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One of MeetingsNet’s Editors’ Picks as a Favorite Speaker, Seth Mattison is known around the world for his expertise in employee relations and communication culture. Founder and CEO of Futuresight Labs, his presentations on workforce trends and generational dynamics are in demand from many of the most important companies around the world.

Seth’s passion is to create better understanding and collaboration in the workplace. By monitoring new workforce dynamics and bringing his own experience and skills to their interpretation, he presents a roadmap for doing so.

Combining anecdotal evidence from his own experiences with the very best and most recent research, Seth provides clients such as MasterCard, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Kraft Foods, AT&T, PepsiCo, GE Energy, Prudential Real Estate, Cisco, State Farm, Merrill Lynch, Dow, Disney, and Deloitte with new perspectives and plans which can have an immediate, positive effect on business.

Widely regarded as one of the most dynamic young speakers currently on the circuit, Seth’s ideas have been featured in many prestigious publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and the Globe and Mail.

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    Internationally renowned expert on workforce trends and generational dynamics
    Recently named to the Editors’ Picks for Favorite Speakers for 2013 by MeetingsNet

    Seth Mattison is an Internationally renowned expert and author on workforce trends, generational dynamics, and business strategy. As Co-Founder and Chief Movement Officer of Luminate Labs, Seth advises many of the world’s leading brand and organizations on the key shifts happening around talent management, change and innovation, leadership, and the future of work.

    His ideas have been featured in such publications as The Wall St. Journal, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Globe and Mail and was recently named to the Editors’ Picks for Speakers to Watch in 2017.

    For the past decade Seth has shared his insights with thousands of business leaders around the world and has received accolades from many of the worlds best brands including: MasterCard, Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft, Kraft Foods, AT&T, PepsiCo, GE Energy, Cisco, State Farm, Merrill Lynch, Dow, and Disney.

    As Founder and Chief Movement Officer of FutureSight Labs, Seth advises many of the world’s leading brand and organizations on the key shifts happening around talent management, change and innovation, leadership, and the future of work.

    Recently named to the Editors’ Picks for Favorite Speakers for 2013 by MeetingsNet, Seth’s presentations bring an entirely unexpected perspective on the future of work, talent, innovation, and the power of relationships. With a passion for helping to create greater understanding and collaboration in today’s workplace, Seth offers participants actionable content that can immediately impact business performance.

    With his finger on the pulse of today’s changing workforce, Seth blends storytelling from his own personal experience working with category leading brands while leveraging cutting edge research to develop fresh perspectives on the key strategic issues most relevant for today’s leaders.

    Seth delivers presentations with specific take-away value that will help organizations:

      • Harness the the power and perspective of their top talent
      • Tap into the hidden brainpower throughout the entire organization
      • Establish an ongoing system to nurture and harvest the best ideas
      • Learn how to adapt more quickly and proactively to changes in the marketplace
      • Foster a culture of stewardship of careers, capabilities, resources, the environment, and values

    Seth knows that sitting through a boring or off-topic speech is utterly painful. So he keeps things edgy and interactive. He uses stories and humor extensively to craft presentations that are educational, motivational, and entertaining. But whenever he’s in front of a group, of twenty-five people or twenty-five hundred, he provides valuable and actionable information about the new world of work and what future focused leaders can do to prepare for it.

    Seth speaks to all kinds of organizations: Consumer goods companies, Business-to-Business, entrepreneurs, small business owners, nonprofits, and more. He’s been rated one of the top speakers at every event he’s keynoted. Most importantly, his presentations combine three essential qualities: entertainment, information, and motivation.

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Seth Mattison's Speech Descriptions

Seth Mattison presents a series of keynote speeches which offer many valuable insights into the changes in workplace and consumer markets led by the new digital generation. He offers his audience the examples and tools they need to gain or retain prominence in the new marketplace.

Seth’s presentations can show you how each generation of talent in your organization has its own specific skills to offer, and how you can harness and combine them to greatest effect. After listening to Seth you will have far greater insight into what is coming in the new world of work and how change can be a positive force for your business.

Combining entertainment, information and motivation, Seth’s presentations are essential viewing for anyone who desires to keep their company practices and employee relations dynamic, profitable and developing.

The War at Work: Building a next-generation enterprise for a next-generation workforce
For future focused organizations to succeed in the age of the networks, a bold approach to leadership is needed. An approach where freedom, trust, and experimentation are not only embraced but encouraged.

Unfortunately, while our advancement in technology has equipped us to navigate the disruptive waters of change, our leadership ethos has not. Today, many of our organizations still operate from a 19th Century industrial age management mindset that undervalues unconventional thinking, discourages full transparency, deters initiative, frustrates experimentation, and allows people to play small

Seth will provide a road map for anticipating the strategic challenges that demand fundamentally new thinking. Inspire leaders to break free from obsolete mental models that limit success. And help leaders build tomorrow’s best practices today to compete and win in the new networked world of work.

