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Robin Sharma Profile

Robin Sharma has a burning ambition for humanity: that people and organizations should learn to Lead Without Title. He is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc, a global consultancy firm to further this aim which includes among its clients Microsoft, GE, NIKE, BP, FedEx, IBM, NASA, Yale University and The Harvard Business School.

Holder of two law degrees, including a Masters of Law from Dalhousie Law School, Robin quit his job in order to self-publish his first book. His second volume, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, was also self-published until it was discovered by the President of Harper Collins; and the rest is publishing history.

Robin is now the author of ten bestselling books, published in over fifty countries and in seventy languages. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari has been a bestseller all around the world; it is the fifth bestselling book of all time in Israel, a permanent fixture on the Top Ten bestseller list in India for more than two years and the fastest selling book ever in Turkey.

Featured in his own PBS special, Robin has made more than a thousand appearances on TV and radio and is the founder of the Robin Sharma Foundation for Children, which aims to guide underprivileged children to leadership positions.

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    Robin Sharma is the globally celebrated author of 10 bestselling books on leadership and personal development. His work has been published in over 50 countries and nearly 70 languages, making him one of the most widely read authors in the world. He shot to fame with The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (HarperCollins) which has topped international bestseller lists and sold millions of copies.

    Robin is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc., a global consultancy that helps people in organizations Lead Without a Title. Clients include many of the FORTUNE 500 including Microsoft, GE, NIKE, BP, FedEx and IBM. Organziations such as NASA, Yale University and The Harvard Business School are also SLI clients. Robin is a former litigation lawyer who holds two law degrees including a Masters of Law (Dalhousie Law School).

    Robin Sharma Success Facts:

      • In an independent ranking of the world’s top leadership experts by Robin is ranked #2 (along with Jim Collins, Jack Welch and John Maxwell).
      • Robin’s books have been published in over 50 countries and in 60 languages.
      • The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is the 5th best selling book in the history of Israel. It has been on India’s Top 10 bestseller list of over two years. Robin’s books have been the fastest selling books in Turkish publishing history. His books have also been blockbusters in Japan, Spain, England, Dubai, Mexico, Singapore, Puerto Rico and throughout South America.
      • Robin starred in his own PBS special and has appeared on over 1000 television and radio shows.
      • Robin Sharma is the founder of The Robin Sharma Foundation for Children to help underprivileged children become leaders.

    Robin’s Mission Statement:
    To help people and organizations Lead Without Title, and in so doing, contribute to the building of a better world.

    Robin’s “Cinderella Story”
    A former lawyer, he quit his job and self-published a book at a Kinko’s copy shop (his mother edited it). Stored 2000 copies in his kitchen. Second book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari was also originally self-published until former HarperCollins president Ed Carson discovered Robin in a bookstore. The book, and the series that followed, has become one of the world’s most successful publishing franchises.

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Robin Sharma's Speech Descriptions

Robin Sharma demonstrates in his speeches how companies and organizations can help their employees to Lead Without a Title, i.e. for every employee to work to their highest potential. His transformational ideas have helped more than five million workers across the globe to work at the very highest level of which they are capable.

With an inspiring, clear and practical presentation Robin teaches his audience the best practices of Leaders Without Titles and the way in which they can maintain peak performance through turbulent, uncertain or stressful times.


In order to excel in a chaotic, competitive environment your team needs to play at world-class levels like the teams at organizations such as FedEx, GE, IBM, Castrol, Unilever, Microsoft, Yale University and NASA. Through his professional development training Robin Sharma has helped these and many other enterprises unleash the highest potential of their people and develop employees who Lead Without a Title so that your company reaches its strategic objectives fast.

Lead Without A Title™
Winning Leadership Strategies to Build a Great Company

Robin Sharma is one of the world’s most trusted leadership experts and a man whose transformational ideas have helped over 5 million employees in 62 countries do their absolute best work. Robin also is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc., a global training firm.

Based on Robin’s international bestseller, The Leader Who Had No Title (Simon & Schuster) this highly inspirational yet immensely practical presentation will teach your people:

    • The 7 Best Practices of Leaders Without Titles
    • 8 Peak Performance tactics to do world-class work in busy times
    • The specific tactics that the best companies do to get even better
    • The 4 keys to a high performance team and winning culture
    • Personal leadership lessons to stay strong amid turbulence and focused in the face of uncertainty

When Fortune 500 organizations need a speaker with a proven track record of delivering leadership presentations that inspire, engage and deliver real business results, they go to Robin Sharma. His "Lead Without A Title" message has gathered a global following that includes celebrity CEOs, celebrated entrepreneurs and many of the corporate elite as well as workers from every imaginable industry. One of the true superstars on the business speaking circuit, Robin will wow your people and deliver a program that will influence them for a lifetime.

Robin Sharma on Speaking

Anyone can show leadership because it’s less about a title and more about a mindset and way of showing up.

SPEAKING.COM: What do you want people to learn/take away from your presentations?

