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Even can’t get you the current President of the United States for your event (yet!), but comedian Reggie Brown is very much the next best thing. With his extraordinary physical resemblance to Barack Obama coupled with his hilarious scripts, you are guaranteed a night of astonishing entertainment.

Reggie began acting at the age of six, appearing as Dopey in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. At around the same time he developed a passion for impersonating others. Becoming a professional, Reggie worked in radio and voice-overs, and then joined AKIRA TV as a host for the Chicago fashion retailer. Moving on to the NBC 5 Street Team, he won an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement for Alternate Media/New Media Activity.

With the election of Obama in 2008, Reggie devoted himself full-time to his presidential impression that has earned him the title of “Comedian in Chief.” In demand all over the world, most of Reggie’s appearances are for private events and top corporate functions, but he has made many appearances on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Huckabee on Fox News, Jimmy Kimmel live and Comedy Centre’s Workaholics.

While Reggie’s performances as Obama are hilarious, he is careful to show his respect both for the man and his office, and does not alienate those on either side of the political divide; this is most clearly indicated by the fact that he has performed for service men and women in Guam, Colorado and Andrews Air Force Base and is proud to support the USO.

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    While he always felt a greater calling, no one could have ever predicted that Reggie Brown would one day become the President of the United States… Well… Sort of.

    When it’s up to you to book the entertainment and deliver that jaw-dropping “wow” factor, political humorist and world-class impersonator Reggie Brown is sure to drive home a hysterical performance. With his ability to capture the voice, movements, and persona of President Obama, Reggie not only captivates your audience but engages them in his interactive multimedia show that draws laughs from both sides of the aisle. He is an event planner’s dream with his professional, easy-going manner off stage and his over the top uncanny performance on stage.

    No stranger to the stage, Chicago native and actor/comedian Reggie Brown began his acting career at age six playing Dopey in a production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. He began to develop a passion for impressionism at an early age, mimicking voices and gestures to entertain his friends and family.

    In his early professional years, Reggie dabbled in radio and voice over work. As his skills developed he became the host of AKIRA TV for the fashion forward Chicago retailer then went on to win an Emmy with the NBC 5 Street Team for Outstanding Achievement for Alternate Media/ New Media Activity in 2008 before developing his Presidential persona.

    After years of garnering attention for his uncanny physical resemblance to Barack Obama, he worked long and hard to develop his impression of the 44th Commander in Chief and has since deservedly earned the moniker the “Comedian in Chief”.

    Reggie has traveled all over the world performing both comedic and dramatic portrayals of his Presidential character and has been featured on every major media and news outlet.

    While most of his time is now spent performing for private events and appearing for the world’s top corporations, Reggie is best known for his repeat appearances on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, FOX NEWS’ Huckabee, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Comedy Central’s Workaholics.

    One of his crowning achievements was actually meeting President Obama. When Reggie met his doppleganger face to face in February, 2012 he said, “The look on his face was priceless!”

    Reggie Meets the President
    Reggie has since received a private tour of the White House and is honored to have performed for our service men and women in Guam, Colorado and Andrews Air Force Base and is a proud supporter of the USO.

    Reggie’s comedy show has made him the preferred choice when considering entertainment for corporate and private audiences.

    Reggie’s comedy transcends politics while entertaining both sides of the aisle and everywhere in between.

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Reggie Brown's Speech Descriptions

Reggie Brown uses what he calls “Bicomedyship” to offer humor which does not alienate anyone, no matter what their political sympathies. Along with his astonishingly accurate portrayal of Obama he uses a multimedia presentation, singing and dancing and perfectly customized material. If you’ve ever wondered what the president would look like moonwalking, wonder no longer!

About the Show
Reggie appeases both sides of the aisle and engages audiences in "Bicomedyship" with his multimedia presentation and handcrafted comedy that includes breaking political and pop culture references brilliantly strung together with customized material to make the audience feel right at home.

His musical parodies highlighting his singing and dancing abilities amp up the show and gets the audience "Fired up and ready to go" like no other political performer can.

Have you ever seen The President Moonwalk? Now you can!

Make no mistake, when it comes to Presidential comedy, there is only one choice!

What People are Saying about Seeing Reggie Speak

Rating Entries

Reggie Brown was amazing. And very funny. The crowd of over 500 people immediately took to him. People are still talking about our event weeks later!!
    Yaacov Cohen, Executive Director TTI

Reggie Brown… an incredible talent and even better person. On behalf of Pediatric Oncology at Johns Hopkins, I thank Reggie for the smiles and laughs he created, along with his sincere generosity. Entertainment of his caliber is unique to our division and brightened the day of those who most needed it. We’re looking forward to the next collaboration! Book him!
    Jessica McDonald, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

Reggie Brown has performed at several of our key meetings over the past few years, each time a highlight of the event. His striking resemblance to President Obama is complimented by his masterful ability to replicate the President’s tonality and speech pattern. A pleasure to work with, Reggie is a creative writer with the ability to craft jokes and speeches on the fly. A true professional and a man of character and principal that I recommend without hesitation. Thanks Reggie!
    Nick Caporella, Owner/CEO NBC

Thanks so much for a spectacular appearance last night. Best impersonation I’ve seen — and I’ve seen many! TE absolutely loved you. Appreciate your professionalism and willingness to take so many photos with the TE folks.
    John Penzien, BI Worldwide

People were literally crying when he entered the stage, thinking it was really Obama. The client was thrilled, and is planning on using him again in the near future. Thank you for making this event a major success.
    Jigar Thakarar, Partner Z GROUP

Wow, what can I say about Reggie Brown. Absolutely first rate and what a great guy. He was fabulous with our population and did such a great job!
    Michael Barkyoumb, Ability First

He was fabulous! Talk about exceeding expectations! Reggie Brown hit it out of the park with his impersonation of President Obama. His surprise appearance shocked everybody and his 30-minute routine can be described as nothing less than a laugh riot. His extremely clever—but always tasteful—commentary on the political scene and perfect customization had everyone totally engaged. No one wanted the routine to end. All I heard afterwards were comments about how the entertainment couldn’t have been better. Reggie Brown is top-notch entertainment and someone our members will remember fondly for the rest of their lives.
    Jim Fabris, CEO, San Francisco Association of Realtors

Mr. President, I’m sure you’ve made it back to the White House by now. I hope you had a wonderful night in the City by the Bay. Your performance was certainly the highlight of my night. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard, ever. You are hilarious and it was truly a pleasure meeting you.
    Caroline V. Love, Professional Wardrobe Consultant, Tom James Co. of San Francisco

Everything went very well. Reggie Brown was very well received and the jokes about some of the speakers and attendees were great. He was a gentleman to work with and we appreciate all of his efforts to make the event spectacular. Thanks for all of your efforts and patience with the time and date changes.
    Kathy Osborn, 360 Advocacy / National Trial Lawyers Association

Reggie you ROCKED it at the Hard Rock Wednesday night! Thank you!
    Melissa Washington, Project Manager

As soon as he walked on stage the audience gasped and stood to their feet.
    Gil Cates, Former Director Geffen Playhouse

He presents a remarkable resemblance to Obama and has mastered his inflections and mannerisms.
    Dale Kleiber, CEO, ADPI

We highly recommend him to your organization and our Democratic family.
    Joe Turnham, Chairman, Alabama State Democratic Committee

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