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  • A multi-million dollar buyer and planner, Suckow brings 20 years of experience from a B2B customer perspective to sales professionals and business leaders seeking to modernize their marketing techniques.

  • Suckow unpacks a thorough list of what works today in sales and what doesn't.

  • An internationally acclaimed speaker, Suckow is ranked among the TNW Top 100 Tech & Business Women Speakers as well as Planners' Favorite Speakers by M&C magazine.
  • Ranked among the top women speakers in business, Shawna Suckow uses her 20 years of expertise as a million-dollar B2B Buyer to help sales professionals and business leaders better engage today’s evolving customer. Suckow has worked with audiences across 5 continents to sharpen their networking skills, update their sales tactics, and modernize their marketing approaches.

    A Certified Meeting Professional, Suckow’s relevant takeaways and vibrant presentation style have earned her a place among Successful Meetings Magazine’s “25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry” for three consecutive years. She is one of Meeting & Conventions Magazine’s Planners’ Favorite Speakers of 2014 and 2015, sharing a list with household names like Bill Clinton, Patrick Stewart, and Anderson Cooper.

    Suckow is a three-time author. Her first two books put planners and suppliers in each other’s shoes, imparting insights on what each party looks for in the other as well as what they staunchly avoid and why.
    Her upcoming book Don’t Become Extinct: Join the Sales Evolution! looks at how the buying process has changed, what works today in sales, and what doesn’t.

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      Shawna Suckow, CMP, was a million-dollar buyer for more than 20 years. She brings that experience to the stage to deliver a unique message of how both B2B and B2C customers think, and how they’ve evolved following technology advancements and culture shifts.

      She’s studied buyer behavior extensively. She knows what’s working in sales and marketing right now (and what’s not!), and strong opinions on what the landscape looks like in five to ten years. Her mission is to bridge the communication gap between customers and salespeople, to make the entire buying process easier for everyone. She’s now spoken on 5 continents and in 12 countries.

      Honors include being named to the TNW Top 100 Tech & Business Women Speakers in 2015, Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry in 2015 by M&C Magazine, Planners’ Favorite Speakers of 2014 by M&C magazine, and one of top Top 8 Speakers of 2013 by MeetingsNet. Her third book is due in 2017: Don’t Become Extinct: Join the Sales Evolution!

      Suckow is a Colorado native who has lived in Minnesota since 1999. Personally, she thinks she is hilarious, but her teenagers don’t agree.

      Her philosophy: “What are you waiting for? Take the risk or you will never know what could have been.”

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    From caller ID to the phasing out of e-mail, technological changes are rendering even the sales techniques of 3-5 years ago obsolete. Shawna Suckow helps you get into the minds of B2B and B2C customers so that you can boost your ability to identify and connect with promising prospects in today’s dramatically different buyer landscape. In addition to presenting relevant tools that you can immediately put into use, Shawna gets the entire room exchanging experiences, ideas, and laughter.

    Shawna's presentations will challenge your audience to think differently about:

  • how they engage their customers.
  • how they will break through sales barriers.
  • how they will adapt to coming changes and capitalize on market trends.

    They'll walk away with a new understanding of buyer behavior - both today and in the future - and actionable steps to defy growth goals.

    Shawna's spoken to audiences all over the world, because buyers are evolving everywhere. She tells it like it is to frustrated salespeople and business leaders, so they can move past what's not working for them, understand the new buyer landscape, and multiply their results. Her sessions are engaging, award-winning, and never snooze-inducing.

  • Shawna Suckow on Speaking

    I hate the fact that so many salespeople feel the need to be on-call 24/7/365. There are many tools available that are working, so salespeople can be successful AND have a personal life.

    SPEAKING.COM: What do you want people to learn/take away from your presentations?

    SUCKOW: Most of all, I want them to feel a sense of relief – that they don’t have to keep trying to work harder and harder to be successful. I hate the fact that so many salespeople feel the need to be on-call 24/7/365. There are many tools available that are working, so salespeople can be successful AND have a personal life.

    I also want audiences to feel empowered to try new tools, and let go of old ones that no longer produce results.

    SPEAKING.COM: Have you had any particularly memorable speaking engagements / unusual situations arise while on the road?

    SUCKOW: There was that time when my daughter was eight, and I was on a quick overnight trip with a presentation in the morning. Imagine my surprise when I was getting dressed in the morning, and realized I had packed HER underwear, and not my own! (How’s that for authenticity?!).

    SPEAKING.COM:What types of audiences would most benefit from your message?

