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For nearly 15 years, THE WATER COOLERS have entertained audiences around the world, as far reaching as Singapore and Australia, with their high energy, uncommonly funny, authentic take on work and life. Smart phones, conference calls, kids, co-workers, and travel are just a few of the topics this group of top NYC talent turns into hilarious sketch comedy and song. They are one of the few acts to win Event Solutions magazine’s Spotlight Awards for Entertainment of the Year multiple times.

In addition to their long-standing place as a top comedy act in the events world, they’ve recently added a keynote presentation to their offerings. Using their unique mix of music and comedy combined with real-world practical tips, their laugh-out-loud keynote, “Getting to Great Performance” has been described as engaging, motivational, amazing, relevant, on point, unforgettable, and brilliant by audience members.

THE WATER COOLERS writing team is a mix of professional comedy writers and people working in the “real world” and headed up by one of the creators of New York’s longest running comedy hit ever, TONY ‘N TINA’S WEDDING.

The performing cast is made up of New York professionals with resumes including top comedy clubs like Igby’s, the Improv, the Comic Strip, and the Icehouse as well as Broadway productions of such shows as “Wicked,” “Rock of Ages,” “Legally Blonde”, “The Adams Family” “Chicago” “Hair”, “Pippin”, “In The Heights ,” “Les Miserables,” “Mamma Mia,” and many more.

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The Water Coolers's Speech Descriptions

Great performance—why does it seem so elusive? We’ll tell you why—because there are a ton of obstacles along the way and for some reason we can’t always see them for what they are. This flexible keynote is designed to help attendees spot those barriers and be prepared with an arsenal of simple, fresh tactics to overcome them. Besides all of that, it’s just plain funny.

The Water Coolers’ “Getting To Great Performance” will leave your audience feeling energized, connected to each other, and equipped for the next challenge. And it will leave you looking like the smart, insightful, rock-star event planner that you are.

Takeaways can include:

    • The fundamental difference between personal and team performance and how the two relate.
    • 3 simple rules of engagement that unleash the creative process and instantly create a forward-looking, positive dynamic in work processes.
    • How to detach from constant stimulation in order to achieve real results.
    • A 2-part technique to grab an audience with your message.

If you've talked about it around the water cooler, odds are THE WATER COOLERS have a side-splitting song about it. Your audience will love the way they musically send up topics such as annoying co-workers, office distractions, selling Girl Scout cookies at work and keeping up with technology. They can also write custom songs specifically for your audience and event.

And it’s not just for corporate nine to fivers. Over the years they have developed specialty material for many different professional audiences—for example, for physicians a song about self-diagnosing patients to the tune of “I Heard It through the Grapevine” called “I Read About It Online” or “I’m a Mall Walker” to the tune of “I’m a Girl Watcher” for retail sales associates.

THE WATER COOLERS open with a roof-raising number customized to the event that tells the audience, tonight will be special. They keep the energy high with mini-tribute songs introducing the key awards, award categories, departments, or individual winners. Upbeat keyboard music plays while winners cross to the stage and they cap off the event with a rock anthem style comedy finale featuring lyrics written specially for the entire group of winners or organization.

As with all their material the approach is celebratory, completely appropriate, and always funny. If you’d like, they can also weave in short sets of material from their act to infuse even more entertainment throughout the evening. It’s completely up to you.

THE WATER COOLERS will use their trade mark super funny songs to warm up, refocus, refresh, and energize your audience as they host or emcee your program. Each hosting job is unique, but here’s an example of how they can provide a motor that delivers momentum and clarity to the event.

They might kick off the program with a 15-minute music and comedy performance to warm up the audience and focus them on what’s ahead. Then they musically introduce the speaker that follows them, bringing him or her onto the stage seamlessly to keep the momentum going and return to the stage as needed to transition the program from topic to topic and speaker to speaker. After a break, they may do a comic rock number called "Gotta Take a Seat Now" that brings people back from the break and refocuses them on the stage so that the next speaker gets maximum impact. To wrap up, they often do a custom big send-off rock anthem.

