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Ron Kaufman is the go-to guy for motivation. He is the world’s leading educator and motivator, helping companies to transform their customer service and build better service cultures.

With his powerful insights and knowledge of global best practices, gained from working with clients on every continent for over twenty years, it is no wonder that Speaker magazine rated Ron one of the “Top 25 Who’s Hot” speakers. The energy and enthusiasm of his keynote speeches and workshops have inspired millions of people.

Ron is the author of “Uplifting Service! The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues, and Everyone Else You Meet” which was on the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers list, as well as fourteen other books about service, business, and inspiration. He is the founder of UP! Your Service, a company that seeks to enable leaders and organizations to create and maintain Uplifting Service cultures.

Years of experience and commitment to results have proven Ron’s methods help his clients to overhaul their service performance, building strong, long-lasting service cultures. Ron’s unique approaches to leadership and learning have been featured in places such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

Ron graduated from Brown University, USA with studies in France, London, and Berkeley, California. He is a professional member of the Author’s Guild, Global Speakers Federation, and the International Association of Learning Providers.

In 1990, Ron was invited to Asia by the government of Singapore and Singapore Airlines to create and launch a national service training organization. Currently, he resides in Singapore, but travels extensively to advance his ideal of a “world where everyone is educated and inspired to excel in service.”

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    Ron Kaufman is the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service cultures.

    Rated one of the “Top 25 Who’s Hot” speakers by Speaker Magazine, Ron presents powerful insights and global best practices from working with clients on every continent for more than twenty years. His energetic keynote speeches and workshops have inspired millions.

    He is author of the New York Times and USA Today bestseller, “Uplifting Service! The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues and Everyone Else You Meet” and 14 other books on service, business, and inspiration. Ron is also the founder
of UP! Your Service, a company that enables leaders and organizations to build Uplifting Service cultures for sustainable advantage.

    Ron’s experience and passionate commitment to results have been distilled into proven methods to help clients upgrade service performance and build strong service cultures. His unique approaches to learning and leadership have been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

    Ron was invited to Asia in 1990 by Singapore Airlines, and the government of Singapore to create and launch a national service quality training organization.

    He is a graduate of Brown University, USA with studies in France, London and Berkeley, California. He is a professional member of the Author’s Guild, Global Speakers Federation and International Association of Learning Providers.

    Ron resides in Singapore and travels widely to promote and realize a vision of “Our world where everyone is educated and inspired to excel in service.”

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Ron Kaufman's Speech Descriptions

Ron Kaufman is a major player in the world of service culture. He is a world leading educator and motivator, whose talks focus on building, maintaining and reinvigorating service cultures. He offers three keynote talks on Service, Leadership, and Culture, each one highlighting a different quality of service. IN the Service keynote, participants learn the secret to seeing the world from the customer’s point of view, how to transform complaints into opportunities, and three strategies for managing customer expectations.

The Leadership keynote focuses on “Creating Superior Service from the C-Suite.” Leadership starts at the top of the pyramid and trickles down into every level of your business. In the Culture keynote, Ron focuses on why an Uplifting Service culture brings a sustainable advantage for your company for years to come. Learn how to align the “12 Building Blocks” and track, measure, and improve the value of your current service culture.

Service Keynote
Uplifting Service: Exceeding Customer Expectations one Action at a Time

Speech Description
In today’s global economy, customer expectations in almost every industry are rising. What was once considered a perk, bonus or plus is now a promise clients expect – and even demand – time and again. And while everyone may agree that providing superior service is essential to continued success in a competitive world, too many executives still regard service as “the fuzzy stuff” they don’t know how to measure, manage or make happen on a companywide scale.
Uplifting Service is an entertaining and interactive presentation that shows everyone from the C-suite to the front lines specific actions and concrete steps to fly over customers’ rising expectations and immediately improve the quality of service delivered at all levels of the company. Packed with real-life examples, powerful principles and tried-and-true techniques, this session will educate, motivate and inspire everyone on your team to take new action now.

