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  • One of the brightest organizational psychologists on the scene today, Dr. Eurich turns scientific research into practical approaches for solving problems in the corporate world.

  • Dr. Eurich is the author of the best-selling book Bankable Leadership, an accessible guide to creating both a happy and productive workplace.

  • Dr. Eurich has dedicated 15+ years acting as a direct consultant and report to Fortune 500 CEOs and other senior level management.

  • Dr. Eurich's original leadership development programs and initiatives have made leaders and their teams more effective, saving organizations millions of dollars.
  • Over the last 15 years, organizational psychologist, Dr. Tasha Eurich has helped make thousands of leaders AWESOME. From start-ups to the Fortune100, the celebrated leadership expert and lively speaker works with organizations, boosting the effectiveness of CEOs, senior management, and entire teams.

    Dr. Eurich is the New York Times best-selling author of the book, Bankable Leadership: Happy People, Bottom Line Results and the Power to Deliver Both. Her latest book, INSIGHT, is a groundbreaking examination of how we can strengthen our self-awareness and leverage it in our professional and personal lives.

    Dr. Eurich received her PhD in Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University. Afterwards, she took the reigns of the global leadership program at CH2M HILL, a Fortune 500 engineering and program management firm. She was later recruited by Rise Medical Center/HealthOne where she built a leadership development program from scratch. Her initiatives ultimately lead to $8 million in savings and a coveted spot in the “Top 25 Hospitals to Work For” by HealthExecNews.

    Dr. Eurich serves on the faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, one of the top-ranked executive education institutions in the world. In 2014, she was named a Top 100 Thought Leader by Trust Across America alongside the likes of Stephen Covey, Jim Kouzes, and Bill George. Her TEDxMileHigh talk, “Learning to Be Awesome at Anything You Do”, has received over 1 million views.

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      Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist, researcher, and New York Times best-selling author. She’s built a reputation as a fresh, modern voice in the business world by pairing her scientific grounding in human behavior with a pragmatic approach to solving problems. Over her 15-plus-year career, she’s helped thousands of professionals — from Fortune 500 executives to early stage entrepreneurs—improve their self-awareness and success.

      With a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and BAs in Theater and Psychology, Dr. Eurich has contributed to The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and, and has been featured in outlets like Forbes, The New York Times, Fast Company, and Inc. She has been named a “Top 100 Thought Leader” by Trust Across America, a “Leader to Watch” by the American Management Association, and one of Denver Business Journal’s “40 Under 40.” Her 2014 TEDxMileHigh talk has been viewed more than one million times.

      Dr. Eurich’s first book, Bankable Leadership, debuted on the New York Times best-seller list. Her latest book, INSIGHT, delves into the connection between our self-awareness—what she calls the meta-skill of the twenty-first century—and performance and success, both in and out of the workplace. Fortune calls it a “sprawling exploration of the psychic frailty that leads to self-delusion and self-aggrandizement, and—importantly—a compassionate, helpful guide for avoiding that path (or reversing it).”

      As a passionate, often humorous and always enlightening speaker, Dr. Eurich blends scientific savvy, hands-on tools, and powerful stories of transformation from real people. She has a unique ability to engage her audiences through interactive discussions, real-world application, and experiential activities. Knowing that no two audiences are ever alike, Dr. Eurich is also known for meticulously customizing her programs, and it’s not uncommon for people to ask, “Are you sure you don’t work here?” Even more importantly, her audiences walk away enlightened, entertained, and inspired to transform.

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    As a passionate, often humorous and always enlightening speaker, Dr. Eurich has built a reputation as a fresh, modern voice in the leadership world. Her audiences use words like “enthusiastic,” “sharp,” and “pithy” to describe her style. Blending scientific savvy, hands-on tools, and powerful stories of leadership transformation, her programs are packed with interactive discussion, real-world application, and experiential activities. Audiences don’t just walk away inspired and entertained—they are ready to transform.

