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René is one of the world’s leading business gurus specialising in leadership, culture and transformation.

He shows precisely how contemporary leaders can inspire their people through a powerful and authentic emotional connection, to do the things that others said could not be done.

Whilst being a much-acclaimed Visiting Professor at the distinguished Cass Business School in London, and lecturing on their MSc in Management, René is no academic.

As well as one of the world’s leading executive coaches, working with some of the Fortune 500’s top CEO’s and their executive teams, he has also actually been Chairman, CEO and MD of blue chip businesses. He speaks with the authority and confidence of the expert practitioner who has seen and experienced it all before.

René specialises in delivering leadership and culture, which show precisely how contemporary leaders can inspire their people through a powerful and authentic emotional connection.

He draws much from his own unique experiences on the boards of some of the biggest international organisations; from Marks and Spencer and Pepsi, to IPC Media and the Inland Revenue.

He is the best-selling author of the leadership and culture bible, “Corporate Voodoo”, and has had the privilege of working closely with some of the world’s best leaders, from former US President

Bill Clinton to CEOs of blue chip businesses, including Jim Yong Kim at The World Bank, Ralph Hamers at ING Bank, Mario Greco at Generali and Maria Ramos at Barclays Africa. He has interviewed the good and the great including Jack Welch, Allan Leighton, Lou Gerstner, and Sir Richard Branson.

His latest book, SPIKE is the product of some 30 years of supporting the growth and development of individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes in the UK and overseas. The book brings together a proven formula for personal and business development.

“My experience of working with some of the world’s best leaders of this generation; from Prime Minister David Cameron, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, and many others, informs me that none of them are flawless or ‘all-rounders’.

But they all tend to know their 2/3 SPIKES, and have taken the time and focus to fine tune them to near Olympian standards”.

René will share the magic and simplicity of the compelling SPIKE philosophy. In his world of SPIKE, there are no losers anymore – everyone has something they are great at.

The new world order is struggling to deal with constant uncertainty, René provides a compelling approach to the future that is built on ‘managing a little less and leading a little more’.

You will continue to see René on the BBC and Sky News as an expert commentator and you can see his portfolio of TV series for the BBC on his YouTube channel.

René has built his reputation on getting to know the culture of businesses better than they do themselves, and providing answers and solutions no matter how big or small the problems.

His messages are practical, real life experiences delivered with electrifying effect. He both shakes up and inspires his audiences by showing them not only what lies within their grasp, but how true collaboration makes everyone stronger.

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René Carayol's Speech Descriptions

Manage a little less and Lead a little more
In recent times, a good enough management team, a good enough strategy, and a good enough brand was good enough. This is no longer the case. The blunt instrument of Management alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. It is the time for Leadership and Inspired Leadership at that.

Culture is more Powerful than Strategy
René will share his extensive experience and exposure to some of the world’s leading corporate cultures, telling his inspiring stories with his deft sense of humor whilst challenging everyone in the auditorium to think again about culture.

Collaboration is the New Leadership
“Nothing is best done alone anymore” – no one leader can make all the tough calls on their own anymore. In today’s unforgiving markets, every leader requires the support of a diverse and high-performing team. Building a collaborative and collegiate culture demands a new approach to leadership and a change in mindset.

Gone Digital
Rene Carayol MBE Inspiring Keynote SpeakerRené will share his ‘ hands-on’ experience and exposure of working with a diverse range of organizations that have either stalled on their digitisation strategy, or, are reaping the huge benefits of having taken a ‘Big Bang’ approach.

We are Stronger Together (Diversity and Inclusion)
René tackles the unsaid, the difficult and the downright uncomfortable with optimism and a positive outlook based on his powerful and sometimes crushing experiences. René will challenge, lead and support the audience to authentically embrace difference and benefit from it. This will not be about guilt or blame, but much more focused on the tangible benefits of an inclusive and diverse culture. If you think diversity is not for you, Rene will encourage you to think again.

What People are Saying about Seeing René Speak

Rating Entries

“Rene & Zak, A huge thanks for this afternoon – I think you really helped us turn a corner today . Onus is on us to now deliver the change we want to be! Have had terrific feedback – below is one example. Very much hope we can keep you on our leadership journey – it’s been a pleasure and privilege to hear your insights and share your own experiences.”
– Tommy Nagra – Director of Content / BBC Children in Need

I want to thank you and all the Exec for what was, in my opinion, the best Leadership away day that I’ve been to. Thank you for rearranging things so that we could have the entire afternoon with Rene. He is incredible and the session was so informative, engaging, thought provoking and impactful – I could go on but I think you know – Claire telling her story made me cry 🙂 I am going to go away and process everything I’ve heard and decide on the actions and behavioural tweaks I need to make to enable me to become a truly inspirational leader. Sessions such as this make me feel hugely valued and supported by the organisation and I wanted to show my appreciation.
– Stefanie Rees / BBC Children in Need/b>

“René has made a significant and tangible difference to how we build and align our top teams, and pushed us to lead a lot more and manage a little less. In the two years he worked with the President and his direct reports, they have been totally transformed”
– Sean McGrath / VP of HR The World Bank/b>

“René has continuously assisted me and my team in better deploying our Spikes that has made us a much better and stronger team – and it has made our very challenging targets so much more fun”
– Nomkhita Nqweni / CEO, Wealth Management – Barclays Africa/b>

“We were recommended René by Jim Yong Kim (President of The World Bank) to help my recently assembled Senior Management Team to accelerate our alignment and become far more performance driven. Suffice to say that we have him on a two year retainer to work with both myself, my team and or Board of Directors”
– Akinwumi Adesina / President of the African Development Bank/b>

“René has been my personal executive coach and has worked closely with my direct reports over the past two years – he has pushed us to transform ourselves into a high performing team”
– Garry Sinclair / CEO, CWC (Cable and Wireless Caribbean)/b>

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Books by René Carayol:

Spike: What are You Great at?

In this groundbreaking book, René Carayol, leading business guru, top keynote speaker on Leadership and Culture, executive coach, shares the magic and simplicity of the SPIKE (Strengths Positively Identified Kick-start Excellence) philosophy. In the world of SPIKE, there are no losers anymore – everyone has something they are great at! The product of 30 years of supporting the growth and development of thousands of individuals and organizations globally, the book brings together a proven formula for personal and business development. The vital and essential ingredient of SPIKE is that everyone has at least one inherent strength. Finding those sometimes hidden strengths and energies, and then mobilizing them for your and other’s benefit, is the ultimate aim of this inspiring book.


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