Key Learning Points:

  • The secret to seeing the world from your customers’ point of view.
  • The six proven steps to going from “basic” to “unbelievable” service.
  • Transforming complaints into opportunities, creating positive word of mouth and valuable customers for life.
  • Three strategies and tactics for managing customer expectations.
  • Bouncing your way back through service recovery.
  • Shifting from blame, shame and justification to taking personal responsibility.

Leadership Keynote
Leading the Service-Focused Culture: Creating Superior Service from the C-Suite

Speech Description
A superior service culture does not happen by accident but instead requires committed managers willing to walk their talk – and motivated staff inspired to deliver on-the-spot service daily. But beyond this, the driving force of a service-focused culture is a group of inspired leaders who are convinced of, and committed to, the long-term value of Uplifting Service.
Leading The Service-Focused Culture facilitates your senior leadership team in building the alignment needed to embrace a common service vision – and then take the actions required to make that vision a reality. In this hands-on session, participants review the culture-building activities currently in use in the organization; identify opportunities for new service initiatives; learn best practices for becoming a service-focused culture and commit to taking action to align and strengthen the service focus.

Key Learning Points:

  • Best practices for engaging everyone from the top down in a continuous cascade of positive actions for Uplifting Service culture.
  • Quantifying benefits of a service culture in terms of customer experience, competitive positioning, talent development and business results.
  • Choosing compelling language to create an engaging service vision.
  • Communicating the vision effectively with all service providers.
  • Creating the alignment and service commitment to help cross functional teams communicate more effectively with each other and within their own departments.

Culture Keynote
Capturing the Power of a Superior Service Culture: Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Speech Description
In a world where customers and staff have increasing options, companies with a powerful service reputation and an Uplifting Service culture are attracting and retaining the best talent, achieving market leadership and enjoying sustainable success. In fact, building a service-focused culture today is no longer an option — it’s a competitive necessity. This session provides senior executives with the opportunity to step back and answer the question, “Is the service culture that exists in my company today providing me with a strong competitive advantage for tomorrow? If so, what can I do to keep it growing stronger? And if not, what can I do to make it better right now?” Packed with case studies and best practice examples from companies around the world, Capturing The Power Of A Superior Service Culture shows you why some organizations succeed beautifully – and others fail miserably. Participate in this presentation to find out what works, what doesn’t, what your organization should do, and what you must avoid.

Key Learning Points:

  • Why an Uplifting Service culture earns you a sustainable advantage.
  • How to engineer your service culture with a proven three-part architecture and implementation roadmap.
  • How to align The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture™ to get more impact from the activities you are already doing.
  • How to track, improve and measure the value of your service culture.
  • Why a weak service culture leads to more complaints, lower margins and higher staff turnover – and how you can avoid these problems.

What People are Saying about Seeing Ron Speak

Rating Entries

“Ron provided a 150 minute power session on Customer Service to around 800 delegates and the results were “Unbelievable”! We have had excellent feedback that has included delegates noting that Ron really understood our market place and business. To this end, I must say that Ron did his homework well and presented his material in a contemporary context that incorporated numerous references to the issues of the day.”
    Brad Fox, CEO, Association of Financial Advisers

“Ron set the tone for the conference by immediately connecting with our audience. Schlumberger is committed to excellence in customer service for our external clients and Ron’s taught us the importance of customer service internally. At the conclusion of the event, we now feel we have a better plan for implementation and are excited about the benefits
that his education has provided.”
    Stephanie Cox, Vice President Human Resources, Schlumberger

“We worked with Ron over an 18 month period to deliver his programs throughout our business. During this time we found Ron to be a superb catalyst for change, inspiring all those around him to up their game and put the customer at the center of all they do. His secret lies in his infectious enthusiasm, simple ideas superbly delivered and his ability to connect.”
    Richard Bolton, CEO/Managing Director, ELQ Hypotheken NV

