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Entrepreneurial genius, Troy Hazard has founded and nurtured twelve businesses over two decades. He’s taken charge of businesses that are a few days from bankruptcy, turned them around at the last minute, consulted to countless companies, and shared his keys to success with audiences in 23 countries.

Troy’s ventures stretch across numerous industries including pools, pizza, and the technology sector. He is the former Global President of the prestigious Entrepreneurs’ Organization and a best-selling Amazon author. A recognized Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speaker Association, Troy points out, “The key thing about what I have to share is that I’ve done it – I’m speaking from experience, the good and the bad.”

Troy’s trusted expertise and keen communication skills made him the ideal host for two national network television shows in Australia – Inside Franchising and Don’t Come Monday. He is one of the few Australians to successfully make his way into the U.S, television market. His latest business talk show, Gettin’ Down 2 Business, can be seen on the BizTV Cable Network and through TiVo.

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    There are theory specialists and then there are those who have been there. Troy Hazard, recent Global President of the elite Entrepreneurs′ Organisation, has survived moments of sheer desperation in business. Drawing from a lifetime of innovative, real-life leadership experience, Hazard now shares with businesses his powerful Lessons from the Edge.

    How do you make the right decision when you′re faced with a situation you′ve never experienced before? What do your customers really want from your company and how do you ensure your relationships with your consumers are as strong as possible? How do you recognise trouble and change your strategy accordingly?

    There are few situations in the business world that Troy Hazard has not experienced and survived – from massive financial loss to stunning success. The entrepreneurial genius, who has founded and nurtured ten businesses over two decades, has been a few days from bankruptcy, has turned around businesses that were making enormous losses and has consulted to countless successful companies.

    Hazard′s business talents earned him international respect, so much so that he was elected by the worlds foremost business leaders for the role of Global President of the Entrepreneurs′ Organisation, a role he says was one of his greatest challenges.

    “That was by far the toughest leadership position I have held,” he admits, speaking of an organisation that represents a global community of successful business owners. “I was leading leaders who lead leaders who lead people – a large collection of the world′s most brilliant business minds, and they all at some stage thought they could do the job better than I could. It was extremely challenging and rewarding, and thrilling at the same time.”

    Hazard′s experiences in the business world have allowed him valuable insight into the workings of organisations and the minds of customers. Most business owners, for instance, believe they have a great relationship with their customers when in fact only twenty per cent really do. Why? Because business owners believe that, when a customer comes in to purchase a product or service, this constitutes a relationship. They assume their customers care about them!

    It′s this same experience that gives Hazard such great value as a Certified Professional Speaker. “Some of my businesses have failed and that has taught me many important lessons that you don′t learn at business school,” Hazard says. He drills down success into four key areas: understanding your own personal values, being a visionary leader, solid market positioning, and customer relationships. “The key thing about what I have to share is that I’ve done it – I′m speaking from experience, the good and the bad.”

    Troy’s Lessons from the Edge provide businesses with potent and refined tools, all of which have been road tested in real-world situations and none of which you will ever learn about in business school.

      • Former Global President of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (2006/07)
      • Current host of his own Cable TV talk show – ‘Gettin’ Down 2 Business’, on the BizTV Cable Network and TiVo,broadcasting into 20 million homes each week
      • Owned 11 businesses in over 20 years
      • Co-host of ‘The Big Biz’ Show on CBS Talk Radio and Business Talk Radio Network
      • Former host in native country of Australia of hugely successful TV shows ‘Inside Franchising’ and ‘Don’t Come Monday’
      • Author of the Business Books Bestseller, Future-Proofing Your Business
      • Spoken in 23 countries

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Troy Hazard's Speech Descriptions

A seasoned entrepreneur who has navigated the ups and downs of the business world, Troy Hazard delivers priceless lessons on four key aspects of company life: understanding your own personal values, being a visionary leader, solid market positioning, and customer relationships. He presents road-tested tactics for each area, keeping the entire audience involved from beginning to end.

Troy tailors his programs specifically to meet organizers’ objectives, carefully choosing the most relevant content for each audience.

