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  • Tomer Garzberg is the CEO of, a multilingual voice AI.

  • Tomer is a sought-after expert on machine intelligence in the workplace.
  • Tomer Garzberg is a visionary speaker with a unique perspective on the technology, tools and necessary creativity that are shaping our future.

    Tomer is a Future of Work ‘todayist’, taking real business challenges and reimagining how work should be done using emerging technologies. As a technology entrepreneur for over a decade, Tomer has worked across continents with some of the world’s most notable companies, blending the worlds of data, AI, behaviours and creativity. He is a TED speaker, IBM Global Entrepreneur and a Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow recipient.

    Tomer Garzberg is the CEO of, a multilingual voice AI that uses simple commands to automate comprehensive work tasks for frontline employees. Prior to ybot, he led an automation skunkworks, delivering innovative artificial intelligence and robotic process automation solutions for enterprise and government organizations.

    Tomer is a sought-after expert on machine intelligence in the workplace and is working to pioneer a world where machine intelligence can be trained to execute on enterprise operations, leaving humans to do what they do best-be human and the driver of change, rather than the afterthought. As Tomer argues, humans are not optimised for work, and business is hurting because of it.

    Tomer has contributed to GQ Magazine, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age among other publications and has also appeared as a guest on Channel 7’s Sunrise.

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    Tomer Garzberg's Speech Descriptions

    Future of Work / AI / Machine Intelligence / Purpose of Tomorrow’s Humans

    The future of work is about taking the robot out of the human, leaving us free to do the things machines cannot do.

    Data-Driven Optimisation

    We often assume how to solve things based on our experience or biases, but the answers are already there, in the data.

    Datapreneurialism and Experimentation

    A lot of people talk about innovation, but the lack of execution is literally killing companies. Data isn’t about reports, it’s about a scientific approach to disrupt and change.

    Blockchain Growth

    A lot of ICOs are performing lazy marketing to achieve growth, but what happens when the hype dies, and how do you retain token holders to ensure value remains, Post-ICO?

    Enterprise Growth Hacking

    Enterprise is bleeding, and the lack of attribution and accountability for action is the cause. Enterprise needs to start creating total end to end clarity through leveraging data and develop a scientific framework to grow revenue, and reduce expenditure.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Tomer Speak

    Rating Entries

    Tomer is an engaging, smart and innovative leader whose passion is both infectious and inspiring. In both small and large audiences he can attract and maintain the interest of his audience through his vision, energy and motivation to improve the communities in which we live and work. Tomer is a highly dependable leader who is always positive and a pleasure to work with whilst continuing to challenge the norm and think outside the box.

    – Marketing Director Salesforce (previously Marketing and Partnerships Leader, IBM)

    Tomer is full of contagious energy and vast knowledge of his field and, in my experience working with him, shows visionary leadership. He is one of few people who “get” the power of data to influence decision making, and engages people from startup through to corporate executives with his passion and vision. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tomer to anyone interested in injecting their business with disruptive growth hacking!

    – Co-Founder and CEO Minerva Collective

    Tomer is one of those highly intelligent individuals that makes difficult things look easy. He has a ‘can do’ and ‘fast do’ persona that will lead to success in whatever he touches.

    – Director Community Development, SendGrid

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