“Ron joined us at our annual Beeline Customer Conference to share his incredible message and experience surrounding Customer Service cultures. Ron is one of the most dynamic, engaging and motivating presenters I have seen. Our team is using many of his concepts and practices to continually improve our Customer Service model. Ron is a must see!”
    Mike Wachholz, Global President, Pontoon

“It’s with ease and actual honor to be able to recommend Ron’s work. When you have a model that is simple in its approach, yet delivered and communicated with such abundant passion & enthusiasm, it’s by no means a coincidence that Ron is a ‘World Leader’ in the field of Service and Customer Experience. Ron’s engagement with an organization is sincere, honest and genuine to the point that you don’t just ‘feel’ that he cares about your success as a company or an individual, you ‘know’ 100% for sure that he feels your pain and shares your determination for success.”
    Kevin Goodburn, SVP Consumer Banking & Head of Customer Experience, First Gulf Bank

“I have never seen anyone put so much valuable information in such a short period of time and do it so delightfully.”
    Paul Snider, Program Committee Chair, Harvard Business School Alumni Association

“We are in a commodity business and we are constantly trying to find ways to differentiate ourselves based on value of the service we provide. If you want to separate yourself from the competition, call Ron. He is the one who is going to teach you how to stand out and succeed in service.”
    Mike Haddad, CEO, Schreiber Foods Inc.

“Ron is truly passionate about educating others on uplifting service and really opened our eyes to the little things we can change in our approaches that add tremendous value to ourselves and others.”
    Sandra Leung Li, Google

“Ron Kaufman’s passion regarding providing Uplifting Service is inspirational to anyone who is in the vicinity of his presence. His ability to provide a system to help your business improve its approach to world class service is both easy to implement and complex enough to provide sustainability and results, no matter your size or industry.”
    Rocki Howard, VP, Talent Acquisition, Adecco

“We were inspired by the powerful principles of service excellence that Ron Kaufman taught us. Our heads are buzzing with ideas on how we could implement them in Valamar. The workshop has really given us wings and has also shown us where we want to go.”
    Ivana Budin Arhanić, Management Board Member, Valamar Adria Holding

“Our last meeting featuring Ron Kaufman was a great success. There was a tremendous level of energy in the room and everyone left with new tools and ideas to use in their businesses and personal lives.”
    Gary Anzalone, CEO Club of New York City

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Books by Ron Kaufman:

Uplifting Service

Uplifting Service: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues, and Everyone Else You Meet

We are deep in a service crisis. In the operating room, surgeons and their teams communicate in a very precise language; airplane pilots follow a strict protocol to take off and land safely every time; and, when launching a new product, companies lay out a plan that all employees follow. But when it comes to building a strong service culture, the path to success is usually much less clear. We relegate service to a single department guided by anecdotal wisdom and less-than-helpful clichés like “the customer is always right.”

With global economies transforming at record speed, we are largely unprepared for the service demands we face day and night from around the world. We promise our customers satisfaction and then allow internal politics and inefficient methods to frustrate our ability to deliver. With service so much a part of our daily lives, both in and outside the workplace, why aren’t we doing it better?

New York Times bestselling author Ron Kaufman knows the answer to this question, and not only believes we can do it better, but shows us how. In Uplifting Service he takes you on a journey into a new world of service that is guided by fundamental principles and actionable models. After more than two decades helping leaders transform their service cultures, Kaufman has discovered that while each successful team is different, the architecture they apply to build an uplifting service culture is the same.

In this New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling book, Kaufman lays out the steps you can take to build a sustainable culture that delivers outstanding service every day. He offers the tools and practices that have been proven effective in businesses, governments, communities, and homes; on every continent; and in many languages. Through perspective-changing insights and case studies, you will learn how the world’s best performing companies have changed the game through service—and how you too can follow this proven path to an uplifting transformation.

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