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Global relations guru, Tom Faranda has been making surprising yet accurate forecasts about economics and politics for over 25 years. Having lived and worked around the world for three decades, Tom has access to extensive insider information regarding business moves and trends, enabling him to correctly forecast events that most other analysts don’t see coming.

An entrepreneur, business consultant, and futurist, Tom’s clients span five continents. As an executive he has owned hotels in Costa Rica and the U.S., a pepper gas business in South Africa, an ATM firm, a global software firm, a mobile home venture in S. Africa and a global consulting firm focused on business growth, profit, and other ventures.

Named one of “America’s most exciting speakers” by Meetings & Conventions magazine, Tom is a global executive with much to say and the style and substance to say it.

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    Tom Faranda was named one of the most exciting speakers in America by Meetings & Conventions Magazine due to his high content, ′bottom-line′ programs packed with examples, stories and global humor. He is the former President of The Hospital Corporation of Chicago, the former National Accounts Sales Manager for The Masonite Corporation and a former candidate for the United States Senate.

    His books include The Global Sales Professional and Uncommon Sense Leadership, and he has published over one hundred business articles. Tom Faranda has the credibility and experience audiences respect and demand in a featured speaker. He has earned a BS, an MBA in International Business and a Doctorate (abd). He has been a guest lecturer for universities in South Africa, the UK, Australia and was an adjunct faculty professor of business at the University of Minnesota.

    Few speakers know the global world as well as Tom Faranda. His clients have included Siemen′s Engineering Germany, IBM Europe, Siemens Medical South Africa, Thermo-King Japan, Ford Canada, GE, Prudential Singapore, Creative Communications India, St. Tom USVI, INTEL, Motorola, 3M, IBM, Honeywell and other corporations.

    As an adventurer, Tom Faranda has climbed some of the tallest mountains around the world. He has raced 100 mile cycling events, competed in triathlons, duathlons, 100k ski races and many other events. He is a pilot, SCUBA diver, river rafter and mountain climber. He donates his time as a board member for several music and theatre arts organizations in the Phoenix area.

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Tom Faranda's Speech Descriptions

Tom Faranda′s style is fast-paced and compelling to promote energy and to get a ′buy-in′ from participants. His global examples, bottom-line techniques, stories and humor create a compelling experience which motivates leaders to use his new ideas. He challenges the participants and makes them part of the program. Finally, Tom Faranda is one of the few speakers with enough top management and entrepreneural experience around the globe to welcome Q & A at the end of the program so each participant can get their specific questions answered.

Global Realities and YOUR Bottom Line
This is the most stimulating and thought provoking global business program in the world. It is an amazing experience that shows you, by country and with a specific time line, what is going to happen around the world in the next TEN years and how these events will affect YOU and YOUR bottom line.

Tom Faranda will provide specific global forecasts and key global trends that will impact your growth and profit. His information comes from senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs based around the world and legitimate inside information provided by government officials and others who are part of his extensive global network. Tom was correct about the rise and fall of Japan, changes in the EU and in the value of the EURO, the rise of Asia and especially the rise of China and India. His forecasts are accurate and timely. This program is fast-paced and filled with examples, stories and global humor. It is an unforgettable look at tomorrow.

American Realities and YOUR Bottom Line
Tom Faranda will explain what is going to happen in America in the next TEN years, with specific forecasts and time frames. He will explain how economic, political, social and legal changes in America will impact YOU and your organization and return America to prosperity.

This program provides an objective view of AMERICA just as Tom′s "GLOBAL REALITIES" program provides an objective view of the entire world. This is a fascinating, fast-paced program filled with examples,facts, stories and humor. It is an unforgettable look at our America over the next ten years.

CHINA & INDIA′s Impact on YOUR Bottom Line
This program is an in-depth study of how China and India will change your global strategy over the next ten years!

Tom Faranda will detail their economy, growth plans, world views, competitive advantages and future plans. He will show you their strategic plans to take control of the world and become the two key economic engines of this century.

Uncommon Sense: Leadership for YOUR Global World
Based on Tom Faranda′s book Uncommon Sense Leadership.

A global leader has to compare his/her results with successful organizations in Shanghai, Tokyo, Stuttgart and others around the world and not just to American organizations. A great global leader has to see beyond the rules of today and create new rules that work in tomorrow′s global world.

In this program, Tom Faranda will teach us new management and leadership skills that lead to success in a global world. He will show us how to plan strategically, act with innovation and lead successfully to create growth and profit.