Future-Proofing Your Business - Real Life Strategies to Prepare Your Business for Tomorrow, Today

Troy Hazard had bought, grown and sold more companies before his 40th birthday than some business people would even consider in a lifetime. Through his businesses and working as a consultant for some of the world’s biggest brands Troy has learned the lessons on how to predict issues in business before you need to experience them. Troy will step you through a process to identify if you are driving your business into the future or into the ground and reveal how to see your own blind spots to lay the foundation for tomorrow’s successes.

Purpose, Passion, People and Profits - Guiding Your Business with Clarity and Vision to a More Profitable Future!
In recent years everyone has been looking for that 'one thing' that will show them to the path out of the gloom and into the boom! Serial entrepreneur Troy Hazard believes the answer is not found in something you seek, but more in something you already have and may have forgotten. In this keynote, Troy gives you simple steps to the clarity of visionyou need to give your business a more purposeful view of the future.

Revenue through Relationships – How to Develop Significant Customer Connection

In a world of faster, better, yesterday, Troy will uncover the real reasons why we need to embrace the true emotion of a relationship in business and harness that with the technology we have come to rely on so heavily. He will demonstrate what defines best practices when you are building a relationship marketing program for your business and show you how you can get an effective program started easily.

Speed Leading – How to Become a Better Leader, Faster

As a leader of leaders, Troy Hazard will explain why the speed of your personal evolution as a leader has a direct impact on the evolution of your business and those you lead. He will uncover the 4 key character traits that make up a good leader. Troy’s presentation delivers real-life leadership lessons to improve your skills and to quickly maximize your impact as a more focused leader, faster.

Embrace Evolution - Be First to Change or DIE

As business leaders, we'd all love to come out and tell our team to Change or DIE! In this presentation Troy will walk participants down the path to conscious change. Troy will identify the killers of change and how to avoid them, the drivers of change and how to harness them, the facilitators of change and how to inspire them, and how to put this all into your master P.L.A.N.

What People are Saying about Seeing Troy Speak

Rating Entries

    CEO Entrepreneurs Organisation
    “Hazard is a sensation. Our members can′t get enough of him. Troy Hazard is one of the best speakers we′ve ever had. He′s crisp, funny and smart. A true winner.”

    Director – Bank of Houston
    “Troy is one of the most dynamic and exciting speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. He doesn′t waste time with “filler” material like some speakers – he goes straight to the heart! He was dynamic, informative and provided great take home value.”

    Vice President, Events, Entrepreneurs’ Organization
    “Troy gets it. He is able to tailor his messaging appropriately – without all of the fluff that turns people off. His energetic style engages the group, whether it is large or small, and his delivery is effective as he gets straight to the point and drives it home. As an event manager, I love working with Troy as he takes the time to understand our objectives and is then able to just roll with it.”

    President, dart
    “Troy Hazard completely creates positive energy on stage, by far the most exciting speaker I have had the pleasure of witnessing over my past 40 years! He has even been able to entertain a group of 500 people, while they are eating a loud lunch in a Hotel Ballroom. Troy is very quick on his feet and also able to roll with any last minute changes needed to accommodate any schedule or activity.”

    Cartridge World
    “Troy′s fantastic skill of keeping everyone involved in the Conference, linking presenters with his personal experiences proved to us his extreme talent. All attendees agreed on the professionalism he showed lifted the Conference to another level.”

    ACP Magazines
    “Troy came highly recommended and did not disappoint. He won our audience over quickly with his natural enthusiasm and charm and his comfort of putting his own mistakes, and successes, on show and educating from them. He tailored the content of his presentation to our audience so they felt strongly that he understood the particular stresses and opportunities. I would highly recommend Troy to anyone looking for a fun, engaging and knowledgeable independent business expert.”

    Choice Hotels
    “Troy’s Keynote session provided outstanding content, highly relevant to the audience and simultaneously in line with the conference theme “The Future is NOW”. His delivery style was highly dynamic and created the perfect balance of business and motivational session. Troy’s input throughout the event received excellent feedback from the entire Choice Hotels Team and the delegates.”