    For Dr. Eurich, no two talks are ever the same, because no two groups are the same. She meticulously customizes her programs, spending time to understand her clients’ organization and industry. After her presentations, it’s not uncommon for audience members to ask, “Are you sure you don’t work here?”

    The Power of Insight:
    How Self-Awareness Helps Us Succeed at Work and in Life

    Most people feel like they know themselves pretty well.
    But what if you could know yourself just a little bit
    better—and with this small improvement, get a big
    payoff...not just in your career, but in your life?

    Research shows that self-awareness is the meta-skill of
    the 21st century—people who know who they are and
    how they’re seen are more successful, more confident,
    build better relationships, and are more respected and
    effective leaders than those who don’t. There’s just one
    problem: most people don’t see themselves quite as
    clearly as they could.

    Fortunately, reveals organizational psychologist Tasha
    Eurich, self-awareness is a surprisingly developable
    skill. Drawing on her research with thousands of
    people around the world, hundreds of scientific studies,
    and 15 years of working with Fortune 500 clients,
    Eurich helps audiences discover the surprising myths,
    unseen roadblocks, and scientifically proven path to self-awareness.

    Leadership Self-Awareness:
    The Secret Weapon to Succeed in a Complex World

    To compete in today’s increasingly challenging climate,
    business leaders must do many things: keep up with
    competitors, respond to a new generation of clients and
    employees, stay abreast of industry changes, attract and
    retain great talent, and more. But yesterday’s leadership
    tools simply aren’t enough to tackle tomorrow’s

    Fortunately, reveals organizational psychologist and New
    York Times bestselling author, Dr. Tasha Eurich, hope lies
    in one of the most important, yet least-examined,
    leadership capabilities: self-awareness. Leaders who
    cultivate it bust through barriers to change, perform
    better, make smarter decisions, and even lead more
    profitable companies.

    Through her academic research on the inner workings of
    thousands of individuals and her work as an elite
    executive coach to countless international corporations,
    Eurich has become an expert in the ways we delude
    ourselves at work and in life. Hear her data-backed advice
    for building and nurturing lasting self-awareness and
    passing these skills on to the teams you lead.

    Bankable Leadership:
    Happy People, Bottom-Line Results and the Power to Deliver Both

    In today’s competitive business environment, great
    leadership is as difficult as it is important: good leaders
    create economic value, and poor leaders can sink
    companies. Even though research tells us that effective
    leaders manage the tension between people and
    results, this complicated balancing act is easier said
    than done. Whether they know it or not, most leaders
    tend to prioritize one over the other, which drastically
    limits their success.

    Organizational psychologist Dr. Tasha Eurich will help
    you master this balance. Built on decades of research
    and the stories of real leaders who have transformed,
    her fresh, practical approach can help almost anyone
    become a Bankable Leader, producing powerful results
    and creating an environment where employees are productive and engaged.

    Leading Change:
    How Self-Aware Leaders Thrive in an Uncertain World

    Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change,
    and to be perfect is to change often.” Unfortunately,
    business leaders who are struggling to keep up with the
    pace of change often feel far from perfect. They know
    (and researchers agree) that their approach can either
    create an exciting new reality or doom the effort

    Organizational psychologist Dr. Tasha Eurich reveals the

    secrets to successfully leading change in our ever-
    changing world.

    Through counterintuitive research findings and the
    stories of real people and companies, audiences will
    learn how self-aware leaders successfully drive lasting
    change. They won’t just leave with a few new tools and
    approaches, but a newfound sense of confidence to
    make change happen.

    Becoming a Generational Genius:
    Why most Generational Problems are Leadership Problems in Disguise

    For centuries, older generations have been lamenting
    the foibles of younger generations. And for many
    business leaders, generational conflict isn’t just
    widespread—it seems downright inescapable. For Baby
    Boomers and Gen Xers, the surge of Millennials into the
    workforce has left them perplexed and vexed, while
    Millennials feel frustrated and misunderstood.
    New York Times best-selling author, organizational
    psychologist, and proud Millennial Dr. Tasha Eurich
    reveals why most generational problems are actually
    leadership and self-awareness problems in disguise.

