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Award-winning journalist and innovator Shane Snow has helped expose gun traffickers and gender discrimination, eaten only ice cream for weeks in the name of science, and helped thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of individuals work better through his bestselling books Smartcuts, The Storytelling Edge, and Dream Teams.

A dynamic storyteller and internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, Snow has been declared a “Wunderkind” by The New York Times, a “Maverick” by Details, and his work “Insanely addicting” by GQ. He’s consistently rated the top speaker at global conferences and private events—with an uncanny ability to get people to drop their phones, unless it’s to tweet about their minds being blown—leaving audiences with new ways to approach problems and teamwork. After hearing Snow speak, people never look at work the same way.

Snow’s writing has appeared in Wired, The New Yorker, Fast Company, The Washington Post, and Time. He’s a Fellow of The Royal Society of the Arts, an exclusive club co-founded by Benjamin Franklin to enrich society through ideas and action; a recipient of Columbia University’s prestigious Innovator Award, for furthering the cause of journalism; and the co-founder of the technology firm Contently, which has been repeatedly named to Inc. and Deloitte’s lists of fastest growing private companies, and Crain’s and Ad Age’s best places to work in America.

In his entertaining and provocative keynote presentations, Snow shatters common wisdom through gripping stories and surprising research on innovation and human behavior. The BBC says that his ideas, “could change your life,” and Maxim adds, “Snow is not telling you how to succeed; he’s daring you to do it.”

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This brilliant and entertaining keynote performance will change the way you think about people, progress, and collaboration. Shane takes audiences on a rollicking adventure, revealing the secrets of the world’s most successful teams and coalitions in history.

You’ll learn about the surprising factor behind most failed mergers and marriages; how a certain method of fighting is more useful than brainstorming; how leveraging “cognitive diversity” helps groups outmatch competitors; the science of becoming open-minded—and the outsize effect it has on group success; and the counter-intuitive truths about becoming better team players ourselves.

How do some companies build incredible brands, gain massive mindshare, and change their customers’ minds seemingly overnight while others toil for years to do the same?

In this fast-paced keynote, Snow shares the secrets to powerful storytelling, with compelling (and often hilarious) stories and behind-the-scenes insights from his award-winning content company and hit book The Storytelling Edge.

With his signature blend of dramatic narrative and rigorous science, Snow shows not only how each member of the audience can use storytelling to supercharge their jobs, but how stories work at a neurological level, and how our organizations can harness their power to build relationships, make people care, and spur change.

Breakthrough innovation happens when we rethink conventional wisdom. But how do you train yourself—or your organization—to think differently? How do you foster an environment where it’s safe to do so, where innovation can thrive without destroying your business?

How do the world’s most clever companies manage to not only endure change, but harness it to climb to new heights? How do rocket makers and children’s hospitals stay alive in the face of market shifts and competitive challenges? What can established businesses learn from revolutionaries, crazy geniuses, and crackpot comedians to help manage changes big and small?

In this clever and surprising keynote, Snow debunks myths of success, shares unforgettable research and stories, and fires audiences up to 11. You will never think the same again.

What People are Saying about Seeing Shane Speak

Rating Entries

Ringing, shining reviews were heard all around! I don’t think that they could have loved him more. They were literally coming over to me before he was finished with jaws dropped. We have never had a speaker integrate so much feedback and information from a call. They literally felt like he crafted it just for them and couldn’t have been more pleased. Thank you so much!
-Event producer for VMware

Shane did a wonderful job. So many people said he inspired them…Sincerely enjoyed both his presentation and getting to know him while he was onsite.
-Outdoor Advertising Association of America

Shane was fantastic! His process to prepare for our meeting was both thorough and flexible. Shane’s focus on adapting the content to connect with our business was critical and helped land key messages. As for the presentation, our audience was immediately hooked and shared phenomenal feedback for Shane. Thank you again for sharing your perspective with us and delivering an engaging keynote.
-Director, CMO Planning & Operations, Verizon

He was excellent!! Our team loved him and left inspired. The talk was engaging and memorable. Thank you!!
-HR Business Partner, YouTube

He was amazing! Our attendees LOVED him. One attendee said he changed her life, if that tells you how well he did. And he was a delight to work with which makes my job even better!
-National Association of Federal Credit Unions

Shane. Is. Amazing. We are so grateful to have had him as part of our show. His presentation to our employee audience was extremely well-received. Then, he took the time to fine-tune it even more for our client audience! Such a delightful, professional person. We are all in love, and hope that our paths will cross again very soon. Thanks for all of your help coordinating his successful adventure with us. Could not have asked for a better crew to work with!
-SVP, Marketing, Experticity

Shane was a delight and a wonderful speaker. The attendees had great reviews of his session.
-Manager of Global Learning, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

Fascinating insights. The feedback was positive all around – both on the stimulating content and on the enthusiastic and note-free delivery.
-CEO, Leadership Philadelphia

Shane was dope! His content and concepts are extremely relevant to us right now. He’s so approachable and the way framed cognitive diversity and intellectual humility couldn’t have resonated more with our employees. Everyone that attended had rave reviews and the senior leaders who attended even suggested that the entire company read his book, Dream Teams. Thanks so much for everything!
-People Development Manager, Twitch

Shane was great! He had interesting, humorous stories that resonated with our audience. The end of the day was the exact right time to have him speak and our executive team and client guests really loved him. I heard many people talking about it more later than night. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else up there!
-Manager, Client Experience, Opower

He was fantastic!!!! People really seemed to connect with his messages, and his style worked very well with our team. Overall, he was a huge success for us.
-Chief People Officer, Rapid7

Shane was great! He engaged with our audience and was able to tie back to our event and key messages in the end. I heard several people comment on his presentation and that they were prepared to go back into the practices and have discussions about lateral thinking. Even some of our executive leadership in the audience found key points they’re planning to use in planning with their staff. Thank you again for your help in coordinating Shane for our event!
-VSP Global

Shane was great. We got lots of good feedback about the power of stories and the also the bits about lateral thinking and borrowing from industries/functions. This is a big annual event for our marketing department, and we always aim to get energized and inspired by external speakers.
-Marketing Manager, Frito-Lay North America

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Books by Shane Snow:

Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart

Award-winning entrepreneur and journalist Shane Snow reveals the counterintuitive reasons why so many partnerships and groups break down–and why some break through.

The best teams are more than the sum of their parts, but why does collaboration so often fail to fulfill this promise? In Dream Teams, Snow takes us on an adventure through history, neuroscience, psychology, and business, exploring what separates groups that simply get by together from those that get better together.

You’ll learn:
* How ragtag teams–from soccer clubs to startups to gangs of pirates–beat the odds throughout history.
* Why DaimlerChrysler flopped while the Wu-Tang Clan succeeded, and the surprising factor behind most failed mergers, marriages, and partnerships.
* What the Wright Brothers’ daily arguments can teach us about group problem solving.
* Pioneering women in law enforcement, unlikely civil rights collaborators, and underdog armies that did the incredible together.
* The team players behind great social movements in history, and the science of becoming open-minded.

Provocative and entertaining, Dream Teams is a landmark work that will change the way we think about people, progress, and collaboration.

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