    ALH Group Limited
    “Over the past 6 years The ALH Group has utilised the services of Troy Hazard and ′′The Edge′′ to develop our 52 venue management teams skills in local area marketing. Troy′s presentation style, understanding of local marketing for businesses and his real life experiences have made this program a great success for our business and the personal development of our individual team members. I have no hesitation in recommending ′′The Edge′′ to any business operator that want to make a real difference in their businesses performance.”

    Corporate Division Flight Centre Limited
    “Just a brief note to say thank you so much for your efforts in at our international sales conference in Hong Kong. You did an outstanding job of bringing our global team together and getting them to think laterally about how we manage our sales process, our customers and our relationships in business.

    The feedback from the event has been fantastic. There has been a buzz around the world throughout a number of the divisions in Flight Centre Limited, and the event has been noted as one of our most successful and highest rated conferences ever! See you in Melbourne in July for a follow up presentation to our team.”

    Professionals Real Estate Group
    “An hour and a half with Troy made a dynamic difference to my own business and to those of my 70 fellow Marketing group members. Thanks Troy for your positive input and direction and the way in which you made the local area marketing process a simple thing for my members to understand, follow and implement. Its still a jungle out there but now we are armed with the right tools to go far beyond survival in it !!”

    RealCorp Systems Ltd
    “Our Members loved Troy′s ′earthy, friendly style′ and the feedback included comments such as ′′Top man/powerful message!, excellent, great, give him more time, vibrant, exciting′′ so clearly the presentation was a great success. Congratulations Troy on an excellent presentation we will definitely have you back for more training with the group.”

    G.J Gardner Homes
    “The group thoroughly enjoyed your session. They were impressed with the intensity of it and the knowledge you passed on – in fact, several commented they could have had more time. We′d love to have you back next year. I also take this opportunity to say Thanks on behalf of the group, knowing they have taken idea′s back with them to put into practice within their own business.”

    Collins Booksellers
    ′′Troy Hazard made a big impact on our people. His relevance for retailers confronted with the issue of growing their business was totally appropriate to our needs.”

    Harcourts Real Estate Group Ltd.
    ′′For Troy to receive the evaluations he did highlights the preparation he undertook and the professionalism he obviously possesses. Many commented on his presentation skills and how well he knew ′′the Harcourt Way′′. Troy is a great presenter and speaker who I would definitely recommend to others.′′

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Books by Troy Hazard:

Proofing your business-Troy Hazard

Future-Proofing Your Business

After years as a consultant to some of the world’s biggest brands and having owned ten companies himself, Troy Hazard has learned crucial lessons on predicting potential business issues before you experience them. Now Troy offers you the skills to prepare your business for a better future. Along with his stories of what works, he also shares his experiences of what doesn’t work. With a mix of entertaining real life extracts, client case studies, and personal experiences, Future Proofing Your Business offers potent and refined tools that have been road tested in real-world situations and aren’t taught in business school.

Learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities
Break down business barriers created by bad belief systems
Develop powerful leadership skills through stronger personal awareness
Know if you’re driving your business into the future or into the ground
Discover how to make change a consciousness not just an action.
Understand your future through a greater understanding of yourself
All through the author’s extensive experience in his own companies and as a consultant for major world brands

Troy’s philosophy on how to future-proof your business is anchored in one core belief: “Business happens in cycles. Your ability to manage these cycles successfully lies in how you interpret information from the past and deal with it in the present, to be more resilient through cycles of the future.”

Troy Hazard (San Diego CA.; has founded and nurtured ten businesses over two decades, turned around businesses that were experiencing enormous losses, and consulted to countless successful companies around the world. These business talents earned him international respect, so much so that he was elected by the world’s foremost business leaders for the role of Global President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. For over a decade Troy has been a host and regular guest on many national television and radio shows as a business commentator and a feature writer for magazines. More recently he has become a regular voice of authority on The Biz Television Network, the CBS Talk Radio Network, and the Business Talk Radio Network, and is a regular writer in publications across the country.

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