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Employing a surreal take on vaudevillian humor and combining it with extraordinary juggling skills, the Raspyni Brothers (Dan Holzman and Barry Friedman) offer one of the best corporate entertainment packages around. They make everyday objects spring to life with extraordinary balancing combinations, blazing torches, flying cabbages, blow darts… this is one presentation you can guarantee your audience will not take their eyes off.

The Raspyni Brothers have been victorious at two international juggling Championships; in addition they have appeared many times with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show and have their own niche in the Guinness Book of World Records. In addition to being much sought after for corporate entertainment, they have toured as an opening act with megastars including Robyn Williams, Billy Crystal and Tom Jones.

Whether performing a straightforward comedy show, engaging audiences on the trade show floor, posing as corporate managers or presenting a script specially customized for your audience, the Raspyni Brothers provide energizing, thought-provoking, sidesplitting entertainment which will ensure your guests will always remember your event.

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    The Raspyni Brothers have taken their twisted brand of vaudevillian humor around the world juggling comedy and skill in a perfectly balanced entertainment package. During their show, everyday objects come to life. Golf clubs balance in impossible configurations. Cabbages collide midair with flying blow darts while blazing torches and razor-sharp garden weasels fly effortlessly overhead. The Raspyni Brothers pack their time on stage with a dynamic mix of character, and charisma that never fails to win over even the most hard-to-please crowd.

    Dan Holzman and Barry Friedman are the Raspyni Brothers. Their original blend of variety skills and understated comedy have won them two international juggling championships, multiple appearances on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, and a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    In addition to the tremendous success they enjoy in the field of corporate entertainment, the Raspyni Brothers also tour as an opening act for megastars such as Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, and Tom Jones.

    Posing as corporate managers, presenting customized scripts, engaging an audience on the trade show floor, or performing their own headline comedy show, the Raspyni Brothers add excitement and energy to any corporate event.

    Other career highlights include a performance for President Reagan at the White House, a Jonathan Winters′ Showtime Special, and an invitation from Judge Lance Ito to perform for the sequestered O.J. Simpson jury.

    The Raspyni Brothers are a self-contained act that can:

    • Provide dynamite after-dinner entertainment
    • Write scripts and customize comedy routines that
    • communicate an important message
    • Attract, engage, and inform an audience on the trade show floor
    • Emcee an important function in an unforgettable way
    • Wake up a morning session faster than a Starbucks double mocha

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Raspyni Brothers's Speech Descriptions

The Raspyni Brothers present their extraordinary show, Juggling the Principles of Success. A blend of mind-boggling entertainment and thought-provoking insights into risk-taking and teamwork, this keynote presentation contains wit, wisdom and of course extraordinary juggling.

Inviting members of the audience on stage to reinforce their points about teamwork, risk-taking and time management, who could resist seeing the top management of their company proving their commitment to success by becoming the center of pattern weaved by the blazing torches and razor-sharp knives of the Raspyni Brothers?

Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon have all done it on The Tonight Show - and now your CEO can do it too! Let the top-brass prove their commitment to success by standing between the blazing torches and razor sharp knives of the Raspyni Brothers.

Nowhere are success principles such as teamwork, time management, risk-taking, and competitive excellence illustrated with more wit and wisdom than during this keynote presentation.

Juggling the Principles of Success entertains as it educates, leaving the audience enthusiastic and highly-motivated about achieving greater levels of success in their professional and personal lives.

  • Knowing when to Take Risks
  • Benefits of Mentorship
  • Partnership and Teamwork
  • Keeping a Positive Attitude
  • Knowing when to say "NO"
  • Time Management
  • Looking for Opportunity
  • Forming Good Habits
  • Achieving Competitive Excellence
  • The Power of Persistence

"225 brokers and fund managers learning about success from a couple of unrelated juggling brothers? It was the highest rated program of our conference!"
- Capital Financial Group

What People are Saying about Seeing Raspyni Speak

Rating Entries

    Everyone was thoroughly entertained, and the way you brought the audience into your act was great!
    – OxyChem

    The Raspyni Brothers came and conquered.
    – Olympus America

    We have received nothing but rave reviews about your performance. You were the perfect ending to a perfect evening!
    – Nordstrom

    Fantastic… It′s a pleasure to watch you guys work.
    -Johnny Carson

    The Raspyni Brothers offer a thigh-slapping mix of imaginative vaudevillian humor, and playful banter.  Like all great performers, they make it look easy.
    – Associated Press

    Original… excellent rapport with the audience… you′re funny and you make people laugh. What higher compliment can I pay you?
    -PeopleSoft, Inc

    The Raspyni Brothers are jugglers in the same way Victor Borge is a pianist.
    – Tom Joyles, Lutheran Brotherhood

    Their show is a wild, uninhibited, fast-moving comedy revue that leaves you weak from laughter… –
    -Atlantic City Press

    We hoped for 2,000 leads from the trade show. We got 5,500 qualified leads. Thanks a million.
    – Phobos Corporation

    Hiring the Raspyni Brothers was the best investment I′ve made during my tenure as Director of Marketing.
    – National Insulation Association

    Their show is a wild, uninhibited, fast-moving comedy revue that leaves you weak from laughter… –
    -Atlantic City Press

    Mahvelous… Let′s do it again real soon! You guys are great!
    – Billy Crystal

    I love to see Russian Circus Skills on American Boys…  Thanks for the laughs!
    -Robin Williams

    17 years. 17 events. The Raspyni Brothers were the first and only standing ovation!
    – Bishop Distributing

    You two performed a miracle at our company′s most important event of the year.
    – Stratacom, Inc

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