SHARMA: Anyone can show leadership because it’s less about a title and more about a mindset and way of showing up.

SPEAKING.COM: What kind of special prep work do you do prior to an event? How do you prepare for your speaking engagements?

SHARMA: I’ve been at this 20 years, with top-tier clients who have mission-critical events with ultra-high stakes. As a former lawyer, I bring serious rigor to my preparation. I speak to the client, get their intentions, study their briefs, understand their culture. I get at what they need me to do for the event to be a giant win.

In terms of preparation, I have a customization process that includes a conference call, a deep questionnaire, online study, reviewing of client documents like missions, values, KPI’s for the year, strategic briefs etc.

I’ve been blessed in this career as a keynoter. Sharing the stage in Bucharest with Richard Branson before 5000 people was fun.

SPEAKING.COM: Have you had any particularly memorable speaking engagements / unusual situations arise while on the road?

SHARMA: So many. I’ve been blessed in this career as a keynoter. Sharing the stage in Bucharest with Richard Branson before 5000 people was fun. Same with the events I did with President Clinton and Jack Welch.

I was in Washington at one event for a large audience when the fire alarm went off during my presentation. I kept going until the CEO said we really needed to leave the room.

SPEAKING.COM: What types of audiences would most benefit from your message?

SHARMA: Any audience. Seriously.

SPEAKING.COM: Which of your keynote speaking topics are your favorites and why?

SHARMA: I only do one topic: “Lead Without a Title: How World-Class Companies Win.” I don’t do sales, marketing, or innovation keynotes. Just one topic. Just one keynote. Just total focus. That’s my love and my specialty. Tons of great presenters for the other subjects.

SPEAKING.COM: What inspired you to start doing speaking engagements?

SHARMA: I used to be a litigator. I wrote a book called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, which sold 4+ million copies. That led to speaking requests around the world. Then, my book The Leader Who Had No Title came out, and it was a game-changer. We now decline 70% of speaking requests.

The goal for me always is to inspire and move people deeply into action, but with hard-hitting content.

SPEAKING.COM: How much do case studies, personal stories and/or humor factor into your keynote speech content?

SHARMA: I use a lot of empirical information, science on high-performance, stories and humor in my presentations. The goal for me always is to inspire and move people deeply into action, but with hard-hitting content. I’m not a motivational speaker. I’m a high-content presenter who happens to be able to galvanize and inspire at the highest level.

SPEAKING.COM: What are some of the successes you’ve helped clients achieve?

SHARMA: Tremendous profit growth, large increases in engagement, innovation bursts, far better performance and a culture where people stop being victims and start showing leadership–without a title. Exclusive Interview with Robin Sharma
Exploring the Leadership Mindset with Robin Sharma
In this interview, Robin discusses:
    • What it means to lead without a title.
    • The importance of passion and character in leadership.
    • How to nurture leaders within your organization.
    Read the Full Interview

"Anyone can show leadership because it's less about a title and more about a mindset and way of showing up."
- Robin Sharma

What People are Saying about Seeing Robin Speak

Rating Entries

    “Thank you for being our keynote speaker at our all-employee event. As I said to you as you left the stage, your presentation was simply amazing and it left us speechless. Thank you for making a difference to our organization.”
    Mike Cloutier, President, PHARMACIA/PFIZER

    “Thank you for being the keynote speaker at our general information session attended by over 1500 employees (and another 1500 from our locations in the United States, Ireland and England via satellite link). We required a world-class speaker to kick off this very special event and you more than delivered on all counts. From the moment we first contacted you to the moment you left the platform, you demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and commitment and we could not have made a better choice in engaging your services.”
    Greg Mumford, General Manager, NORTEL NETWORKS

    “Thank you for being the keynote speaker at our national event. Many of us have heard quite a number of speakers but your message was truly inspiring, refreshing and profound. Your program made us reflect, think, laugh and in some cases cry. I have no doubt our managers will apply your leadership insights to make real improvements in the way they lead their teams and in the way they live their lives, not only in the coming months but in the coming years.”
    Don Davis, President, MINOLTA

    “I was impressed by the manner in which you were able to customize your work. Our dealers and our staff all felt that you had been ‘on the inside’ for some time and this made your comments all the more applicable. The professional mix of multimedia with your spoken words contributed to the appreciation of your message even more. The clearest validation that your contribution was significant to our success was seen in the response by the dealers themselves. Not only did their standing ovation confirm their opinion, but also their continued references over the subsequent days demonstrated to me that your message hit a receptive cord”
    James B. Brown, Director, PANASONIC

    “Your high – energy, multimedia presentation made us laugh, and made us think. Your messages were insightful and on target. Again, thank you for being such an inspirational and thought provoking keynote speaker. You have set a high standard and raised expectations for our series.”
    Bill Norman, Vice President Worldwide Operations, MICROSOFT

