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Diversity, Gay & Lesbian (LGBT), Healthcare

Travels from New York, New York, USA

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Shannon Whittington Profile

  • Shannon is certified Speaker and best-selling author who specializes in LGBTQ+ Inclusion.

  • Shannon provides insight and practical skills for LGBTQ+ inclusion. She is a subject matter expert in LGB and Transgender competency.

  • LGBT Health Certified.

  • Shannon Whittington, RN, MSN, CCM, LGBTQ+ Health certified, is a bestselling author and certified speaker with the John Maxwell team. Her areas of expertise include LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace and LGBTQ+ patient-centered care. Shannon has a passion for transgender health, and she educates clinicians in gender-affirming surgeries.

    Shannon was greatly honored to receive the Quality and Innovation Award from the Home Care Association of New York for her work with the transgender population. She recently was awarded the Notable LGBTQ+ Leaders & Executives award by Crain’s New York Business. Shannon is a city and state lobbyist for transgender rights and a vocal advocate for equality of care.

    To date, Shannon has presented virtually and live at various organizations and conferences across the U.S. delivering extremely well-received presentations on leadership, transgender health and LGBTQ+ inclusion.

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    Post-operative Care of the Transgender Patient

    LGBTQ+ How Proud Are You?

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    Rating Entries

    “Shannon Whittington is a skilled presenter and educator. To hear her speak is a gift, and all who have the experience will leave with a broader perspective and an open heart. Shannon presented Cultural Diversity and Competence to a group of leaders at our healthcare organization, and every single audience member was awed to humbled to learn about the work that Shannon is doing in NYC for the hundreds of LGBT patients. Shannon has a gift for opening a dialogue around gender and sexuality in a nonthreatening way. My wish would be for every healthcare worker to hear her speak, so that we can all learn about the challenges and opportunities that exist for population.”
    – Amanda Weinfield, M.A.

    “In late 2016, I had the pleasure of working with Shannon on the LGBTQ cultural sensitivity and gender affirmation training. Shannon demonstrated a passion and knowledge that was impactful and unforgettable to the workgroup. We all learned more than we ever thought was possible on the topics at hand. Shannon had a clear vision of what the training should contain and how it should be delivered. Shannon took the lead to deliver this training staff and demonstrated excitement and passion in the delivery of the training, she received post feedback on delivery, content and knowledge from the staff. The consensus was that Shannon did a fabulous job delivering a training that could be sensitive to some. She was sensitive to that possibility and made everyone feel comfortable and engaged. Two thumbs up to Shannon on a job well done.”
    – EC, MA, BSN, RN, CCM, Director of Education and Development, Clinical Support Services

    “I was fortunate enough to attend Shannon’s educational workshop for cultural sensitivity. She is fully engaging and enhances the presentation with anecdotes, energy, and passion. She is alive during her presentation and it is informative! She is obviously well-prepared, rehearsed, poised, and confident. I was able to learn about culture and clinical practice and she kept me wanting to learn more.”
    – E P, OTR/L, CLT, LSVT, Education Manager, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Support Services, Education and Development

    “Shannon’s workshop on cultural sensitivity was a wonderful learning experience. I left the room with an understanding of the health disparities faced by this population, from both a medical and psychosocial perspective, and increased cultural competency in serving our LGBTQA patients. Shannon is an incredibly engaging presenter. She creates a very comfortable and fun learning environment, while presenting serious material in a very accessible way. Our nurses and social workers gave the workshop rave reviews and are asking for more training with Shannon. Most importantly, they were able to immediately apply what they learned to provide excellent, culturally sensitive care to our LGBTQA patients.”
    – J L. G, LMSW, CCM, Social Work Manager, Clinical Operations Support

    “Shannon’s presentation on gender affirmation surgery and the LGBTQ population on the whole is inspiring. Shannon’s passion and commitment to this population is evident in all she does. In an ever changing nursing field where many have lost their passion Shannon has sparked my passion to be the best nurse I can be for all patients and populations. I feel so blessed to her as a leader in our industry for sensitivity and diversity training. We need more of Shannon’s energy and commitment in our nursing profession. ”
    – DS, PHN Acute Care

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    Books by Shannon Whittington:

    LGBTQ+ ABCs for Grown Ups

    Have you ever stumbled in conversations, felt a little uncomfortable, or maybe even had a feeling that you said the wrong thing? Do you ever get the feeling you might be ‘off base’ but had no one to ask? Take heart and a breath because you are not alone. LGBTQ+ ABC’s For Grownups was written for you – you who want to know more.

    Learning the LGBTQ+ lingo is not just ‘hip’ it is essential. If you want to build your confidence in conversing this book is for you. Let this book serve as a reference before another “uh oh”, what did I say wrong? And for you – the one who is always explaining their very personal choices to a misunderstanding crowd. Now you have something that can do the work for you.

    Short and simple, yet to the point, LGBTQ+ ABC’s For Grownups will give you the tools and knowledge that you need to remove your ‘training wheels’ and converse like a pro. Keep this short read by your side. Eventually, thanks to this book, your ‘training wheels’ will come off and you will be conversing like a pro.

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