    Audiences will learn the myths and realities of
    generational differences, what the real problems are,
    and how effective leadership can cure most
    generational ailments.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Tasha Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Tasha’s presentation was perfect for our people—it was engaging, relevant, and actionable. Her speaking style and content captured everyone’s attention from the outset. Without exception, our people really liked what she had to say and the way she said it. She gave them some great ideas and clearly clicked with them. The feedback I have heard has been nothing but positive.”

    – Mike Beaurup
    Office Managing Partner, KPMG, LLP

    “Tasha Eurich has a message that transforms leaders and organizations. Not only is she a charismatic and enthusiastic speaker, she creates an interactive environment that leads to better participation and a better platform for learning. We’ve used her Bankable Leadership model with our staff and clients, and we couldn’t be happier we did—it’s been very informative and has led to positive change.”

    – Scott Page
    CEO, Colorado Business Bank

    “Leadership, business results and people are the life blood of modern organizations. Not only has Tasha Eurich developed a proven recipe for success, but as a speaker her personal style is energetic, fresh and engaging. Her message offers new insights and is relevant to leaders of all types who have a hunger for excellence and value people as the key to innovation and success.”

    – Scott Haskins
    Vice President Strategic Consulting Services, CH2M HILL

    “Tasha Eurich was excellent and her energy kept the event moving for 90 solid minutes! The entire auditorium was fully engaged, the information was relevant and I believe most attending had some real solid takeaways. Tasha was able to really connect with our associates because she took time ahead to the event to understand our business and our culture.”

    – Britten Hardle
    Director, Produce Planning, Walmart

    “Tasha’s dynamic and confident style and sense of humor gained instant credibility with our leaders. She provided invaluable insights and relevant examples backed by solid research. We are grateful to Tasha for equipping us with practical tools for cultivating positive working relationships and driving great results. Tasha earns an A+++.”

    – Ron D. Liebowitz
    President, Middlebury College

    (Named one of the 10 best college presidents byTime Magazine)

    “You were a pleasure to work with and your presentation was the perfect combination of humor, insight, and thoughtful, compelling research– exactly the right feel for this event; celebrating the top organizations in our region. We sold out of every copy of Bankable Leadership, which was a testament to your engaging research and remarks.”

    – Jim Dinegar
    President, Greater Washington Board of Trade

    “Dr. Tasha Eurich is certainly a brilliant speaker—but more importantly, she inspires real change in organizations. She starts by deeply understanding her audience—in our case, engineers—and builds her presentations to address their specific leadership struggles. During her talk, she provides practical tools and plenty of time for participants to apply them to their own lives. After Dr. Eurich’s talk, there was a palpable “buzz,” and I heard repeatedly that people were applying what they learned right away. If you want to measurably improve your company’s leaders—and have fun doing it— I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Eurich.”

    -Vincent Ragucci
    SVP, Government Affairs & Strategic Business Development, Parsons Brinkerhoff

    “Tasha Eurich’s material and approach were fresh, fun, and deeply impactful. Her concepts were immediately applicable to our audience of commercial interior designers—managers and non-managers alike. But perhaps most remarkably, she spoke to us in our language. In fact, Dr. Eurich was so knowledgeable about the commercial interior design industry that many asked how long she’d been a designer before becoming a leadership expert! She exceeded our expectations, and I’d enthusiastically recommend her to any audience that wants to improve their leadership skills.”

    – Traci Lounsbury
    Principal and Owner, Elements

    “Tasha made an immediate connection with my leadership team. Because of her great approach and excellent content, my leaders were able to grow in their respective roles. She has a great message to share that will benefit both organizations and individual leaders.”

