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Long before he was an educator, professional speaker, published playwright, husband and father, Tim was an undiagnosed hyper-active dyslexic rug rat from a small town outside Chicago. From this environment was cultivated a deep passion for teaching, writing and presenting. By 24, Tim was a college educator and coaching a nationally-recognized speech team, all while training at Improv Olympic, Second City and performing stand-up comedy in Chicago. After a decade of little sleep and endless experience, Tim found his voice as a nationally touring comedian—opening for the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Wright and Larry Miller, to namedrop a few—and his stand up can be seen and heard on YouTube and SiriusXM satellite radio.

Tim has brought to bear all his experiences from his years as an educator, improv training and headlining comedy stages and has synthesized his calling as a Humorous Motivational Speaker and Corporate Entertainer. Tim has spoken before such notables as former President George H.W. Bush and economist Paul Krugman and is bringing “social” back into the meeting space by inspiring and connecting his audiences through the infinite power of laughter and connection. As a one-of-a-kind team builder, Tim Clue is reinventing conferences and meeting spaces all over the country, one funny experience at a time. Tim lives with his wife and daughter just north of Wrigley Field and is, yes, a lifelong Cubs fan. Especially now.

A lifetime of helping people learn and laugh

Tim has developed a dynamic compound—redefining “motivation” as Connection and Trust—creating the perfect blend of laughter, thought and inspiration for every keynote he delivers. With a firm grasp of the attention economy in this age of acceleration, Tim’s style reflects the chaos and speed in with which we now work and live.

Discovering his greatest inspirations from a collection of worst practices and fabulous failures, this instructive ringleader has mastered the use of humor as a tool—compelling, unique, interactive, and fun—to bring forth inspiring and engaging experiences for conferences, conventions, management gatherings, client appreciation events, and educational in-services and staff days.

An award winning educator

Tim managed to carve out a comedy career on the national circuit, working with many well-known comics—such as Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Wright and Larry Miller—and his standup can be heard on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio’s comedy channels.

In 2005, his stage play “Leaving Iowa” premiered at Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Theatre Company—during which it received a nomination for American Theatre Critics’ award for Best New Play in the country—and was soon published and is currently performed in theaters all over the U.S. and Canada.

So it turns out that comedy, improv, writing, directing and teaching are not such strange bedfellows. Tim has synthesized his calling as a Thought Leader in Motivational Speaking, reinventing conferences one funny experience at a time. As he often says, “If you want them to hear it, tell them. If you want them to remember, make them laugh.”

Tim has been privileged to speak before such notables as former President George H.W. Bush and economist Paul Krugman. and continues to expand his role as a speaker and facilitator, magnifying the art of connection and extolling the virtues—and what Tim feels is the necessity—of finding Comfort in Discomfort.

Tim unites Millennials, GenXers and Boomers alike in an unforgettable encounter, his energy underscoring and reflecting the realities of this over-stimulated and distracted emailing, Facebooking, Tweeting world in which we now find ourselves living and working.

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Tim Clue's Speech Descriptions

Dynamic, motivational, inspirational, and with a razor sharp wit, Tim is smart without snark. His high-powered performing skills provide the customized and corporate-friendly delivery system that is sure to be the hit of any event. Not only a humorous speaker, Tim puts together an original, highly interactive show that integrates his clients’ messages and culture with his humor, making for an unforgettable night. The client chooses the idea, theme or initiative they need highlighted and driven home, and Tim will seamlessly integrate it into his presentation.

Comedy Keynote

Employees, Clients or Management—Everyone Deserves a Laugh

Tim inspires and connects every audience through humor. Bone-crushingly funny, dynamic, and squeaky-clean Tim integrates your messages and culture with his unique brand of high energy, interactive humor. Tim’s background in comedy, improv and facilitating creates an unforgettable compound of fun and inspiration. His stories are hysterical but his message profound: Communication and Change work better when new doors and outlets for best and worst practices are openly shared … with humor. Increase your event’s impact with one of the funniest speakers in the business as Tim brings the full force of his comedic talents and customized humor to your next gathering. Fantastic for Holiday Parties, too!

A Challenged Student Becomes . . .
"The Unlikely Teacher"

It was implausible to think that a pupil like Tim Clue—diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADD as a young child—would ever become a teacher. But Tim took his hard-earned master’s degree and began his creative work in the classroom, ultimately becoming an award-winning college level communications teacher and speech coach. This cherished and imperative beginning spring-boarded into a life as a professional clean comedian, published playwright, and, ultimately, a highly inspiring and motivational speaker for all levels of educators, staff and administrators. “The Unlikely Teacher” with professional development speaker Tim Clue showcases a challenged student’s enormous respect for the educators he had and those he now wants to celebrate. Only someone like Tim can bring this level of depth, understanding and laughter to a professional educators’ in-service. Tim’s soulful journey is a one-of-a-kind reward and learning experience for teachers, administrators and staff alike. Listen, discover and connect your team as this acclaimed lifetime experiential presenter rethinks learning lessons to help rebuild 21st century minds. For staff days, professional development events, or continuing education seminars, convocations or conferences, this inspirational, interactive and humorous keynote speaker is smart, dynamic and unforgettable.