Future Forces: Insights for Navigating Uncertainty in the Connected Age
We are entering the greatest period of business transformation the world has ever known. The rigid models and long-standing rules we’ve come to count upon for decades are no longer reliable. In its wake, a new future is a being created, one fueled by openness, connection, transparency and shared power. The connected age of the network is upon us. Navigating this shift mandates a new level of personal courage and influence, particularly from those guiding talent strategies for organizations today.

This program is designed to help talent leaders and HR influencers understand the forces impacting the new state of work and arm them with the practical tools and techniques to deepen their connection to those around them and amplify their capacity to positively effect change and influence outcomes for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Relationship Revolution: Building better connections in the digital age
In today’s super-wired, highly digital society, humans still crave social interaction and relationships. In business, creating strong relationships is the key to achieving success, both individually and as an organization.

What’s the secret for cultivating successful relationships, particularly in business? As more and more of lives play out virtually, connections can sometimes feel less than fulfilling. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to Instagram, it’s important to remember just how powerful it can be to reach beyond the fiber optics and make that physical connection.

By balancing the time and energy we spend in both the physical and virtual space we can create deeper and more meaningful connections. Seth will explore 5 key insights that will equip you for building better, stronger, more authentic relationships in the new world of work.

The Sales Revolution: A power shift has occurred in the world of customers and clients today
No longer do institutions and authority figures hold the keys. Today power, information, and influence are shared between customers and sales professionals creating new challenges and opportunities for entire industries. How will you respond to this dramatic evolution?

In The Sales Revolution, Seth Mattison will dissect how world class firms, leaders, and sales producers are meeting the elevated expectations of more sophisticated and demanding customers by demonstrating an entirely new set of relationship competencies and intelligence gathering skills required to compete and win business in this new complex and competitive environment.

Next Gen Talent: Unleash the Power and Perspective of Every Generation
Take a look around your organization today. There’s a good chance you’re working alongside 3 and possibly even 4 generations of talent. Going forward, the workforce is moving inexorably toward greater diversity.

This dynamic can create crippling challenges or game changing advantages for teams that learn to recognize, understand, value, and ultimately tap the strategic perspective that lies within every generation. Fresh eyes alongside seasoned wisdom will be a fierce force in the new world of work. Gen-Power will help you harness it.

Seth will explore the histories, personalities, strengths, and challenges of each unique generational group. And share insights and today’s biggest workforce trends.

Go First Leadership: Expanding Leadership Capacity in the Connected Age
In order to effectively lead others today we must first be able to lead ourselves. As traditional hierarchies are reexamined and leadership becomes less about title, tenure, and time at the organization and more about influence, impact, and social capital; our ability to develop, cultivate, and grow our personal presence and own our capacity to show up as our full selves every single day will become the new mandate for leadership in the connected age.

What will be required of us to move the masses and who will we need to become in order to meet the new demands of our hyper-connected, often times digitally distracted era and what’s at stake if we fall short?

In this highly interactive deep dive discussion, Seth will shed light on these questions and add new perspective the conversation of leadership today by dissecting the most critical skills and competencies leaders will need to acquire in order to elevate their impact on the teams they’re supporting, the organizations they’re leading, and the communities they live in.

Leading Breakthrough Performance: Preparing Leaders to Thrive in the New World of Work, in special collaboration with Business Performance Expert, Ryan Estis
This leadership development experience was designed specifically to help leadership teams prepare to guide their organization through the incredible transformation we are going to experience on the journey to 2020.

As our workforce and customers evolve, the way we approach leadership also needs to transform. Traditional, hierarchical leadership is giving way to a more connected, collaborative and flexible approach to managing people and performance.

Seth Mattison on Speaking

I want to inspire people to be courageous enough to face the fear of change we ALL deal with so they can continue to adapt, learn, and grow.

SPEAKING.COM: What do you want people to learn / take away from your presentations?

MATTISON: A lot of what I talk about boils down to change. Changes taking shape inside organizations as well as in the marketplace with how we engage clients and customers; but the truth is, change is scary, it’s uncomfortable. and just down right hard. Not only do I want to give people insights and research into what’s coming next but I also want to leave them with two big inspiring thoughts…

Number 1 – While the world of work is changing at warp speed, it’s important NOT to have an “out with the old in with the new” type mentality. Yes we need to adapt but we also need to make sure we’re tapping into the wisdom, knowledge, and perspective of those that have gone before us. Not dismissing those insights because we think they’re irrelevant today can save us from making painful mistakes. It has to be a two way street.