    – Morre Dean
    Chief Executive Officer, Parker Adventist Hospital – Centura Health

    “Dr. Tasha is excellent speaker. She has her finger on the pulse of business and workplace trends and has a knack for relating to many different generations and demographic slices in an organization. Plus she’s pretty funny, which is always welcome!”

    – Elisa Speranza
    Chief Communications Officer & Corporate Director, CH2M HILL

    “Tasha Eurich will forever be known in my world as the leadership guru who put me on the road to converting from a self-centered, arrogant individual to a self-aware, team focused leader. She is a wonderful orator and presenter who always provides a unique prospective and can engage even the most cynical of audiences (I was in that group before I had a chance to apply some of the things I learned from her!). Tasha has truly turned me into a believer in the power of leadership.”

    – Jacob Wiesmann
    CFO, Parkland Medical Center, HCA Healthcare

    “Tasha’s fresh and practical approach really connected with my team of engineering and operations leaders. Through an engaging and science-based approach, she was able to make the often “fuzzy” topic of leadership both practical and learnable. The time spent with Tasha received the highest praise from everyone and created new energy around improving leadership skills.”

    – Cheryl Campbell
    Vice President, Gas Engineering and Operations, Xcel Energy

    “Dr. Eurich is a talented speaker: fresh, engaging, and informative. Her professional but informal approach allowed her to share her wisdom and as draw out insights from our audience. I’d strongly recommend her as a speaker for any association gathering where both learning and fun are desired.”

    – Nancy Walsh
    Member Services Director, Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce

    “Dr. T gives you the latest research and leadership best practices in a way that is practical, applicable, and easy to understand. She’s warm and funny, yet speaks with depth. I enthusiastically recommend her for any speaking opportunity to anyone who wants to improve their professional effectiveness.”

    – Dana Bowler
    Cisco Collaboration Consultant, Founder of Conscious Convergence

    “Dr. Eurich has an approach that is different than other speakers that I have had the opportunity to listen to. The main difference that I experienced was my engagement, her thought provoking material and approach. I found myself, an active participant, rather than the passive listener that I usually am. Her training and follow up have set in motion a change in both my management style and outlook toward taking my operations to the next level.”

    – Brad Patrick
    Strategic Account Development Manager,
    SOS Employment Group

    “I was very impressed with your comfort in letting the audience, most of whom were well-versed in the subject matter, direct the conversation. The ‘let me learn from you’ approach was utilized and was quite refreshing. Overall, I’ve heard several people comment, and I completely agree, that you showed great confidence and content knowledge as you led our four-hour session. Thanks again for your efforts!”

    – Randy Smith
    Business Group President, CH2M HILL

    “Tasha is a refreshing speaker that engages the audience early and holds their attention to reach the deliverables of the meeting. Her approach and opening explanations let the audience know immediately her expectations of involvement and their goals for the day. Her style and ease of facilitating put our employees at ease to participate and learn from each of her exercises. Tasha’s expertise and knowledge largely contribute to our success during these times of change.”

    – Cathy Bailey
    Transition Manager, Greater Cincinnati Water Works & Metropolitan Sewer District

    “Tasha Eurich is an expert in the leadership, motivation, workforce management and organizational development spaces. Her foundation in academics – coupled with her realistic and graceful style – makes her a dynamic and engaging speaker.”

    – Bob Chapman
    Senior Director Talent Management, Xcel Energy

    “I first met Tasha Eurich when I attended her presentation among a crowd of about 30 executives. Typically, I expect to sit through such a presentation, meet a few colleagues and leave wondering why I bothered attending. Much to my surprise, this meeting was different. From the moment Tasha started addressing the crowd I was captivated. Tasha immediately engaged with the audience, and before we knew it, we were “part” of her presentation. Tasha is obviously smart, well read, and intuitive, but in my opinion, her winning personality and excellent communication skills are what make her such a dynamic speaker. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is looking to align themselves with a true professional.”
    – Carolyn De Rubertis
    Chief Executive Officer,
    Hand Surgery Associates

    “Tasha is a gifted speaker who is able to captivate the audience with excellent content, engaging energy and dynamic delivery. Her warmth and humor provide the icing on the cake. I highly recommend her as a keynote speaker.”