Other Topics Include:

    • Office Dynamics/Relationships
    • Change Resistance
    • Pace of Change
    • Focus
    • Turning Ideas into Action
    • Motivation
    • Attitude
    • Management
    • Sales
    • Stress Management

What People are Saying about Seeing The Speak

Rating Entries

    “THE WATER COOLERS have got the American workplace nailed. The hassles, headtrips, and hookups of our modern corporate culture are all captured in songs that are funny, lyrical, and dead-on. Move over Microsoft. THE WATER COOLERS have a new ‘Office Suite’ to install.”
    Fred Grandy, former US Congressman and CEO, Goodwill Industries, WMAL Radio

    “I can’t thank you enough for working with us to bring THE WATER COOLERS to the March of Dimes. The comments we heard after the show were “what are you going to do to top that ending”; “I felt like I was at a Broadway show”; “I haven’t laughed that hard in ages”… THE WATER COOLERS were the hit of our weeklong meeting!”
    Meredith RaynorDirector, Meetings and Special Projects March of Dimes

    “We’re so glad to have you guys back this year…our client couldn’t imagine who we could possibly find to top your performance at last year’s meeting.”
    Irene Majer-McArthurExecutive Producer/Director Impact Communications

    It was fantastic! I want to hire them for my next sales meeting. They captured so many things that are so real in an office and it was funny!”
    Nancy McKay, Vice President of Sales Clinique

    “I love this show! I’ve worked for a small start-up company in middle America and now I’m on Wall Street and I think THE WATER COOLERS appeals to that whole spectrum of companies and workers.”
    Alicia Duran, Vice President of Research Merrill Lynch

    “We’re still getting rave reviews from the 600 business leaders who attended our event…you made our team look great and me by association; we appreciate that.”
    Judy Gray, President/CEO Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce

    “It was super, I loved it. The ideas were brilliant; they really cut to the core of this office dynamic that I live every day and the talent was incredible!”
    Shari Krikorian, Director of E-CommerceMasterCard International

    “THE WATER COOLERS is hysterical music comedy from beginning to end. Anyone who has worked in an office setting will roar with laughter – our membership did. Don’t miss this show!”
    Barry R. Manus, PresidentHuman Resources Association of New York

    “It was fantastic. I want to hire them for the sales meeting. They captured so many things that are so real in an office and it was funny.”
    Nancy McKay, Vice President of Sales, Clinique

    “I love the show. I’ve worked for a small start up company in middle America and now I’m on Wall Street and I think the show appeals to that whole spectrum.”
    Alicia Duran, Vice President of Research, Merrill Lynch

    “It was super, I loved it. The ideas were brilliant, they really cut to the core of this office dynamic that I live every day. The talent was incredible.”
    Shari Krikorian, Director, E-Commerce, MasterCard, International

    “I thought it was great, it really rang true. I’ve had a lot of experience in the banking and insurance industries before I became an attorney and all the things that happen were reflected, but they make you laugh at it and that’s great.”
    Jim McBride, Associate Attorney, Schulte, Roth, Zabel, LLP

    “The laughs were great. I loved it. It really transcended my expectations.”
    Rick Sabatini, Senior Graphic Designer, DDB Worldwide Communications Advertising

    “This was totally great. The talent was unbelievable.”
    Emily Furlani, Associate Art Director, Metropolitan Home

    “I loved it. On Monday, I’m going to have to go look for microphones because I think you all have been in my office. It’s what I live everyday…with better singing and dancing.”
    Richard McKay, Project Manager, Davis, Brody, Bond Architects

    “I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.”
    Ian Doherty, Associate Art Director, Home Magazine

    Partial Client List:

    • Microsoft
    • Sony Electronics
    • Alion Science
    • New York Life
    • JP Morgan
    • American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
    • CBiz
    • Deutsche Bank
    • Pacific Life
    • Sterling Jewelers
    • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
    • March of Dimes
    • Drive Medical
    • Genworth Financial
    • The National Reinsurers Association
    • Cellular One
    • Palm Corporation
    • Viacom
    • GMAC
    • Lee-Hecht Harrison
    • Manage 2000
    • Orthofix
    • Financial and Insurance Conference Planners
    • Assurant
    • Greenpoint Mortgage
    • Countrywide
    • International Financial Marketing Group
    • United Drug
    • Deloitte U.S. Firms
    • Association of Corporate Counsel

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