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Inspirational, Motivational Speaker, Musicians, Productivity

Travels from Arizona, USA

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Robert Van Arlen Profile

Jazz pianist and speaker to over 250,000 salespeople across the world, Robert Van Arlen takes the title of his book, Focused Synergy, and shows you how developing synergy is the key to success in life, in teams and in organizations. His inspirational message can help anyone who is looking to improve teamwork, work through change management or who is struggling to achieve customer satisfaction.

Working in CCH Legal Publishing, Robert was entrusted with the task of reengineering various divisions; three years in a row he took the worst performing division and raised it to the top of the table. Expanding worldwide, he re-engineered CCH Canadian Ltd and CCH FM in France. Returning to the USA he finished as Western Region Vice President, CCH US.

Robert has delivered many hundreds of keynote speeches and training programs that have helped improve and energize his clients’ services. These clients have included state governments, the Federal Government, Procter & Gamble, Verizon Wireless, Henkel Corporation and many others. His expertise on Organizational Diversity in the Workplace is particularly highly valued.

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    Today Robert Van Arlen will ignite an individual, a team or an organization. The only question is…will it be you or yours?

    Robert Van Arlen delivers the most engaging keynote your attendees will ever experience. He integrates specific goals of the conference into a powerful message that unites everyone. “Focused Synergy” is the title of his speech and book, and it reveals the key to developing synergy in our life, team or organizations. It is a powerful concept that sets the foundation to thread customized content for each audience.

    Robert’s keynote speeches can specifically help any sales organization that may have experienced a change in their sales leadership, service organizations that are struggling to achieve customer satisfaction goals, and leaders of organizations that desire to improve the overall focus of their teams.

    His corporate experience includes the turnaround of various CCH Legal Publishing entities. He reversed the division standings of the poorest performing division in the country to the top division for 3 consecutive years. In the 90’s, Robert was responsible for re-engineering CCH Canadian Limited and its French Organization CCH FM. He came back to the United States completing his corporate journey as the Western Region Vice President of CCH US.

    For the past 10 years, Robert has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches and training programs to improve leadership skills, increase sales and ignite service within organizations. His prestigious list of clients includes state governments, the Federal Government, Destination Resort Hotels, Proctor & Gamble, Cigna Healthcare, Verizon Wireless, Henkel Corporation, Gerber Products and many other small- and medium-sized companies and academic institutions.

    Types of Clients:

    Sales, service, marketing, technology, academic institutions, associations and organizations that have experienced a change in leadership

    Industry Expertise:

    Sales, service, hospitality, legal, accounting and technology
    Outcomes from Keynote Speeches:

    • Most memorable speech experienced by audience
    • Greater alignment to a common vision
    • Attendees are ignited and want to take action immediately

    Top 3 Recent Highlights on Robert Van Arlen

    • Is a leading speaker on the topic of Organizational Diversity in the Workplace
    • Is a leading speaker to the Human Resources community in many states
    • Has spoken to over 250,000 sales people world-wide

    Fun things about Robert Van Arlen:

    • Jazz piano player
    • Hobbies include skiing, tennis and golf
    • Recently tested a new hands-free repelling product by jumping out of a 4-story building

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Robert Van Arlen's Speech Descriptions

Robert Van Arlen offers a range of highly engaging, powerful keynote speeches that are carefully customized to your institution and to the specific goals of your event. He reveals the secrets to developing synergy in life, teams or organizations.

Robert shows how sales teams can reset their relationships with customers so the team becomes an invaluable resource to them, rather than just someone trying to get their business. He shows how becoming better listeners and problem solvers will help you to anticipate customer issues before they arise.

For leaders, Robert shows how managed change can reignite a team; focusing on confidence, visual alignment and accountability he will give you the tools you need to parley this into significant performance growth.

Robert delivers the most engaging keynote your attendees will ever experience. He integrates specific goals of the conference into a powerful message that unites everyone. “Focused Synergy” is the title of his speech and book, and it reveals the key to developing synergy in our life, team or organizations. It is a powerful concept that sets the foundation to thread customized content for each audience.

Robert has delivered speeches to hundreds of organizations worldwide with an astounding impact on results. His message is great for sales, service, marketing, technology, academic institutions, associations and organizations going through change. His industry expertise includes legal, accounting, hospitality, service and technology.

The Journey to Excellence
In this program, Robert Van Arlen shares his inspirational journey to excellence and achievement. His personal story illustrates how mentorship, focus and accomplishment, combined with potential and the power of differentiation, can ultimately lead to success. Van Arlen incorporates original piano compositions into his presentation, encouraging the audience to participate with him. This program addresses the importance of change, innovation and creativity.

You Are the Conductor, Let’s Orchestrate
Robert Van Arlen uses the world of musical performance to illustrate how a team approach to sales can create lasting customer solutions. He reminds the audience that musicians wait for the conductor’s cue to play their section of a musical piece, and then play with passion because they understand they are part of a bigger entity—the orchestra—and every instrument contributes to a masterful performance. He compares that illustration to sales teams today that must be able to both define and communicate how solutions can result in transformation that benefits customers.

Ready to Ignite!
Robert Van Arlen says that innovation, when supported by inspiring content, can lead to record-setting performance. His riveting message about studying a situation, how top performers think and breaking down barriers inspires audiences to come out winners. Audiences not only enjoy the personable and engaging presentation, but learn how their behavior and actions can put them in the best position to succeed.

Multi-Dimensional Growth, the Game Changer!
While growth based on profit is measured by an one-dimensional increase or decrease, multi-dimensional growth is measured by engagement, mastery, genre of excellence and community. In this keynote program, Robert Van Arlen helps participants learn how to apply strategies that contribute to measurable growth in people, productivity, innovation and culture, and ultimately establishes a foundation for market dominance. His engaging presentation walks participants through the process of creating multi-dimensional growth and an environment primed for success.