Leadership is the connecting mechanism that links resources with goals, plans with achievements and people with productivity. It is an illusive but learnable skill that make the impossible, possible. It is the force that drives people to succeed and reach their potential. Tom Faranda′s style is fast-paced, dynamic and entertaining. His real-life examples, bottom-line ideas, stories and humor create a compelling experience which motivates people to succeed.

Global Futurism-Impact on Life and YOUR Bottom Line
This wild global ride will take you through the worlds of medicine, electronics, telecommunications, 3D imaging and more. You will learn what inventions and innovations will be part of your life over the next ten years. This is an exciting, humorous and very interesting program that will keep people entranced and open their minds to their world of the near future.

The Global Sales Professional - Selling Internationally
The most successful sales people in the world are Global Sales Professionals. The art and science of global selling adds a new dimension of sales to build competitive advantages and increase market share around the world. This program will improve every sales professionals skills and especially their GLOBAL SALES SKILLS and help them move to the next level of success.

Uncommon Sense Leadership for Global Leaders
Global leaders requires an entirely new set of skills for the successful growth and profit of a global business or organization. Global leaders must master the cultural, lingual, social, legal, political and economic issues of every country in which they do business. They must understand currency fluctuations. They must know how to deal with distributor networks that have been in place for generations. They must have negotiation skills that are specific to each country. In this program, Tom Faranda will explain these unique leadership skills and show us how to master them for global growth and profitability.

What People are Saying about Seeing Tom Speak

Rating Entries

    “You presented a great keynote. We want you back next year !”
    CEFCO China

    “Your consulting in our medical and engineering divisions on five continents was outstanding.”
    Siemens Germany

    “The senior executives of India will never forget your insights to grow their businesses.”
    Creative Communications of India

    “Your ideas on the future of technology and making money in tech are fantastic.”

    “Your presentation on China was the highlight of an extraordinary meeting. The excellence of your talk set the stage. Comments were were euphoric- an amazing feat. Tom, you hit the mark and then some. You′ll be back!”
    MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation-June 2006)

    “Your ratings were outstanding as evidenced by the amazing standing ovation….thank you.”
    Working Women of South Africa

    “You gave our customers ′pearls of wisdom′ they can use–you were a great hit!”
    IBM Europe

    “It was a delight working with you–you were responsive, professional and very good.”
    MPI (Meeting Planners International)

    “You have helped us penetrate new global markets…thanks for going an extra mile.”
    Audio Word South Africa

    “Your great use of global examples, anecdotes and humor makes your presentation great!”

    “You were outstanding at our joint conference in Edinburgh….come back for a third time!
    International Travel Managers / Business Travelers Association

    Partial Client List:
    Bell South Comm.
    FORD Canada
    Fabwell Metals Corp
    Hidden Hitch Canada
    Honeywell America
    INC magazine
    J.C. Penney Company
    Manulife Financial
    Masonite Corporation
    OMNICARE Pharmacy
    PFAFF (German Mfg)
    UFP Technologies
    UNISYS Corporation
    Union Carbide Corp

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Books by Tom Faranda:
    The GLOBAL Sales Professional
    7 Effective Skills of a Great Global Sales Professional

    Global Sales Professionals are the new masters of the universe. They travel the world, command very high incomes and have incredible excitement and adventure in the global sales world.

    This book is designed to help people become successful global sales professionals. It will teach you the “global selling skills” which revolve around cultural, social, lingual and political worlds. It will teach you how to establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers of completely different backgrounds, beliefs and values. It will teach you how to take your professional selling skills and move them to a new global level where the risks are higher and the rewards are greater.

    The differences between a professional salesperson of any individual country and a global sales professional of the world are extensive.

    A successful global sales professional has all of the sales skills of a proven sales expert. She/he knows marketing almost as well as sales and also knows how to utilize PR and Advertising for sales results. He/she understands customer needs, wants and demands and how to create a customer relationship that is effective and lasting. Basically, a sales professional has all the skills needed to ′go global′ except for the global selling skills that are unique to international business.

    This book will be your short and fast guide to understanding global selling as well as international business. Each chapter has a “Faranda Maxim” and an explanation of how to use this ′Faranda Maxim′ technique in global selling situations and in life. Each chapter features examples as well as corporate stories that demonstrate both successful and unsuccessful attempts in global selling. Each chapter is focused on one skill and provides a short guide to that skill.

    This book is a powerful way to learn the skills needed to thrive as a Global Sales Professional. Use it to break into the global selling profession. Use it to enlarge your global selling skills. Use it to increase your income and satisfaction in being “A GLOBAL SALES PROFESSIONAL.”

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