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    • No one researches more about change and trends impacting the residential real estate industry than Stefan Swanepoel. He always provides a balanced and objective evaluation of the market, highlighting the key players and facts of tomorrow.

Stefan Swanepoel is a successful businessman, a best-selling author and widely traveled public speaker. He spent the first 35 years of his life in various countries across the globe before immigrating to the USA. Today he is an American citizen and lives in California.

His academic accomplishments include a bachelor’s in science, a master’s in business economics and diplomas in arbitration, mergers & acquisitions, real estate, computer science and marketing. He is the former President of a technology company, an education company, a non-profit association, a movie studio and a 2,000 office international franchise.

Stefan’s professional career has focused on identifying trends and changes in the real estate industry and is widely recognized as the leading visionary in this field. He has penned over 19 books, reports and whitepapers, over 1,000 published articles and given more than 700 presentations to over 300,000 people. His most popular books include the including the 1998 bestseller Real Estate Confronts Reality, the Annual Swanepoel TRENDS Report (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010) and the new Swanepoel SOCIAL MEDIA Report (2010).

He has received numerous awards including; “Businessman of the Year” (Jaycees), has been ranked as one of the “Top 20 Most Influential People in the Real Estate Industry” (Today’s REALTOR®), “One of the Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders” in 2008 (Inman News), “One of the Top 25 Most Connected Real Estate Professionals Online” in 2009 (Proxio) and “One of the Top 50 People Who You Should Follow on Twitter” in 2009 (Roost). He is also the co-founder of Real Estate Wiki, the largest free online real estate encyclopedia and resource.

Stefan’s latest book, Surviving Your Serengeti, combines his love of wildlife and nature and his comprehensive business experiences into a message that vividly portrays how this larger-than-life metaphor provides guidance and inspiration for individuals and companies today.

Stefan′s perspective is always for a positive and healthy future. If you want intellectual stimulation, Stefan′s the one to do it. He is engaging, energizing, entertaining and one of the best speakers in the real estate industry.

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Stefan Swanepoel's Speech Descriptions

    Surviving Your Serengeti:
    7 Skills to Master Business & Life

    This high-energy 90-minute keynote address is based on Stefan′s new business book, Surviving Your Serengeti.

    Filled with the magic of Africa, the mystique of wild animals and the epic saga of the 1,000-mile Serengeti migration itself, Surviving Your Serengeti is a thrilling safari of self-discovery that delivers an inspiring message.

    In the presentation you will discover the 7 essential success skills required to survive your own personal Serengeti and thrive regardless of your current circumstances or the state of the economy.

    Other Suggested Speaking Topics:

    • Real Estate Trends
    • Social Media Trends

What People are Saying about Seeing Stefan Speak

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Client List

    Stefan Swanepoel is a household name within the US Real Estate Industry and is one of the most popular keynote speakers. His talk, The Future if the Real Estate Industry, has been presented across the nation in almost every state and at numerous national and state Associations. He has keynoted at the national conventions for NAR International, CRS and REBAC; a rare accomplishment. The following selection of clients exemplifies the diversity of his audiences.

      “If you want a real estate savvy audience to get intellectually stimulated, Stefan′s the one to do it. He′s engaging, insightful, and entertaining—hard to find in a single speaker.”
      Stephen C. Roney
      President & Chief Executive Officer
      First American Residential Group, Inc

      “Quick, articulate, precise, insightful and to the point – that′s Stefan.”
      Ken Jenny
      Residential Brokerage Services Company

      “It is inspiring to see someone talking with so much passion about a topic that he is an expert on. Stefan has a way to influence the future of real estate globally!”
      Christo Wiid
      General Manager

      “It was refreshing to hear Stefan′s perspective of where the industry is heading…his perspective is always for a positive and healthy future for Real Estate in the U.S.”
      Denise Whitty
      eNeighborhoods, Inc.
      a Siegent Company

      “Thank you for very much for the superb presentations at our two conferences. I always enjoy and appreciate your insights and thoughts on our industry and the future”
      Mike Green
      Managing Director, Harcourts Real Estate

      “Stefan presents material critical to brokers, managers and agents in a logical and rationale way. I make sure I see Stefan at least once a year just to keep up with the ever changing and dynamic world of real estate.”
      Toni Sherman
      President of the Illinois Association of Realtors

      “The majority of speakers speak about what they have read – Stefan is where you go to find out what is GOING to happen. Normally to meet someone of Stefan′s GENIUS would require a high level security clearance – he provides gut wrenching, real-world content, in a hilarious way while putting out enough passion and energy to power a small country.”
      Terry Watson
      Speaker and Trainer Extraordinaire

      “Stefan, you′re awesome!! A speakers bureau′s homerun. I can always rely on your winning, insightful presentations to keep the attendees on the edge of their seats. Your vision, enthusiasm and “straight talk” set the tone for a great conference and you really connect with the agents and brokers.”
      Susie Hale
      President, Frogpond

      “Stefan is one of the most dynamic, insightful and just plain accurate speakers it′s been my experience to know.”
      Dr. John Tuccillo
      Former Chief Economist – National Association of Realtors®
      Author of New Business Models for the New Economy.