Motivation: A Funny Thing
Connection is the Thing

Tim Clue sees inspiration as more of an experience than an idea. He is a natural connector and team builder who creates motivational experiences through shared humor. Using laughter as a superconductor, Tim increases personal bandwidth with the simple idea that Discomfort Equals Growth. Bringing “social” back into the meeting space, Tim uses his expertise in improv and comedy, coupled with his award-winning teaching practices, to increase the rate of familiarity, open communication and fun. Tim brings together Millennials and Boomers, Newbies and Veterans, and everyone in between, getting them out of their seats and into his presentation. Connecting them in engaging and entertaining yet thoughtful—and sometimes surprising—conversations, opening new channels of collaboration and communication, says Tim: “Suddenly it’s not my event, it’s our event.”

For day-long events, Tim can also provide these Educational Breakouts:

Educational Break-Out #1: “Three C’s — An Improv-Based Program”

Communication, Collaboration, and Confidence. Utilizing strategically adapted improv-based exercises, Tim offers a shift in how students might better connect with language, themselves, and each other. This breakout is highly interactive and participative, daring teachers to rethink how we structure the exploration of language and the power of ideas. Teachers will learn first-hand how to use specific exercises to increase confidence and meaningful communication with a series of collaborative take-home strategies that can alter the most timid among us. Tim sees these not merely as drills, but foundational tools that can change the habits, culture and communication challenges in all schools. Trust, connection and team-building surges as Tim’s classroom is filled with a sense of passion, play and a new-found purpose. And by the end, the message is startlingly clear: Learning is better when we bring everyone along. Tim shows us how.

Educational Break-Out #2: “Tim Clue Q&A — Let's Process the Process!”
With so much presented, we need time to process and interact and even push back on what we’ve just seen and heard. Tim is an experienced facilitator and enjoys engaging with the true leaders and thinkers, changing young minds and reinventing schools that will influence our next generation.

What People are Saying about Seeing Tim Speak

Rating Entries

“He took the time to visit our website, learn about our products and integrate product names with his act. That made all the difference.”
Krueger International, Inc (KI)

“Thanks for a fantastic performance. I think it went great; folks had a really good time. Your timing and transitions were most artistic. You had that ‘sixth sense’ working… great job.”
Fast Signs International, Inc

“It was great to have you as part of the event, and I know our students will remember your presentation as one of their favorite parts of our conference.”
Agriculture Future of America Leaders Conference

“You found surprising ways to bring us together and highlight our challenges.”
PMI (Project Management Institute) / Rocky Mountain PM Symposium (x2!)

“I thought Tim was fantastic. Incorporated info about the company in his presentation, which made it personal. Great evening—thanks to Tim!”
Sandy McAssey, CB and I/ Chicago Bridge & Iron Company, Darien, IL

“Simply the most talented thinker and presenter I’ve ever worked with.”
Embark Digital

“Tim was extremely funny and very appropriate for our audience.”
Marcie Wiles, Dillon Stores, Overland Park, KS

“We were all very pleased with Tim Clue’s performance. We received a lot of positive feedback from the staff here at PNC. People are still talking about the parts they liked best.”
Sherry Behenna, Purdue University North Central, Westville, IN

“Tim was the reason people were walking around saying this was the best product introduction we’ve ever seen. I would recommend Tim for any performance, consulting or writing you may need.”
Michelle Haad, President—International Sales, Bombardier Water Craft

“Tim’s comic instincts are a cut above the rest. There’s no one I trust more.”
Lisa Helfrich, Producer—ABC Network, Everybody Loves Raymond

“Tim lived up to his reputation and performed a fantastic show for our firm’s stockholders. He was easy to work with and I have received several requests to book future entertainment dates.”
Dale Maltbie, President—Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A.

“As the laughter subsided, compliments were overwhelming. Thank you for ending our event on an upbeat note and for providing good, family entertainment.”
Adriane Burkland, Associate—Baker, McKenzie, Attorneys at Law

Partial Client List

Pitney Bowes
Publisher’s Clearinghouse
Dairy Queen
Dillon Stores
Fast Signs
SC Johnson
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
American Sugarbeet Growers Association
RSNA (Radiological Society of North America, Inc.)
Union League Club of Chicago
United Farmers Agents Association National Convention
Windy City Summit
WiNOG (Wireless Network Operators Group)
WizeFEST / Globaltec Solutions
Zurich Risk Engineering Conference
Arcelor Mittal Steel
True Value Company
Turner Construction
Wagner Equipment Company
Windsor Windows & Doors
Purdue University
Bank of America
Chicago Title Company
Panoramic Group of Companies
Pinnacle Actuaries PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Washington State Employees Credit Union
Wausau Financial Systems
Chicago Tribune
Autism Speaks
Elgin Children’s Chorus
Gilda’s Club
Irish American Heritage Center
Cisco Systems
Patni (now iGATE/Patni)

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