    – Ray Vigil
    Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, Humana (Retired)

    “Tasha, I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful presentation you did for our Walmart team. I will start one-on-one meetings with my cross-functional team members and will keep you posted on our progress—I guarantee you: it will be an amazing experience!”

    – Senior Merchant
    Home Division, Walmart

    “Dr. Eurich is a wonderful speaker: enthusiastic, well-informed, and articulate. We enjoyed her presentation but, more than that, we learned a great deal.”

    – Cindi Fukami
    Professor of Management,
    Daniels College of Business

    “Dr. Eurich met with our planning committee, spoke with our CEO, and tailored her delivery and content to meet the needs of our hospital. I received numerous compliments on her speaking, sense of humor, engagement with the audience, and content. I would not hesitate to have her speak at any business function where valuable leadership tools and information, supported by evidence, is needed.. She is an asset to any business group seeking excellence in leadership!”

    – Connie Wood
    Director of Imaging Services,
    Parker Adventist Hospital – Centura

    “Dr. Eurich’s presentation was both informative and engaging. She spoke eloquently and was very approachable. As a first year graduate student… I was unsure of which direction I wanted to go in the I/O realm. After Dr. Eurich’s presentation, I am positive that my future career will involve leadership development.”

    – Allison Kolick
    Graduate Psychology Student

    “I want to compliment you on your presentation to our board of directors. You did a great job. The presentation was clear, concise, interesting and on message. It was a great representation of the quality of work you consistently deliver.”

    – Bob Gonzales
    SVP HR Shared Services, CH2M HILL

    “It is an absolute privilege to hear Dr. Eurich speak. She is poised, articulate, and makes her presentations very interactive and relatable. I always leave inspired and motivated.”

    – Ashlie McWee
    Program Manager, Rose Medical Center,
    HCA Healthcare

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    Books by Tasha Eurich:

    Insight: How Small Gains in Self-Awareness Can Help You Win Big at Work and in Life

    Most people feel like they know themselves pretty well. But what if you could know yourself just a little bit better—and with this small improvement, get a big payoff…not just in your career, but in your life?

    Research shows that self-awareness – knowing who we are and how others see us – is the foundation for high performance, smart choices, and lasting relationships. There’s just one problem: most people don’t see themselves quite as clearly as they could.

    Fortunately, reveals organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich, self-awareness is a surprisingly developable skill. Integrating hundreds of studies with her own research and work in the Fortune 500 world, she shows us what it really takes to better understand ourselves on the inside – and how to get others to tell us the honest truth about how we come across.

    Through stories of people who’ve made dramatic gains in self-awareness, she offers surprising secrets, techniques and strategies to help readers do the same – and how to use this insight to be more fulfilled, confident, and successful in life and in work.

    Bankable Leadership: Happy People, Bottom Line Results, and the Power to Deliver Both

    People or Results? You Don’t Have to Choose!
    You probably already know how to build a budget, negotiate a deal, read a financial statement, and build a capital expenditure case. But does that make you a good leader?

    You may be a top performer in sales, but do you know how to create a high-performing sales team? To get the most out of them? To feel fulfilled in your job beyond just meeting your quota?

    If you’re like many leaders, these questions make you feel anxious, or maybe even slightly panicked. Why? Because most organizations spend a lot of time and money on technical training but invest precious little in teaching people to lead.

    In Bankable Leadership, psychologist, executive coach, and proud leadership geek Dr. Tasha Eurich solves this dilemma and reveals how to make leadership exhilarating, fun, and fulfilling. Built on decades of research and the transformation of real leaders, her fresh, practical model can help anyone become bankable—producing results while fostering a healthy work environment that ensures sustainable success.

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