    “The delivery of your presentation not only conveyed a motivational message specific to our company, but also covered how to change our lifestyle in order to be successful in our personal life. You inspired all of us to take a second look at how we handle situations in our personal life. Our sales team was very impressed with your presentation and we received positive feedback from everyone who attended the meeting.”
    George Chalmers, V.P. Sales, Federal Express

    Recent Clients Include:

    • Microsoft
    • NASA
    • FedEx
    • Nike
    • KPMG
    • IBM
    • General Motors
    • Israeli Air Force
    • Motorola
    • Kraft Foods
    • Oracle
    • GlaxoSmithKline
    • Panasonic
    • Metalink
    • Nabisco
    • American Red Cross
    • London Life
    • Minolta
    • CIBC
    • Applied Materials
    • Shred-It Amdocs Re/Max Flying Cargo Checkpoints El Al Airlines
    • Merrill Lynch
    • Honeywell
    • DHL
    • Young Presidents Organization
    • orange
    • Nortel Networks
    • Meeting Professionals International
    • Hershey
    • Pfizer/Pharmacia

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Books by Robin Sharma:

    The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life

    Is it really possible for anyone to be a leader?
    Absolutely. The core message of “The Leader Who Had No Title” is that every single one of us has the opportunity to show leadership in our work and within our lives-every single day. This isn′t some motivational platitude. It′s a reality that i′ve helped everyday people in organizations like Microsoft, GE, FedEx, Yale University and IBM achieve. Because leadership isn′t really about the title on our business cards. Leadership is about the strngth of our influence, our willingness to innovate, the quality of our attitide and our commitment to excellence. This doesn′t mean that organizations should get rid of titles and structure. It simply means that leadership is a behavior-and anyone of us can show it.

    This is obviously a time of deep change. Does the “Lead Without a Title” philosophy you share in your new book speak to this?
    Yes. The #1 competitive advantage any organization has right now is growing the leadership potential of EVERY employee, at all levels. From the mailroom to the boardroom, the companies that will win in these highly uncertain times will be those that get people Leading Without a Title. To succeed in this economy, the best organizations will encourage their people to think, feel and behave like leaders, delivering wow results within their work.

    So the nature of leadership is changing?
    The old model of leadership is dead. Everyone′s now a part of the leadership team. And each of us has the responsibility of driving positive results andleading by example. It′s now Leadership 2.0. Everybody gets to show their leadership best when they walk in the front door every day. The Leader Who Had No Title shows you how.

    Is leadership something we only show at work then?
    Leading Without a Title is actually a way to express your absolute best at work as well as at home. While the book is definitely for people who want to fly in their careers and win at work, there are some key ideas in the book on personal leadership, getting to peak health, balancing work and family and having a lot more fun on the journey of life.

    Why this book and why now?
    Because we need real leaders. Companies that we used to believe in have gone bankrupt or been bailed out. Leaders we used to admire have lost face. We need to restore the leadership values that made us great. And it starts with every one of us leading ourselves. We all have that power. It′s time to reconnect with it.

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    The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
    The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is the story of Julian Mantle, a superstar lawyer whose out-of-balance lifestyle leads him to an almost fatal heart attack in a packed courtroom. His physical collapse brings on a spritual crisis that forces him to confront the condition of his life and seek answers to life′s most important questions. Hoping to find happiness and fulfillment, he embarks upon on an extraordinary odyssey to an ancient culture where he discovers a powerful system to release the potential of his mind, body and soul, and learns to live with greater passion, purpose and peace. Brilliantly blending timeless spiritual wisdom of the East with cutting-edge success principles of the West, this inspiring tale shows you a step-by-step pathway for living with greater courage, balance, abundance and joy.
    Order Here

    Leadership Wisdom From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: The 8 Rituals of Visionary Leaders
    This is the book that is transforming the careers and the lives of businesspeople across the continent. Listed as one of North America′s “10 Bestselling Business Books” by Books for Business and named “One of the Best Business Books of the Year” by PROFIT magazine, this book has been embraced by leading corporations like FedEx, Microsoft, Kraft Foods and Panasonic as well as by top entrepreneurs. Written as a captivating fable, this book reveals the 8 Rituals of Visionary Leaders and shows you powerful ways to work with deep purpose, boost employee commitment, increase morale, master change, renew yourself, manage time and live with more meaning.
    Order Here

    The Saint, The Surfer & The CEO: A Remarkable Story About Living Your Heart’s Desires
    Within the pages of this extraordinary book, you’ll discover a practical yet powerful process to re-create your life and reconnect with your best self. Written as an engaging story, The Saint, The Surfer & The CEO offers you a potent blend of deep wisdom and practical life lessons that will help you live your highest truth as a human being and find the lasting happiness that you’ve been seeking.
    Order Here

    MegaLiving: Powerful Wisdom For Self-Leadership
    Robin′s first book, MegaLiving is one of the most high-content and idea-rich personal development books on the market today. Not only does it contain the 200 Lessons of Success and chapters on mental, physical and character mastery, it also has a specific 30 day coaching program to help you integrate its lessons into your daily life.
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