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    • On May 31, 2005 Rex made history by becoming the youngest Australian to climb to the summit of Mt Everest, after raising in excess of $100,000 to support his dream. Having delivered significant Return on Investment to his sponsors, Rex raised a second 100k of funding to support his successful quest becoming the 3rd youngest person in the world to climb the highest mountain on all seven continents.

Using his knowledge of sponsorship & the media, Rex has had his adventures feature heavily on radio, in the press and television throughout Australia and the world.

Rex is not only an athlete he is also a keynote speaker and facilitator. Rex has delivered over 350 corporate presentations to over 50,000 people across 7 continents. His client list includes 8 of the top 10 global Australian companies, corporations like Commonwealth Bank, St George bank, Panasonic, Flight Centre Limited and many more. Rex also works with international US giants such as Hewlett Packard, Seagate technologies, Genentech and Google.

Rex as a keynote speaker & Peak Teams lead facilitator effectively combines his knowledge of the mountains with his experience in management and sponsorship to deliver inspirational presentations. His topics focus on planning & preparation, the importance of a support team, self motivation, risk management & overcoming the obstacles put before us. His story’s present unique insights into achieving great success by combining self leadership with the power of a support team to get ahead of the competition.

Rex is possibly the only presenter in the world to completed presentations on all 7 continents.

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Rex Pemberton's Speech Descriptions

    Evolve Keynote
    The Evolve keynote focuses on 6 key messages that can apply to any business, team or individual.

    • The importance of a clear and compelling vision
    • How to build trust quickly
    • Creating and maintaining a powerful culture
    • Identify complex layers of risk & re-defining it
    • Transformation in competitive environments
    • Innovation to stay ahead of the competition

    Evolve Part 1 – Mt Everest At the age of 21, Rex made history by becoming the youngest Australian to climb Mt Everest. He then went on to climb the highest mountain on each of the seven continents, the famous 7 summits.

    Evolve Part 2 – From the Mountains to the Sky The next chapter of Rex’s evolution occurred high above the clouds, as he took up skydiving, and then transitioned to wingsuit flying. Transforming from being an expert in one sport to a beginner in another is a significant challenge. Despite the odds, Rex rose to the top of the wingsuit world and now competes at the world championships. Keys to Rex’s success were his passion, his intense focus and being very particular about managing risk.

    Evolve Part 3 – From parachutes to jet wing flying In such a competitive landscape it’s hard to differentiate, so Rex knew he had to evolve and think outside of the box. As a result, Rex put together a team to create something completely unique. Alongside a dedicated team of innovators Rex designed, built and tested a jet powered wingsuit. The X-wing is a one of a kind carbon fiber wingsuit powered by four turbine jet engines. The wing allows Rex to sustain flight just like an aircraft. Rex and his team are now at the cutting edge of human flight technology and continually evolving into the future.

    Rising to the Challenge - 60 minute Mt Everest keynote
    Rising to the Challenge is the inspiring story of Rex Pemberton’s climb of Mt Everest at the age of 21. Mixing storytelling with dramatic video, Rex takes the audience on a captivating journey that demonstrates the power of:

    • Self leadership
    • Creating powerful support teams
    • Achieving large and compelling goals
    • Dealing with change

    Before he could even step foot on Everest, Rex had to overcome the financial challenge of raising in excess of $200,000 from cynical sponsors. He faced numerous relationship challenges as he sought to find a team he could trust in such a demanding environment. And then he faced the mental and physical challenges of training and preparing for something bigger than anything he had attempted before. Not only did Rex overcome these challenges, he leveraged his success on Everest to become the third youngest person in the world to climb the Seven Summits – the highest summit on each continent.

    Post Keynote Workshop:
    To further engage the audience and enrich the learning experience, Rex has designed a diagnostic questionnaire that forms part of an interactive workshop on strengthening Self Leadership and Support Teams.

    Risk Management B.A.S.E Keynote
    Base jumping and mountain climbing have been described as the most dangerous sports you can undertake. For Rex it is different, it is a personal journey about being courageous, learning how to control, face and deal with fear and most importantly believing in himself.

    Every single time Rex goes BASE jumping he is afraid. At these times he uses role courage to overcome the fear and perform in a risky and changing environment. Rex shares his dramatic base jumping and mountaineering stories with organisations all over the globe. The unique keynote delivers the secrets to:

    • Risk management
    • Overcome fears
    • Developing courage
    • Maintaining a positive attitude

    Rex’s risk keynote is dynamic, hair-raising, interactive and fun.

What People are Saying about Seeing Rex Speak

Rating Entries

    “Your session has been described by many who attended as the best workshop we have ever attended. I was particularly impressed with the sincerity of your delivery. There is often a fine line between over or understating the comparisons between adventure and business. You engaged the team completely throughout the session no doubt attributable to your complete understanding of the topic and your experience at delivering corporate presentations.”
    — Gregory M Griffiths – MD sales – Blue Star Print Group

    “…I feel like asking Pemberton if he needs an extra climber. He has an infectious enthusiasm. We have all been inspired to find our own mountain to climb.”
    – Tony Magnusson Sunday Magazine

    “Rex? Simply Exceptional. The best keynote I have ever attended.”
    – Lawrence Evans – Panasonic

    “Listening to Rex Pemberton was inspirational. I clearly saw the synergy between the young Australian’s experience and the sheer determination of Heidelberg to deliver peak performance. Rex’s presentation opened my mind to my own business Everest.”
    – Mark Brebner – Pacific Print Group

    “This visually impressive program is one of the best we′ve ever seen. Thousands of people could talk to us about values and teamwork, but you actually show us and let us experience it for ourselves. The response has been very positive, the participants immediately applying the learning on an individual and team level.”
    – Bill Watkins, Seagate Technologies

    ”Rex’s journeys and delivery were very uplifting to the organization as we chart our course to success this fiscal year. His adaptation of connecting his goals and struggles associated with climbing Everest and the other peaks and our business issues and challenges proved to be very effective.”
    – Michael E. Clark JDSU- Senior Vice President

    “Rex’s enthusiasm and sheer will really impressed us. He is inspirational and we are delighted to be associated with a young person who reflects our corporate philosophy to reach for new heights.”
    – Glenn Plummer, General Manager Product Management & Marketing, Heidelberg.

    “It’s great to see someone young who’s driven and who has achieved such a great feat. The level of enthusiasm he displayed is really infectious. It definitely inspires you to want to achieve and to push boundaries both for the company and in life.”
    – Mark Wilcox and John Scarff, Image Studio

    “The concept of peak performance was definitely reinforced in the speech by Rex Pemberton; what better way to demonstrate superior performance than someone who’s climbed Mt. Everest.”
    – Ian Smith, Advance

    “Rex, your key note session was very inspiring to all staff. I think they all had a good look at themselves afterwards and said ‘what am I passionate about and how can I achieve my goals’. Thank you for sharing your life and passions with our group.”
    – Michelle Alexander Events and Conference Coordinator AACB

    “The keynote is wonderful and exciting and I greatly appreciated Rex’s passion.”
    – Berkeley Labs San Francisco

    “Thank you for presenting the most relevant and practical presentation I have ever attended, which was both inspirational and motivational. I remember all the messages from the session and have applied them immediately upon my return to work.”
    – Flight Centre Product Nation Global Conference South Africa

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