate venues have provided the toughest test of her talent. Through it all, Victoria has uncovered a rare ability to connect with every audience and to open minds and hearts to her message.

    Her interactive, high-content breakout sessions that follow have people laughing, learning, and re-engaging with their team mates and their work in an entirely new way. Participants leave with invaluable new insights, practical and applicable communication tools, and an unforgettable, laughter-rich experience.

    Victoria’s skill for bringing art, experience, and creativity into the corporate messaging process developed through years of experience — as a writing-performing artist, a corporate television spokesperson, an associate producer of comedic-theatrical educational and training videos, and a senior leader of experiential education courses (ropes courses and backpacking expeditions) for special ed groups and company retreats.

    You can bet that corporations like Starbucks, Administaff, 24 Hour Fitness, JetBlue University, PNC Bank, Christus Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Interstate Hotels & Resorts Company, Bosley, Chick-fil-A, and the NYPD do not assemble their people for major corporate events just to be entertained. They chose Victoria knowing she would make a sustainable difference in the passion and performance of their people.

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Victoria Labalme's Speech Descriptions

From elite entrepreneurs to executives, experts, and New York Times best selling authors, Victoria Labalme has helped thousands of individuals hone their communication skills and influence people’s lives for the better. Her proprietary Throughline strategies and systems have transformed cultures and teams around the globe, taking an ordinary communication opportunity and turning it into a memorable performance experience—one marked by authenticity, engagement, meaning, and lasting results.

Victoria shows her audiences how to apply the key communication principles used in theater, film, television ,and comedy to dramatically improve the outcome of their own business interactions. She is also the perfect choice to address how your organization can slow down the calamity our modern society celebrates as success, and instead manage for top performance and production.

    Crazy, Busy, Nuts: Getting off the Conveyor Belt of Life
    Do you ever wake up stressed just thinking about your day? Does the week feel like a non-stop “conveyor belt” of commitments and to-do lists? In this comedic, high-energy, entertaining performance, LaBalme takes the challenging issues in your organization and transforms mindsets by delivering practical tools for managing the chaos and inspiring change.

    Packed with customized humor and cutting edge commentary, this keynote provides your team with the specific skills needed to move beyond the “crazy busy” mindset, communicate more effectively and become more productive at work and in life.

    Themes and outcomes include:

    • Dramatically Improved Communication Skills
    • Practical Tools for Managing the Chaos
    • Life Balance & Wellness
    • Reduced Stress
    • Inspiration

    A Broadway-level customized performance to inspire and entertain your audience, this presentation is ideal for opening or closing an event.

    The Art of Business: Engaging Your Brilliance
    In this high-energy, results-oriented keynote, LaBalme delivers a full spectrum of “stage and screen secrets” to help your team catapult its communication and relationship building skills – and to take action.

    Based on her three-angle Prism Effect™ system, LaBalme provides your team with specific tools to look at business anew and capitalize on opportunities, listen effectively, communicate with impact and tap into their own unique talents and creativity to catapult performance and profitability.

    The result: the transformation of everyday business interactions into an art, ultimately positioning your organization and its people in a class of their own.

    Themes and outcomes include:

    • Dramatically Improved Communication Skills
    • Dramatically Improved Presentation & Consultative Skills
    • Superior Client Care through Improved Listening Skills
    • Employee Engagement & Revitalization
    • Innovation & Creativity
    • Inspiration

    A performance extravaganza guaranteed to revitalize your audience, this presentation is ideal for opening or closing an event.

What People are Saying about Seeing Victoria Speak

Rating Entries

    “Victoria, the recent presentation skills session with you was remarkable! I was completely impressed with how well you listened to what really mattered to me, without mouthing the kinds of clichés and trite aphorisms that abound in the speaking and coaching industry. Your insights, enthusiasm, and encouragement were more than worth the time and cost.”
    Stephen S. Pappaterra, J.D.,
    Senior Vice President & Director,
    PNC Bank

    “Amazing!! Victoria coached my presentation beyond success! Her understanding of why the usual corporate presentation doesn′t work, what to do to fix it, and how to capitalize on group dynamics was phenomenal. She clearly placed me ahead of the pack, especially in the eyes of the audience. The communications session with her was fun, engaging and informative, and the techniques she taught me were brilliant.”
    Chris Puco,
    Eastern Area Sales Manager,
    Baxter BioSurgery

