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  • Velera Wilson is an award-winning author, speaker, and consultant who merges the topics of leadership, confidence, and performance.

  • She is the founder of Positive Identity, an organization inspiring and educating women hell-bent on commanding their worth in life.

  • She was the youngest woman to run the Midwest division of a destination management company.
  • Confidence, leadership, high performance, women in the workplace, Velera Wilson is a global speaker, author, and consultant that addresses these topics head-on during keynotes and training for clients like Visa, Pfizer, Hulu, WeWork, GAP, CVS, and other industry leaders.

    Velera doesn’t speak theoretically – her expertise has been tested, tried and proven in the real world. With over twenty years of marketing leadership expertise, she’s developed strategies and launched products for industry giants like AT&T and Fiserv, and as a VP of Marketing led a global team responsible for generating over 200 million in revenue annually.

    It’s with this insight that she founded Positive Identity, a company that partners with organizations to develop confident, skilled contributors and thriving leaders.

    A highly engaging speaker and educator, she connects with audiences at every level – from interns to senior executives – because despite being wildly ambitious, she knows all too well what has impacted her, and affects many others: self-doubt.

    From her award-winning book, You’re Absolutely Worth It, articles and podcasts, to interviews with CBS, NBC and other media outlets, Velera delivers transformative messages that help people break through limiting beliefs, embrace change, do it scared, and achieve incredible results

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    Shifting from Self-Doubt to Undeniable Confidence

    Today people are accomplishing more than ever – but for every person advancing, many also struggle with believing in themselves, or advocating for their advancement, despite having external success and possessing wildly ambitious goals.

    Based on my award-winning book “You’re Absolutely Worth It,” this motivational keynote has helped women and men around the world realize they can operate with greater confidence in their careers and everyday life. With real-life examples, methodologies and engaging questions, I challenge your audience to look inward, elevate how they see themselves and their work, so they can go after what they really want and own the rooms and seats they are in.

    Audiences will learn:
    - How to get to the root of their self-doubt during moments of fear and paralysis
    - Practical shifts they can make to break ties with limiting beliefs and shift into confident action
    - Why they should – and how to - own every single step they’ve taken to get to where they are today
    - Strategies to help them bounce back after failure and “no”
    - New mantras to operate with greater confidence overall

    Leaders Who Win: Results & Kindness Can Co-Exist

    This thought-provoking talk is ideal for leaders who wonder: can they, or better yet how to, lean into their soft skills and still get optimal results from their team? In this talk, I share with them emphatically that they CAN care about people while driving engagement and peak performance - and show them how to do it.
    Audiences will learn:
    - The fundamentals of engaging people - so they want to work hard for them
    - How to anchor in "kindness" when leading to achieve sustainable results
    - When and why they should - and shouldn't - adopt other leadership styles
    - The environment they can create when leading to replicate success
    - Key principles to balance driving results with empathy in challenging situations

    Braving Change with Resilience

    Change is hard – and it’s more difficult when it’s change you didn’t see coming or want. So how can you navigate uncertainty in such a way that you develop – and thrive - during the “messy middle” and still position yourself to reach your goals?

    In this talk that merges reality with forward thinking, I help your audience “zoom out” and take a moment to make objective assessments about the change they're facing, anchor on what’s important to them, and develop a north star of actionable steps that guide them so they can thrive and achieve their goals during times of uncertainty.
    Audiences will learn:
    - How to shift out of the resistance stage that can keep them stuck and unproductive
    - Ways to see change as a potential growth opportunity that can work in their favor
    - Techniques to focus on the long-term gain to help drive motivation and focus
    - Sound approaches to anchor on what they can control – and what they can’t
    - Strategies to increase their overall effectiveness during challenging times

    What People are Saying about Seeing Velera Speak

    Rating Entries

    “EVERYONE needs to hear this! I can’t tell you how much her presentation resonated with me. This is the best talk I’ve heard since I’ve been here.”
    – CVS

    “Your talk was incredibly thoughtful and powerful! I could tell from the from the participation and feedback afterwards that our community is already benefiting from your teachings.”
    – Hulu Women’s Network

    “Thank you for such authenticity and empathy during your presentation – we’re already seeing points you mentioned brought up during our meetings.”
    – WeWork WoW Global Chairs

    “Velera’s insights and candor kept me engaged the entire time she talked.”
    – Stericycle

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    Books by Velera Wilson:

    You’re Absolutely Worth It: Release Self-Doubt, Embrace Confidence, and Own Your Yes

    You’re an ambitious woman with dreams and goals, but the internal chatter that makes you wonder Am I enough? Can I really ask for that? Do I have what it takes? may be keeping you from your best life. Velera Wilson knows this all too well. For almost two decades, she’s led marketing strategy for global brands, but self-doubt started at an early age. Traumatic childhood experiences and unfavorable situations left Velera struggling to understand her worth and impacted her career and relationships. She had to breakthrough limiting beliefs to recognize her value and confidently command it in her life. In You’re Absolutely Worth It, Velera unpacks the process of shifting past self-doubt to own your greatness and relentlessly pursue often-unspoken desires. Filled with deeply personal stories, fiery inspiration and practical advice, she takes you on a courageous journey of self-discovery and eye-opening revelations to help you:

    – Identify your deep-rooted sources of self-doubt, hesitation, and fear
    – Zero-in on common beliefs and behaviors that can keep you stuck
    – Address limiting mindsets with powerful truths that affirm your worth
    – Gain the confidence to ask for, and go after, what you really want You’re Absolutely Worth It is a candid, sisterly sit-down full of messages that help you push through the fear, say yes to yourself, and approach life with greater confidence – regardless of where you’ve come from, or where you want to go.

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