Number 2 – I want to inspire people to be courageous enough to face the fear of change we ALL deal with so they can continue to adapt, learn, and grow. I don’t think we talk enough about the importance of courage today and the fact that the amount of change we’re navigating requires individuals to be brave enough to continue to face these disruptive waters every single day.

Once they’ve flexed that courage muscle and have experienced the satisfaction of learning and trying new things, I want to help them tap in the power of joy. We all deserve the chance to do work that brings joy into our life and the truth is no matter where people are at today, what job they’re doing, if we can change our perspective, we can all find the joy.

At the end of the day I want to equip people with a new framework to think about the change they’re navigating in their world and I want to inspire them to be courageous enough to continue to evolve and ultimately find joy in their work.

One of the biggest things that have helped me deliver successful engagements is being committed to doing interviews before every event.

SPEAKING.COM: What kind of special prep work do you do prior to an event? How to you prepare for your speaking engagements?

MATTISON: One of the biggest things that have helped me deliver successful engagements is being committed to doing interviews before every event. I typically try to interview anywhere between 3-7 key stakeholders from client audiences in the weeks leading up to an event.

These interviews are an incredible opportunity for me to get a clearer picture of the world the audience lives in every single day. It’s one thing to track the trends from the sidelines; it’s another to spend meaningful time with leaders on the front lines of change today.

From these conversations we’re able to identify and confirm not only the challenges leaders are facing today but also some of the best practices and strategies that are creating real wins for individuals. These stories are incredibly important to highlight and celebrate and I take a lot of pride in brining these to life from stage.

SPEAKING.COM: Have you had any particularly memorable speaking engagements / unusual situations arise while on the road?

MATTISON: I was speaking in Mexico this past winter and we had a medium sized earthquake hit while I was on stage. I didn’t feel it at first but then started to notice the audience pointing at the large screens off to the side of the stage and from the corner of my eye I could see they were swaying back and forth. No major damage but enough of a jolt to wake up the people in the back! I was so in the moment I didn’t skip a beat.

SPEAKING.COM: Who are some of your favorite audiences?

MATTISON: My favorite groups are the ones that laugh at all my jokes and think I’m brilliant!!! In all honesty that’s a hard questions. Every group is fun and unique in their own way but I think the best groups are the ones that surprise you. The ones that you think might be tough or skeptical or difficult to win over but if you show up prepared and give them all you’ve got, they might just come around. Watching the light bulbs turn on and the energy in the room kick into high gear, those are special days.

SPEAKING.COM: What types of audiences would most benefit from your message?

MATTISON: I’ve yet to meet a leader or work with a single industry that is not being impacted by the dynamic between the hierarchy and the network, one of the main areas of research for us at FutureSight Labs right now.

Every audience is made up of a core group of leaders that came of age in much more of a top down world based around an entirely different set of “unwritten rules” than colleagues under the age of 35 that have came of age in the network. The tension that exists between these two is actually being felt at all levels of society and all levels of power. This makes our talks incredibly relatable for people from all different background because they see it play out in their companies, in their communities, and also in the families. Gives people a lot to think about.

I had the good fortune of being raised on a 4th generation farm in Minnesota where I grew up working along side my father, my grandfather, and my great grandfather.

SPEAKING.COM: What inspired you to start doing speaking engagements?

MATTISON: I started formally studying workforce trends and generational dynamics almost 10 years ago but I’ve spent a lifetime learning about how each generation’s story shapes their view of the world and trends impacting our society.

I had the good fortune of being raised on a 4th generation farm in Minnesota where I grew up working along side my father, my grandfather, and my great grandfather. Three generations of men whose experiences ran from WWI to the Challenger Explosion and everything in between. They were history buffs and storytellers and created an environment where I was exposed to the idea that each generation has their own unique story.

I’ve taken those early lessons to fuel my work at FutureSight Labs where we focus on understanding and sharing these generational stories to help make sense of the cultural shifts we’re all experiencing both in society as well in our organizations and it’s become a powerful way to talk about change.

Love People. Serve People. Add Value. Have fun.

SPEAKING.COM: You’ve presented to audiences across the globe, in many industries. What makes a “Seth Mattison” keynote unique?

MATTISON: There are a few things I try to bring to stage beyond just subject matter expertise:

1. Gratitude. No matter where I am in the world and no matter who the group I’m working with is, I take some quite time prior to the program to give thanks for the opportunity. I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world to do this work, to share ideas with people all over the world and I try to never take that for granted. Each time I hit the stage it’s a gift and I think people can feel that energy when I’m up there.

2. I try really hard to not make it about me. As human beings we all have a tendency when we stand in front of a group of strangers to immediately begin the self-talk of; “Do they like me? Do they think I’m funny? Do they think I’m a fraud? Do they think I’m relevant? Do they think this or that?” You have to find a way to put your attention 100% on the audience and NOT make it about you.