    “Victoria has an incredible talent for honing in on the heart of what her clients are trying to say, and then working with them to write and refine their remarks down to the smallest details—specific word choices, pacing and gestures. The result is the ability to present with tremendous confidence and profound sincerity—both of which audiences respond to and appreciate. After working with her to craft the most well-received presentation of my career, I can′t imagine flying solo again.”
    Deborah Marquardt,
    Vice President, Integrated Marketing Communications,
    L′Oreal USA

    “I received dollars of wisdom for every penny spent on my presentation coaching with Victoria Labalme. Victoria helped me not just to ‘speak’ to groups, but instead, she taught me how to really communicate, to find my style that was individual to me, vs. a one-size fits all canned approach. What I say now is much more succinct, there is a clear thread weaving through my content, and people can follow me in a way they couldn′t before. Victoria combines energy, intensity, and a wonderful sense of humor in your coaching sessions with her. Who doesn′t like to laugh while learning? Very purely said, I highly recommend her.”
    Marty Scirratt,
    Senior Vice President, Sales,

    “Working with Victoria was a life-changing experience for me, a truly defining moment. For me, it was like freeing myself from this chamber and coming through to a large audience with what I really wanted to communicate. I was able to speak from the heart and from my personality. Most coaches turn you into a puppet, but Victoria worked with me from the inside out, in a way that made me feel comfortable and at ease. The experience was second to none. I owe her a million thanks.”
    Nicole Rhind,
    Assistant Vice President,

    “Victoria Labalme is a true master when it comes to performance and presentation skills. Her insights are outstanding and her ability to help me connect with audiences has been incredible. I wish I′d met her decades ago. If you′re a communicator and you want to get better, Victoria is the answer!”
    Mark Miller,
    VP of Training and Development,

    “I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding performance at our National Sales Meeting here in St. Louis. It was a huge hit with our sales and management team. The training sessions you did on ′turning presentations into performances′ well exceeded our expectations. In fact, the comments and feedback from our folks were overwhelmingly positive and we have seen an immediate impact on sales activity and new business since our meeting. Thanks again!!”
    Tom Chelew,
    Enterprise Rent-A-Car

    “Victoria draws out the best in you by truly listening and understanding the message you are trying to convey. She showed me how to transform my content into authentic and memorable stories that I could deliver with confidence and flair. If you have an important message to deliver, or just want to find your authentic voice and become a speaker that people remember, Victoria will take you on an entertaining and enlightening journey you will never forget. P.S. Pay her lots of money…she’s worth it!”
    Trish Lum,
    VP Operations,

    “Victoria doesn′t just connect; she inspires you to reach for the stars. An amazing, moving experience that will challenge you to look at your communication skills in an entirely different light.”
    Todd Fithian,
    The Legacy Companies, LLC

    “Victoria: Thank you so very much. Your help was immeasurable. Over the years, I looked into taking a course on presentation skills a number of times, but after watching those who were teaching it – I never felt compelled to sign on. Today, after working with you for only a few hours (not to mention that it was just over the phone – and have never met you in person), I can say without hesitation, that my decision to trust your ability in helping me improve my presentation skills, was not only a great decision but in fact, exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with and learning from you again soon.”
    Diane Craig,
    Corporate Class, Inc.

    “Victoria exceeded my expectations. As a direct result of her coaching: I am confident with my movements on the platform, my stories and metaphors come alive, my points ′land′ with my audience and I now use the power of the pause. My investment in her professional coaching pays dividends every day.”
    Jack Perry,
    Senior Vice President, National Sales Development,
    John Hancock

    “Dear Victoria: I write to express my sincere thanks for the phenomenal job you have done as my speech coach. Your knowledge of all the different areas that are key to a good speech is impressive. I am particularly grateful for the work you did helping me draw out the big themes and points, for the dramatic techniques you showed me how to employ, the crucial time management skills you imparted, the practice and preparation drills that paid off, and your dependability and availability. I cannot believe I received a standing ovation. The techniques you taught me will stay with me for the rest of my career, indeed life, and I remain grateful. I only wish I had hired you years ago.”
    Matthew F. Pawa,
    Law Offices of Matthew F. Pawa, P.C.

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