      “Stefan is an outstanding speaker and he has a profound grasp of the Industry. He has great insight into our business that can be helpful going forward.”
      Ron Peltier
      President & CEO, HomeServices
      President & CEO, Edina Realty

      “Stefan′s forecasts for the impact of technology on the real estate industry were perfectly aligned…his ability to articulate the vision and the possible outcomes just what we wanted…he was insightful and professional and added a nice touch of humor.”
      Joanna Vogt
      Business Manager:

      “If you want a “high impact” speaker, you want Stefan Swanepoel. Stefan will grab them with his energy and keep them on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what he says next… [his] material is always fresh and up to date…REBAC has hired Stefan on many occasions to speak about technology to state, national and international audiences…and we′ll hire him again!”
      Janet Branton
      Vice President, National Association of Realtors®

      “You always go way beyond our already high expectations. I think we struck gold when we met you – your knowledge, intellect and above all, you are a pleasure to work with”
      Leanne Howard and the AREC team
      McGrath Real Estate

      “Those who have never heard Stefan talk about the “state of real estate” have yet to experience one of the industry′s prime learning opportunities. Those who have had the benefit of Stefan′s ideas consider themselves far the wiser for it and will extend their wisdom by coming back for more of Stefan′s expertise whenever and wherever they can.”
      Tom Dooley
      President & CEO, TWD & Associates

      “Stefan is an engaging and energizing speaker with his finger on the pulse of the real estate industry. He conducts extensive research and truly understands the trends that have and are expected to impact our industry. Stefan furthermore is able to demonstrate to delegates how they can use that information to be more successful in the future.”
      Pam O’Connor
      President and CEO, RELO

      “In addition to being a true real estate visionary, Stefan is an accomplished speaker who is able to paint a vivid picture of the emerging challenges and opportunities confronting the practitioner. His familiarity with real day-to-day brokerage and sales operations creates instant credibility. After listening to Stefan, one emerges with a full appreciation of the new business realities and with a commitment to personal action.”
      Joel Singer
      EVP, California Association of Realtors®

      “Stefan is one of the most dynamic speakers of our time. Fast, informative and light years ahead of his time.”
      Sheila Hensley
      President, Executive Relocation Services Co., Inc

      “Thanks again for making our event such a smash success! The feedback that we have received from our sales associates has been overwhelmingly positive – you gave them so much to contemplate and, at the same time, be proud of. Your vision was both optimistic, yet sobering – precisely what the moment demanded. It was a “homerun!”
      Jim Schiefelbein
      Vice President, Baird and Warner

      “Stefan has an unbelievable ability to communicate where we are, and more importantly, where the real estate industry is headed. His presentation at the RealtyU Annual Leadership meeting impressed the presidents of 40 of America′s leading education and training organizations enough to give him a standing ovation.”
      Stephen J. Martin
      President, RECP

      “Words cannot express my excitement concerning the experiences at the NAR convention. I had the distinct pleasure of attending three of your superb presentations. As usual I received lots of new and different information and insight into all aspects of e-business. You continue to amaze me with your incredible depth of knowledge of this subject. I would hope that every REALTOR could somehow personally benefit from your extensive knowledge and excellent presentations.”
      Don Harlan
      Partner-Harlan, Lyons & Associates

      “Stefan is also one of the most mesmerizing speakers in the US Real Estate Industry today and packs more information into an hour′s presentation than most people deliver in a day. He is a valuable asset to any convention.”
      Charles M. Dahlheimer
      Author: 20/20 Vision

      “Many speakers tell you WHAT it is, Stefan tells you WHY it is, and that sets him miles apart from most industry ′experts′ and presenters.”
      John Heithaus
      Former Senior Vice President Prudential Real Estate Affiliates

      “Stefan Swanepoel is a real estate innovator consistently on the cutting edge of changes affecting the real estate industry. Not only does he clearly interpret future trends but also is a rare individual who also implements his views through products, services and programs designed for the consumer and Realtors. His opening keynote at our Annual Convention set the tone for the next two days and was one of the best addresses we have ever had!”
      Walter Baczkowski
      Former Executive Vice President, New Jersey Association of Realtors®

      “Stefan Swanepoel is both an entertaining and informative speaker who brings an international perspective to the real estate industry. He is not shy to challenge conventional thinking and constantly encourages his audience to explore and consider all the opportunities while enlightening them with his vision of possibilities.”
      Thomas Hoffman
      President, Coldwell Banker Associates Realty, San Diego

      “Swanepoel is part entertainer, part evangelist and part visionary. While some speakers use a presentation to toss out a few good ideas, Swanepoel shoots them out like a machine gun. Don′t bring paper to take notes, bring a tape recorder.”
      Frank Cook
      Editor: Real Estate Intelligence

      “I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Stefan on a number of projects and shared the speakers platform on many others. He truly is a real estate wizard. He thinks and speaks as if he “knew” the future. I never get enough of working with him.”
      Jim Sherry
      President: Innovative Solutions, Inc.

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Books by Stefan Swanepoel:

    Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business and Life
    Every day another company cuts jobs or slides into bankruptcy, forcing thousands of people into uncertainty, anxiety and a sense of helplessness. With a failing economy, even the normal tribulations of life have been intensified so that everyday hardships seem insurmountable.

    For 1.5 million wildebeest of Africa, their Serengeti is a 1,000 mile-long migration filled with hunger, thirst, predators and exhaustion. The journey is impressive, dangerous, and so incomparably massive that is often considered the #1 natural wonder of the world. The migration offers us a unique window on the very essence of life itself, wherein we observe seven skills that individually and collectively stand as a guide for business and life. Surviving Your Serengeti is a business fable describing the 7 skills the animals of the Serengeti use to survive in the desert – the same skills every person needs to cope with changes in business or in life.

    • Endurance – The Wildebeest
    • Strategy – The Lion
    • Enterprising – The Crocodile
    • Efficiency – The Cheetah
    • Grace – The Giraffe
    • Risk Taking – The Mongoose
    • Communication – The Elephant

    The story reveals the primordial skills for overcoming adversity, conquering one′s fears, and ultimately triumphing over all challenging conditions.

    Order Here

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