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Businessman, Victor Chu is committed to building partnerships between China and the outside world in hope of making our planet a better place. He does this through his work as Chairman of First Eastern Investment Group, which was one of the first private equity firms to ever enter China.

Mr. Chu also serves on the board of various international organizations, most notably the World Economic Forum’s International Business Council and the Hong-Kong business council.

Mr. Chu was born in China, but raised and educated primarily in Hong Kong and England. He holds a law degree from University College London and over two decades of experience as a managing and advising member of several Hong Kong financial panels and organizations. Those factors combined with the 150 plus investments First Eastern has made in China, make Mr. Chu highly qualified to represent his country on the global economic scene.

Mr. Chu is the recipient of the Asian Venture Capital Journal Special Achievement Award and the Global Economy Prize.

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      • Victor Chu was born in Canton, China and came to Hong Kong at the age of four. He received his early education in Hong Kong and England, and took his law degree at University College, London.

    Mr. Chu is Chairman of First Eastern Investment Group, a leading Hong Kong-based direct investment firm and a pioneer of private equity investments in China. He is also Chairman of First Eastern Investment Bank Limited in Dubai and Evolution Securities China Limited in London. Mr. Chu is a main board member of Zurich Insurance.

    Victor Chu has served as Director and Council Member of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Member of the Hong Kong Takeovers and Mergers Panel, Advisory Committee Member of the Securities and Futures Commission, and part-time member of Hong Kong Government’s Central Policy Unit. Mr. Chu is currently a Foundation Board Member of the World Economic Forum and co-chairs the Forum’s International Business Council. He is also Chairman of the Paris-based ICC Commission on Financial Services and Insurance.

    Mr. Chu is admitted to practise law in England and Hong Kong. Since 1982 he has practised in the field of corporate, commercial and securities laws, with special emphasis on China and regional investment transactions. He served as Deputy Secretary-General of the International Bar Association (IBA) from 1995 to 2000.

    Victor Chu has served on the Governing Council of University College London and the Foreign Affairs University of China. He is a Trustee of Asia House and the International Business Leaders’ Forum, as well as a member of the Mayor of London’s International Business Advisory Council. Mr. Chu’s other civic associations include service on the boards or advisory councils of the International Crisis Group, Chatham House, Harvard Kennedy School, East Asia Institute of Cambridge University, James Martin 21st Century School at Oxford and the Atlantic Council of the USA.

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  • The New Economic and Business Landscape in China
  • The Role of Finance in Driving and Supporting Growth in the Chemical Industry

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