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  • Nelson has served as legal counsel for political representatives at the state and national level.
  • Her work in journalism bridges gaps between party, ethnicity and social status.
  • She coaches and trains leaders at Fortune 500 companies to create stronger organizations.
  • Combining her legal experience and her journalism, she trains college leaders in applying the first amendment.
  • Sophia Nelson is a mover and shaker in the world of politics, law and social justice who has traveled worldwide to speak about her writing and message of unity and the African-American experience. She has served as legal counsel for Christine Whitman, Governor of New Jersey and as the Republican counsel for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee. She found her calling later as a journalist, author and trainer for corporate leaders.

    Her written work spans the experience of Michelle Obama in the White House to opinion articles in most major media outlets to her newest book, “e Pluribus ONE,” that encourages everyday citizens to be involved in the workings of our country at all levels.

    Boasting a strong resume of legal, written and journalistic work, Nelson’s speeches focus on inspiring and moving her audiences. She has broad appeal and a rare perspective as a role model for women, people of color and the disenfranchised as well as for political elite with access and influence – across party lines. Her speaking defies party, race, political affiliation and economic boundaries to elicit her message of unity throughout the nation.

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      Sophia A. Nelson, Esquire is an award-winning author of two non-fiction books and an award-winning journalist for her groundbreaking feature magazine articles. She has appeared on every major network, media outlet, and cable news show platform. Her work and advice have been endorsed by top writers, journalists and business leaders.

      A former Congressional Committee Investigative counsel and corporate lobbyist, Nelson left legal practice in 2007 to pursue her childhood passion to become a journalist. In 2008, she became a freelance reporter and White House correspondent for JET magazine and various other outlets.

      She is now a noted TV and radio personality, as well as a highly sought-after motivational speaker and corporate leadership trainer for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and major universities. She contributes regularly to national media outlets.

      Nelson is a lifelong, well-known black moderate Republican. However, what makes her unique is that she is very well respected in the black community, and is viewed as a role model for women and girls around the globe.

      She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She was the first White House Correspondent for the iconic JET Magazine in 2009-2012. She is a corporate diversity champion award winner (2012). A Pulitzer Prize-nominated author in letters (2011). And Nelson receives over 30 paid speeches and corporate engagements per year. She is a true crossover writer in both her careers as a journalist and an author. She has a strong female base of support across racial, religious, and socio-economic lines.

      Nelson’s forthcoming book, E Pluribus ONE, explains what Americans need to do to unify our country and become a great nation again. Nelson encourages readers to reclaim America’s lost political enthusiasm, passion, and civility by introducing the codes of how Americans are called to lead and be engaged as citizens. Readers will be energized and motivated to focus on our Oneness in a way that we have not, since our great democratic republic was formed in 1776.

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    Sophia Nelson empowers women and unites Americans across racial, economic and political party lines with her speeches, workshops and training exercises for corporate leaders, students and university management. She cuts past the groups and boxes we put ourselves in and unites us around our humanity and love for our country.

    Her background as Republican legal counsel juxtaposes with her work as a journalist, author, watchdog and advocate for the African American community to give her wide exposure to the many facets of American life. Her new book “e Pluribus ONE” gives quantifiable direction to everyday Americans to bring us all closer together.

    One of the main focuses of her speeches is the empowerment of women in various industries, like technology and education. She promotes the idea that an intentional sisterhood aiming to bring everyone up can equalize the workplace and help unite the country.

    An Outlook on Washington
    A regular commentator on MSNBC, Republican staffer, committee counsel Sophia Nelson offers thoughtful commentary on the Trump White House, the power players of the week and the most important political and social issues of the day.

    Inclusion is the New Diversity!
    Sophia Nelson makes the case for why corporations must shift from a diversity model to a truly “inclusive” workplace where women, people of color, people of faith, and all have a voice in corporate management, strategy and outlook.

    The Woman Code
    Based on her best-selling book, The Woman Code, Sophia Nelson delves into how to identify one’s own code and how is it is impacting your success in the workplace and beyond. This session empowers listeners to lead with her CODE – for corporations, for life, for faith and for Americans.

    Making America One
    American democracy has gone through a great sea change post the 2016 election. Sophia Nelson is one of the informed voices working to bring AMERICANS TOGETHER through a greater understanding of our history, our liberties and our constitution.

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    Books by Sophia Nelson:

    The Woman Code: 20 Powerful Keys to Unlock Your Life

    Every woman lives by a code, whether she realizes it or not. It informs how she treats others and herself, how much she expects of herself, and how far she is willing to go in order to find success. But is the code we’re living by truly helping us create the lives of purpose and fulfillment we desire? Or are we sacrificing the deeper things for mere achievement?

    In this inspiring book, Sophia A. Nelson calls women to live out a powerful life code that will lead them to purposeful and successful lives. With the wisdom that comes from experience, Nelson reveals to women

    · the true meaning of “having it all”
    · how to take better care of their minds, bodies, and souls
    · how to achieve professional excellence without compromising their values
    · how to find lasting love and purpose in life beyond their accomplishments
    · how to navigate the sisterhood of women, to build collaboration rather than competition
    · how to heal from past hurts, rejection, and life’s inevitable storms
    · and much more

    The Woman Code is a way of living, of navigating life’s challenges, and of interacting positively with other women. It’s a way of pursuing our dreams and our deepest desires. It reveals a universal and timeless set of principles of the mind, body, and spirit that help women balance the demands of work, home, family, and friendship. The Woman Code not only calls on women to practice purpose in their lives, it shows them how to do it with grace.

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