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Tyler Cohen Wood is a cyber-authority with 20 years of highly technical experience, 13 of which were spent working for the Department of Defense (DoD). As a keynote speaker, author, blogger, national security expert, and overall cyber authority, she is relied on to provide unique insight into cyber threats, cyber warfare, mitigating cyber risk, national security, and ensuring industries have the tools and knowledge they need to defend themselves in the digital world. Tyler sits on several cyber advisory boards such as the EC-Council Global Advisory Board (ECIH) and the CyberSat Conference Advisory Board. In January 2019 she was included in the Cybersecurity Ventures list of “Top 25 Cybersecurity Experts to Follow on Social Media In 2019”.

Tyler is launching cybergirlpower, a website and conference to get girls excited about cybersecurity, teach them how to protect themselves in the digital domain, give them hands-on cybersecurity experience and help them to become the next generation of cybersecurity leaders.

Prior to cybergirlpower, Tyler worked in the private sector as a Director of the Cyber Risk Management group at AT&T, using thought leadership and her cybersecurity expertise to develop new and inventive solutions to protect customers from hackers and the ever-increasing cyber threat landscape.

Prior to that, Tyler worked at the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) under the DoD, serving as a Senior Intelligence Officer, Deputy Cyber Division Chief of the Special Communications Division and the DIA Science and Technologies Directorate-selected Cyber Subject Matter Expert (SME). While at DIA, she developed highly technical cyber solutions, and made recommendations and decisions significantly interpreting, developing and changing critical cyber policies and directives affecting current and future DoD and intelligence community programs. She has helped the White House, DoD, federal law enforcement, and the intelligence community thwart many threats to United States cyber security.

Tyler was also responsible for developing and leading many interagency working groups and task forces to develop, assess and deconflict advanced technical capabilities and techniques currently being used by U.S. Special Forces and the intelligence community to conduct special operations and missions.

She has given many empowering keynotes and presentations for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100s. Tyler has been a keynote and session speaker at conferences such as RSA, Defcon/Blackhat, HTCIA, Bloomberg Legal Conference Series, DoD Cybercrime Conference, ISSA, ISACA, EY Global and Mobility Talent Conference Berlin, A Gateway to Cybersecurity, Annual Corporate Fleet Conference (AFLA), EC Council, Hacker Halted, FedEx Cyber Security Conference, Millennium Alliance, BankersWeb Conference, Verizon, Canadian Pharmacy Conference, Raymond James and many more.

Her latest book, Catching the Catfishers: Disarm the Online Pretenders, Predators, and Perpetrators Who Are Out to Ruin Your Life (2014, The Career Press), teaches how to safely and successfully navigate the online world, and protect yourself, your children, your business and your privacy.

Tyler’s expertise has made her a highly sought-after guest and writer for both national and local television, radio, print and online media. She has been featured on Good Morning America, FOX and Friends, CBS Evening News, ABC World News Tonight, Bloomberg, CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, WGN, among others, and in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Huffington Post.

With a passion for helping the average person understand the dangers and pitfalls of living in a digital world, Tyler is also called upon as a featured speaker to educate audiences of all demographics on the ever-growing and ever-changing digital landscape.

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Tyler Cohen Wood's Speech Descriptions

A well-known authority for her work with digital forensics and Cyber Intelligence, Tyler Cohen Wood has presented at conferences across the country. She demystifies the cyber world, illustrating with clear entertaining examples how virtual activity can make an erasable impact on real life.

Tyler’s presentations focus on how businesses can prevent hacking and cyber crime in order to avoid unresolvable damages. She is also a specialist on online profiling, showing organizations how they can take advantage of this tool to hire the right people. On the other side of digital profiling, Tyler gives individuals the secrets to building a positive online persona that companies will want to hire.

Shielding your company’s tradecraft, intellectual property, corporate image, and company assets

In today’s fast paced business world, working away from the office using mobile devices for telecommuting and productivity has become mainstream. But how do we know what confidential financial data, tradecraft or intellectual property this technology might be unknowingly giving away to corporate spies, hackers or data marketers? This presentation will teach you and your employees how to safely and securely protect company confidential information while using mobile devices both inside and outside the workplace, and also how to protect corporate financial intellectual property and trade secrets that may be at risk through social media and mobile device use. This presentation will also teach how to protect your corporate image and assets.


Protecting your privacy, managing your company’s online image, hiring right, reading deception in the online domain, and thwarting the insider threat

There’s only so much you can tell about a potential hire in an in-person interview. Often a person’s online profile gives a much better idea of who they are. This presentation will teach human resources professionals, recruiters, managers and executives how to use social media to conduct reconnaissance on potential candidates and current employees and read deception in social media, resumes, emails and other communications. I will demonstrate how these techniques can be used to always hire the right person and thwart potential and existing insider threats before they become serious.


Take Control: Protecting your privacy, managing your online image and learning to read deception in the online domain

In this presentation, you will learn how to shield your personal information and safely and successfully navigate the online world, protect yourself, your children, your privacy and your communications, and learn to vet if someone is who they claim to be online. You will also learn how to how to read deception and lies in other people’s online identities and posted content, such as social media, emails, reviews and dating profiles. While learning the skills for personal protection, you will also learn how to apply these same techniques to your professional life, clean up and leverage your online image for social and career success, and develop beneficial relationships online. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a recent graduate entering the work force or a working mother concerned about her children’s safety, this presentation will provide valuable information and tips to ensure security and success online.

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Books by Tyler Cohen Wood:

Catching the Catfishers: Disarm the Online Pretenders, Predators, and Perpetrators Who Are Out to Ruin Your Life

In her book, Catching the Catfishers: Disarm the Online Pretenders, Predators, and Perpetrators Who Are Out to Ruin Your Life she explains how to safely and successfully navigate the online world, protect yourself, your children, your privacy and your communications. She also describes how to polish and leverage your online image for social and career success, develop relationships online, and learn to detect if someone online is who they claim to be. Wood also explains how to recognize deception and lies in other people’s online identities and posted content, including social media sites, emails, résumés, reviews and dating profiles.

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