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Richard Lamm has been ahead of his time for most of his life. The politician, writer, and professor, has been outspoken since the 1980s on the need for government to reconceive how it meets public needs of growing demographics with shrinking resources. A definitive straight shooter, he pushes “conservative” and “liberal” politics aside to focus on what today’s voters and policy makers can do to leave younger generations with the best world possible.

As a first year legislator, Lamm drafted and succeeded in passing the nation’s first liberalized abortion law. He was an early leader of the environmental movement. Reacting to the high cost of campaigning, he walked the state in his campaign for governor of Colorado. Lamm was elected to the position three terms, becoming the longest-serving governor in Colorado’s history at that time.

He is currently the Director of the Center for Public Policy & Contemporary Issues at the University of Denver.

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      • Richard D. Lamm is Co-Director of the Institute for Public Policy Studies at the University of Denver, and the former three-term Governor of Colorado. (1975-1987) He is both a lawyer (Berkeley, 1961) and a Certified Public Accountant. He joined the faculty of the University of Denver in 1969 and has, except for his years as Governor, been associated with the University ever since.

    Lamm has appeared on virtually every national news program, including Buchanan & Press, Larry King Live, Inside Politics, Today, Meet the Press, Good Morning America, Lehrer NewsHour, and Face the Nation. His editorials have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Newsday, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune, as well as in a number of academic and medical journals. While Governor, Lamm wrote or co-authored six books: A California Conspiracy, with Arnold Grossman (St. Martin′s Press, 1988); Megatraumas: America in the Year 2000 (Houghton Mifflin Company, 1985), The Immigration Time Bomb: The Fragmenting of America, with Gary Imhoff (Dutton and Company, 1985), 1988, with Arnie Grossman (St. Martin′s Press, 1985), Pioneers & Politicians, with Duane A. Smith (Pruett Publishing Company, 1984) and The Angry West, with Michael McCarthy (Houghton Mifflin Company, 1982). Since then, he has authored several other titles, including Two Wands, One Nation: An Essay on Race and Community in America (2006) and Condition Critical: A New Moral Vision for Health Care (2007).

    Lamm has always been in the forefront of political change. As a first year legislator, he drafted and succeeded in passing the nation′s first liberalized abortion law. He was an early leader of the environmental movement, and was President of the First National Conference on Population and The Environment. Reacting to the high cost of campaigning, he walked the state in his campaign for Governor of Colorado. Lamm was elected to three terms as Colorado′s top elected official, and in serving as Governor from January 1975 and retiring in January 1987, he was the longest-serving Governor in Colorado′s history to that date.

    Richard Lamm is one of a new breed of policy analysts who argues that the challenge our age is to meet new public needs with ever more limited resources. Public policy, he maintains, “cannot count on historic revenue growth and, thus, cannot chase geometric curves of public spending.” Lamm moves beyond traditional liberalism and conservatism to urge that the task before us is “to reconceptualize much of what government does and how it does it.”

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Drawing from a wealth of executive experience, former Colorado governor Richard Lamm looks past party politics to examine the fiscal and political challenges we’re facing as a nation. A seasoned accountant, he looks at how we can redraw the maps in healthcare, social security, immigration, energy, and environmental policy for the best possible outcome. A dynamic speaker, he does not shy away from addressing the tough decisions we will have to make; rather, he takes on each one while asking audiences: what kind of world do we want to leave our children?

    Suggested Speaking Topics:

    • Two Wands, One Nation: On Race and Community in America
    • Condition Critical: A New Moral Vision for Health Care
    • Brave New World of Health Care: What Every American Needs to Know about Our Impending Health Care Crisis

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Books by Richard Lamm:

    Condition Critical: A New Moral Vision for Health Care

    Richard D. Lamm is the codirector of the Institute for Public Policy Studies at the University of Denver and the former three-term governor of Colorado. A nationally recognized expert of healthcare issues, Lamm was chairman of the Pew Health Professions Commission and a public member of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Robert H. Blank, PhD, has taught, lectured, and written widely in the areas of comparative health policy, medical technology assessment, and biomedical policy. He currently teaches in Taiwan as a senior Fulbright lecturer, his third such award. He is also a research scholar at the New College in Florida and a visiting professor at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch.

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    Two Wands, One Nation: An Essay on Race and Community in America

    Minority underperformance is an unfortunate reality of American society, as shown by social indicators and discussed by a wide array of commentators. However, when it comes to discussing the problem, we have no common vocabulary, and the explanation often turns to racism and discrimination. In this essay, former Colorado governor Richard D. Lamm examines the reality of minority underperformance as an issue having its roots in the communities and mores where the problem is most prevalent. In the process, he discusses the dangers of too much diversity in a democracy and examines the social, economic, and demographic ramifications of the issues on our society.

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    Long a target of policymakers and reformers, the current American health care system is, in the words of Richard D. Lamm, “unsustainable, unaffordable, and inequitable, and needs to be substantially amended and revised.” In this informed and erudite look at the current state of the American health care system, Lamm exposes the problems existing not only in policy and professional circles, but also in public attitudes and expectations. In so doing, Lamm provides a framework for reform, seeking to rebuild the “house of health care” that has fallen into disrepair. Order Here

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