    SUCKOW: Audiences of sales professionals and business leaders resonate with my message – especially those who are particularly aware of the consumer behavioral changes underway.

    SPEAKING.COM: Which of your keynote speaking topics are your favorites and why?

    SUCKOW: I love my newest keynote where I get to reveal my findings from a buyer survey. There are some real game-changers, and I love to see the faces in the audience when they have “a-ha” moments. I also love my session on Sales Hacks for Productivity & Profit. It’s all about apps, as well as non-techie tips that will save them a bundle of time and frustration. I update it monthly because the market changes so rapidly and new tools are constantly coming on-line.

    Once I realized that I had a very unique message as the only sales speaker representing the buyer perspective, I knew I had an obligation and an opportunity.

    SPEAKING.COM: What inspired you to start doing speaking engagements?

    SUCKOW: I was one of those people who hated public speaking until I was forced to do it several times as a buyer. I would have never foreseen this career path for myself! Once I realized that I had a very unique message as the only sales speaker representing the buyer perspective, I knew I had an obligation and an opportunity.

    SPEAKING.COM: How do you keep your audience engaged and actively listening during your keynotes? Do you use case studies, personal stories and/or in your speeches?

    SUCKOW: I’ve been told that my presentations are like listening to a friend tell you the truth. I speak in a really comfortable, easy style that keeps the audience actively listening, but I’m not blind to the shortening attention spans in our society! I infuse my engagements with case studies, videos, audience conversations, and personal examples I’ve experienced as a buyer. Exclusive Interview with Shawna Suckow
    Becoming a Successful Salesperson, with Sales Keynote Speaker Shawna Suckow
    In this interview, sales keynote speaker Shawna Suckow discusses:
    • Why salespeople are an endangered species.
    • Steps they can take to increase success, decrease frustration, and avoid extinction.
    • Surefire ways to get prospects' attention.
    Read the Full Interview

    "Customers are seeking out ways to avoid contact with sales unless they simply can’t complete the transaction without them OR they have a trusted relationship with a particular salesperson."
    - Shawna Suckow

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    Partial Client List:

    American Chamber of Commerce of India
    American Chamber of Commerce of Egypt
    Platinum DMC Collection
    Business Travel Association
    Society of Government Meeting Planners
    Produce Marketing Association
    National Association of College Stores
    Professional Liability Underwriters Society
    Connecticut Governor’s Conference on Tourism
    Illinois Governor’s Conference on Tourism
    American Society of Association Executives
    National Speakers Association: International Speakers Day
    Forum Eventos, Brazil
    Portugal Association of Destination Management Companies
    Leadership Summit of Cambodia
    Hyatt Hotels
    Best Western International
    Meeting Professionals International (speaker at 35+ chapters)
    SalesPros National Convention
    Vancouver Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Association of Corporate Travel Executives
    Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association
    New Jersey Youth Alliance for Children, Youth, & Families
    Minnesota Department of Health
    International Meetings, Events & Expositions – Frankfurt
    International Meetings, Events & Expositions – North America

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    Books by Shawna Suckow:

    Straight Talk for Meetings Industry Sales Professionals: How Planners Really Think, Act and Prefer to Do Business

    Times are a-changin’, but you already knew that. What you are doing is not working the same way it used to. In the meetings and events industry, planners don’t buy the same way we used to buy, and we don’t communicate the same way we did before. Shawna’s uncovered a lot of hard truths in three years of researching both planners and suppliers, and we can each do better.

    The economy has changed, our industry continues to evolve, and technology continues to transform everything. To those who think the way they have always done business is still fine—this is your wake-up call. The way you’ve sold in the past won’t work anymore, but this book is full of solutions, straight from your customers’ mouths.

    Planners: Learn What We Do That Drives Suppliers Crazy, and Affects Your Business Outcomes!
    This book is full of insight direct from over 1,000 suppliers on all the things we planners do that drives them absolutely crazy, yet they have no choice but to keep a smile on their face at all times and thank us for the pleasure of serving us (although Shawna knows many times it’s definitely NOT a pleasure at all!).

    Shawna’s learned a lot from suppliers, and admittedly, she admits she’s guilty of many of the bad behaviors she’s written about in this book. It’s cost her in negotiations, in relationships, and in her reputation, without even knowing it until now. She hopes her planner peers will take note of their suppliers’ frustrations and be willing to make some changes in how they conduct business going forward. You’ll improve your ability to negotiate, get more of what you want on site without having to be that planner, and improve your reputation among the supplier community (they talk to each other about us, just like we do about them!).

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