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Inspirational speaker Steve Ford is a successful actor, recovering alcoholic and one-time resident of the White House (as the son of President Gerald R. Ford and Betty Ford). He offers highly personal keynote speeches that focus on ethics, character, integrity and family. Using his own life experiences from the worlds of politics and entertainment, he inspires audiences to welcome change and transformation as positive forces.

Ford enjoyed a successful acting career, with his movies including Contact, Armageddon, Starship Troopers, Black Hawk Down and When Harry Sally, appearing as Meg Ryan’s boyfriend.

Encouraged by his three nieces, Ford has taken on the new role of a motivational speaker for educational, political and addiction recovery audiences. His mission is to inspire his audiences to think more deeply about character and to make the correct choices. He draws on his personal experience of his mother’s alcoholism, as well as his own, to offer a roadmap to help his audiences avoid the mistakes he’s made.

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    The son of former President Gerald R. Ford and Betty Ford, Steve Ford has successfully negotiated the bumpy road from the White House to a successful 20 year career as an actor in Hollywood.

    A teenager when his father assumed the reins of the presidency from Richard Nixon, Ford left the White House at age eighteen to pursue his dream of being a cowboy on cattle ranches out west, followed closely by his ten secret service agents. He later went on to a successful acting career, appearing in over thirty movies including Contact, Armageddon, Starship Troopers, Black Hawk Down, and playing Meg Ryan′s boyfriend in When Harry Met Sally. Ford also appeared for six years on the Emmy Award-winning daytime drama The Young and the Restless, was host of the NBC show Secret Service, and has had many guest leads on shows such as JAG, Dr. Quinn, and Suddenly Susan.

    As a speaker, Ford shares a broad range of inspirational stories, including how the family dealt with Betty Ford′s battles with alcoholism and breast cancer, his own successful fight to overcoming alcoholism, and the Nixon Pardon. He also offers humorous anecdotes regarding his ten Secret Service Agents, plus provides firsthand details about life on the set of some of Hollywood′s biggest movies.

    One of Ford′s most rewarding roles has been that of student motivational speaker, a role his three nieces challenged him to accept. Taking time off from his Hollywood career, Ford began traveling across the country to deliver a strong message to students, urging them to develop a deeper vision of character and correct choices. He discusses openly how the Ford Family dealt with Betty Ford′s struggle with alcoholism. He also walks students through the early habits he formed during his middle school, high school, and college years that led to his own addiction to alcohol. He speaks openly of the high price that′s paid for bad choices about drugs and alcohol; he also shares tools and actionable tasks that lead to a life lived with personal integrity and boundaries.

    Within each of Ford′s stories, the focus is always on character, integrity, and the strong family bonds that led to his family′s success. It′s an insider′s view of life in the public eye, featuring many historic and never-before-seen photos, slides, and videos. Described as a cross between The History Channel and The Book of Virtues, Ford continually focuses on the importance of character, integrity and right choices. His one-of-a-kind presentation inspires people to be open to change and transformation and addresses aspects of the person as a whole, including both career and family roles.

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Steve Ford's Speech Descriptions

Ford shares the lessons he has learned from being the son of President Gerald Ford and America’s most iconic advocate of treatment for addiction, Betty Ford. He embellishes his speeches with anecdotes about his time both in the White House and as a Hollywood actor. Ford’s presentations combine a fascinating insight into history—as the son of President Gerald R. Ford and one of the nation’s most famous reformed alcoholics Betty Ford—with an inspiring message of personal growth.

Ford demonstrates how he not only overcame alcoholism but went on to triumph as an actor. His focus is on the value of character and how one can reach the top without sacrificing integrity.

Ford’s message of personal growth through overcoming adversity and making correct choices, based around a strong family unit and solid values, will inspire any audience to revisit their own lives and choices for the better.

One Day At A Time

Steve Ford spent several years living at America′s most famous address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and also 25 years as an actor in Hollywood working on such films as WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, TRANSFORMERS and BLACKHAWK DOWN. Steve will share the lessons he learned as the son of President Gerald R. Ford and also his iconic mother, Betty Ford. How the Ford family dealt with their mother′s bouts with alcoholism and the legacy she left in the treatment community. Steve will also share his own journey to 16 years of sobriety and the tools he uses today.

This session takes you on a wonderful journey of rethinking your life with inspirational stories about your own personal character and daily choices. Within all of these lessons Steve lets you in on the behind the scenes life of a family in the White House and also his life in Hollywood.

Inside The White House and Hollywood: Getting to the Top with Character

During this presentation, Steve Ford will share the tools of his own success in Hollywood as an accomplished actor, and those of his parents, former President Gerald Ford & Betty Ford.

Steve′s presentation will focus on such issues as leadership, overcoming adversity, the value of a strong family unit, living with values and character, setting and juggling priorities, and making the right choices in life.

Steve′s unique perspective of life as the President′s son encompasses a broad range of fascinating subjects: being 18 years old and having 10 Secret Service agents as constant companions ... his father′s leadership in taking over the reins of the presidency following the resignation of Richard Nixon ... two assassination attempts on his father′s life ... his mother′s bouts with alcoholism and breast cancer.

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  • An Evening with Steve Ford
  • Alcoholism: My Story
  • Writing The Vision/Script For Your Life With Character
  • Inside The White House and Hollywood...Getting To The Top With Character
  • Leadership with Character

What People are Saying about Seeing Steve Speak

Rating Entries

LOVED working with Steve Ford! He was so professional yet personable. His stories of the White House were entertaining to all and his tie in with Hospice was just the perfect way to wrap things up. Great guy!
Providence Hospice & Home Care Foundation(Event booked by

Steve Ford connected with the audience. He was the highlight of the conference. People are still talking about his presentation. I know other conference planners will be seeking out his services.
International Association of Peer Supporters
(Event booked by

Your ability to captivate an audience is truly an exceptional gift. We have received rave reviews from numerous donors about your presentation. You are clearly very aware of the importance of philanthropy and that donors need to be recognized. They were touched by your message and applaud your efforts to inspire others to express their compassion and concern for those around them. Thank you for helping us make the meeting a huge success.
The Community Hospital Independent Endowment Fund

Steve′s interjection of humor in his talk about integrity, family, and the importance of giving back to the community was a perfect blend of approachability and seriousness. He mingled with donors, talked to everyone, and was very gracious.
Young Leadership Group, The United Way of Central Ohio

Steve is such a genuine person – it was easy for everyone to ′connect′ with him and his powerful message. He does an excellent job of driving home what he has experienced in a way that all ages can relate to.
Thunder Ridge High School

I have observed the positive impact Steve′s presentations have had on the students and staff. Students came to think of Steve as a friend.
High School Counselor

Your message of making the best of yourself and strong values are just the kind of messages young people need to hear. We heard it loud and clear.
High School Student

His talk helped us direct several at-risk students to seek the help they need.
High School Principal

The slide and video images drove your points home. Excellent way to reach students today.
Student Counselor

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