I do this by writing a small note on a piece of paper before every speech that comes with me on stage. The note simply says, “Love People. Serve People. Add Value. Have fun.” It might sound cheesy but it’s a way for me to remember why I’m up there. I’ve found that if I keep these values at the center of my program, my authenticity shines through and I’m able to connect with people on a deeper level. It helps break through the barrier so the program starts to feel more like a conversation instead of stuffy speech.

3. Homework: the interviews we do with members before events have really been a game changer. When the group finds out that you cared enough to really try to understand their world, they’re more likely to buy in. They’re more likely to forgive you if you stumble over your words or forget a point. They know that you care and that you gave them your very best effort. I also try not to take myself to seriously. We’re definitely going to laugh during our time together. Exclusive Interview with Seth Mattison
Workforce Trends with Seth Mattison

Some of the fascinating subjects Seth discusses in this interview, include:

  • How to win in the "new world of work" by leveraging the gifts of all generations.
  • Tips for communicating better in the digital age.
  • How the "future of work" affects management style.
  • How leaders can harness the power of a multi-generational workforce.
Read the Full Interview

""Start asking the people you interact with how they would like to be communicated with and stop judging it. The key is to learn how to meet people where they are without losing who you are.""
- Seth Mattison

What People are Saying about Seeing Seth Speak

Rating Entries

“We had a speaker last year on Generations and we were concerned that the audience would not receive another speaker on the topic so soon. But the audience loved Seth – he had a different message and was able to give them tips on how to apply his message to their business. They walked away very motivated and with some great ideas.”
Texas Association of Realtors
(Event booked by

“Seth was the top rated keynote speaker at NCA’s 2013 State of the Industry Conference. He was utterly amazing, everyone in attendance couldn’t stop talking about him for days! He is a super star, over the top with knowledge, expertise, energy, creativity and brilliant speaking skills. He interviewed several of our attendees in advance and then customized his speech which really made it a home run. Seth made our conference a tremendous success and any organization that hires him to speak is certain to take their event to an entirely new level.”
– Libby Taylor, VP of Meetings & Membership, National Confectioners Association

“Seth did a fantastic job keynoting for us at our FMI Supply Chain Conference. He was spot on with all aspects of his presentation and his “prep work” on the front end set it all up. He was one of the most prepared and engaged speakers I have ever worked with. I am not surprised this has translated into increased momentum. I hope you’re getting all the engagements you can handle.”
– Rhett Asher, Food Marketing Institute

“Seth Mattison is a force to be reckoned with. Seth spoke at one of our Leadership events and focused his message around “Managing 4 generations in the workplace”. His content was spot on. His keynote was engaging, interactive and connected directly with our audience. Seth did his homework and reached out to several members as well as visiting a member company before the event to ensure he was able to tie in “real-life issues” to the program.”

“You have probably heard speakers on the topic of generational differences in the workplace, but Seth Mattison is by far the best. His presentation ‘Rocking the Workplace: Managing and Leading the Four Generations’ skips over all the negative and annoying stereotypes (‘millennials have no loyalty, no work ethic’) and gets the audience fired up about the idea of getting along with four—soon to be five—generations at once. His presentation is fun and funny, energetic, and totally relatable. He manages to engage every member of the audience, which in most cases will span every generation, in an affectionate and endearing way.”

– Betsy Blair, Director of Content and Media Integration, MeetingsNet

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Books by Seth Mattison:

The War at Work

We’re entering the age of the Network, a world of hyper-connectivity and constant flux, where disruption is the norm and autonomy, empowerment and meaning are basic expectations of the new workforce. Organizations are being forced to execute and perform today while simultaneously maintaining the discipline to reinvent themselves for a very different future. Successfully navigating the challenge of thriving in two very different worlds is the mandate of the modern day leader.

This book will show you how.

The fact is, we live in a half-changed world, where everything from communication and etiquette, policies and procedures, where and when work happens, and “paying your dues” are still influenced by a long list of “unwritten rules” established by the world that preceded the Network: the Hierarchy. Responsible for the creation of incredible efficiencies and scale over the past 150 years, the top-down structures and culture of the Hierarchy are still deeply embedded in our organizations and leadership ideologies today.

Drawing from their experience guiding everyone from Fortune 500 executives to major-league coaches through the new world of work, Seth Mattison and Joshua Medcalf combine timeless truth with timely strategy in THE WAR AT WORK, a fable grounded in two leaders’ introspective journey from the top down world of the Hierarchy to the hyper connected world of the Network. For anyone seeking to embrace the future, find meaning, purpose, and mastery in their career and leadership capacity, this story is a compass, providing new perspectives and practical solutions to navigate the disruptive waters of change, unleash human potential, and bring genuine transformation to a world that desperately needs it.

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