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Ron Gutman is the CEO and founder of Health Tap, a leading virtual healthcare provider that has changed the way people take control of their health. Gutman recently grew his revolutionary healthcare company to a network of 100,000 licensed doctors. The accomplished entrepreneur provides guidance and feedback to early and late stage technology and health companies.

Gutman established Health Tap in 2010 as part of his belief that affordable access to quality healthcare is a fundamental human right. Harnessing technological advancements, he aims to “bring back the elements of health care that have been lost–speed, quality, and compassion.”

Prior to his work with Health Tap, Gutman founded Wellsphere, an online consumer health company that grew to serve over 100 million people and was later acquired in 2009. As a graduate student at Stanford, Gutman’s leadership and vision was key in the creation of a health and well-being engagement program at the university, BeWell@Stanford.

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      • Ron Gutman is the founder and CEO of HealthTap, responsible for the company′s innovation, vision and product. Before this, he was founder and CEO of Wellsphere, an online consumer health company that developed the world′s largest community of independent health writers; it was acquired in early 2009.

    As a graduate student at Stanford, Gutman organized and led a multidisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students from the schools of Engineering, Medicine, Business, Psychology and Law to conduct research in personalized health and to design ways to help people live healthier, happier lives. He is an angel investor and advisor to health and technology companies such as Rock Health (the first Interactive Health Incubator) and Harvard Medical School′s SMArt Initiative (“Substitutable Medical Apps, reusable technologies”). He′s the organizer of TEDxSiliconValley.

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A recognized thought leader in health and innovation, Ron Gutman is a valuable contributor to technology and health conferences. Laying out a wealth of solid research, he focuses on the power and benefit that smiling and emotional expression have and how the virtual health industry is using those simple but powerful tools to enrich the quality of patients’ lives and health care. He has shared his groundbreaking accomplishments and innovative thoughts at
TED, SXSW and Health 2.0.

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  • Health and Wellness Improvement Through Social Media
  • The Hidden Power of Smiling
  • Health and Technology

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