Robert Van Arlen on Speaking

What’s important is that the audience identifies something that they can put into practice shortly after they’ve experienced my presentation.

SPEAKING.COM: When delivering a presentation, what take home messages do you focus on?

VAN ARLEN: I focus on leaving my audience with something they can immediately apply to themselves. What’s important is that the audience identifies something that they can put into practice shortly after they’ve experienced my presentation.

SPEAKING.COM:How do you prepare for your speaking engagements?

VAN ARLEN: I’m known for working outside the box when it comes to preparation. If it’s a sales audience, for example, I’ll go out and make sales calls to learn how the company sells their product. If it’s a service call, I’ll listen to calls that come into the sales organization. What’s most important to me is to help leaders achieve their desired outcomes from the presentation.

SPEAKING.COM: Have you had any particularly memorable speaking engagements / unusual situations arise while on the road?

VAN ARLEN: I’ve had many memorable speaking engagements. Once, I shot a video on the plane of a well-known expert in the HR industry on the way to an engagement. My speech was to a group of HR professionals, so I was able to incorporate the interview into my speech.

Music is a universal language. Everyone is engaged because everyone loves music.

SPEAKING.COM: How are your speeches able to reach people across all demographic characteristics?

VAN ARLEN: I have a unique advantage because I use music creation and musical analogies in my speeches. Music is a universal language. Everyone is engaged because everyone loves music.

SPEAKING.COM: Which of your keynote speaking topics are your favorites, and why?

VAN ARLEN: My favorite speech today is “The Journey to Excellence.” During this speech, I share my own inspirational journey to excellence and achievement. I use stories to illustrate the power of differentiation, mentorship, focus, potential, and accomplishment. I also get the opportunity to perform my original compositions on the piano. It inspires thought and ignites the desire to accomplish personal and organizational goals.

SPEAKING.COM: What was most important in your journey to becoming who you are today as a speaker?

VAN ARLEN: What I’ve learned in my journey is to keep good mentors in my life. Although I now have a global audience, I believe it’s still important for me to constantly expand my learning and understanding of the industry. I’ve also learned it’s important to help others, so I choose organizations that I can donate my time to and share my expertise with.

I use both visual and auditory experiences. Videos, images, and music are customized for each audience.

SPEAKING.COM: How do you keep your audience engaged and actively listening during your keynotes?

VAN ARLEN: I use both visual and auditory experiences. Videos, images, and music are customized for each audience. In many cases, I will play piano live as a way to keep my audience engaged.

SPEAKING.COM: What are some of the successes you’ve helped clients achieve?

VAN ARLEN: I’ve helped both public and private companies exceed their sales and service goals by igniting focus activities that drive results. I’ve also had the opportunity to help companies embrace change and become disrupters in their industry. Exclusive Interview with Robert Van Arlen
Achieving Success Through Focused Synergy and Music
In this interview, Robert discusses:
    • Focused synergy and how it can enhance organizational growth.
    • What music can teach us about leadership.
    • The power of differentiation.
    • The importance of personal responsibility in leadership. Read the Full Interview

"Using a music analogy, it is a leader’s responsibility to establish a vision that inspires creativity and the drive to practice. They need to visualize the experience of a flawless performance and how that performance translates into results."
- Robert Van Arlen

What People are Saying about Seeing Robert Speak

Rating Entries

“Our entire environment changed after Robert′s program. We now have a learning organization, where individuals go out of their way to support each other.”
Brian DeBruin
President, AON Insurance, Arizona

“You gave us exactly what we wanted—a motivational and upbeat program that blasted us out of our comfortable analytical box.”
Karen J. Sprout
Director of Human Resources, CIGNA Healthcare

“Robert helped us get more aligned to our mission and values “
Catherine M. Woods
Director of Training & Organizational Development
NUI Corporation

“One of the greatest challenges a Sales Manager faces, is keeping people motivated. Robert’s program is highly energizing, effective and interactive.”
Steven Begg
Regional Sales Manager
Drake International-Greater Toronto Region

“The learning experience was most unique and fun and I recommend this seminar to anyone who wants new learning tools and ideas to bring harmony to their professional and personal life.”
Nadia Barbieri,
Oral Health Specialist

“This motivational day was one of the most enjoyable and worthwhile experiences I have ever had the privilege to attend.”
Sherry Moser,

“As our opening keynote speaker, your presentation perfectly set the tone. It was upbeat, high energy, and totally interactive.”
Southwest Institute of Aging

“I cannot get the song out of my head. E Source Dream Team, Your future is So Bright. This was uplifting and at least for me touched a cord. Music is a big motivator for me and harmony, melody and rhythm are all part of life. Great session.”
Jeff Levy,

“This was not simply an exercise of bringing in a motivational speaker. It was clear to me that Robert took the time to make sure that he understands our business.”
Kevin Ferguson,

Clients Include:

Arizona State University
Ash Temple LTD
Avnet Computers
CIGNA Healthcare
City of Phoenix
Community Church of Joy
Compaq Computers
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Del Webb Home Builders
Drake International
Dun & Bradstreet
Entrepreneur′s Source
Ernst & Young
Gallagher & Kennedy Law Firm
Gerber Products
Harrah′s Casino
Horizon Moving Systems
Lab Tech
Mass Marketing Insurance Institute
MPI World Educational Congress
My Products, Inc
Natl Assoc Women Business Owners
New York Life Insurance
North Carolina Gas
NUI Corporation
Phoenix Suns
Procter & Gamble
Southwest Institute of Aging
Squaw Peak Personnel
Star Human Resources
The Morton Group
TIC Enterprises
University of Phoenix

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