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  • Ramy Nassar is the founder of 1000 Days Out that helps organizations leverage emerging technology to transform customer experiences.

  • He is an accomplished Canadian engineer, designer, and maker with a rich history of innovation and expertise in the intersection of technology and design.

  • With nearly 25 years experience in technology and as former Head of Innovation for Mattel, he now leads presentations and workshops focused on AI and emerging technology with organizations around the world.
  • Ramy Nassar is an internationally acclaimed speaker and thought leader in the domains of AI and Strategic Foresight. As the former head of innovation for Mattel and author of the upcoming AI Product Design Handbook, Ramy has established himself as a pivotal leader and innovator at the crossroads of technology, futurism, and business strategy.

    Ramy’s expertise in AI and technology is deeply rooted in practical, hands-on experience. He has led the development of cutting-edge digital products that leverage the latest in machine learning and Generative AI.

    Ramy’s presentations and workshops demystify complex technology trends and makes them accessible and relevant to diverse audiences. He translates the language of AI into actionable insights, helping organizations understand and leverage emerging trends for strategic advantage.

    In addition to his professional pursuits, Ramy is deeply committed to education. He teaches at prestigious institutions like McMaster University, Toronto Metropolitan University, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Ramy’s academic roles reflect his global perspective and understanding of AI’s impact across different cultures and industries.

    Fluent in English, French, and German, Ramy’s ability to connect with global audiences is unparalleled. His dynamic and interactive delivery goes beyond mere discussions as he leads thought provoking & interactive programs to engage audiences. His presentations are known for their clarity, depth, and enthusiasm, making him a sought-after speaker for conferences, workshops, and corporate events.

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    AI Now, Next, Never

    In this presentation, Ramy tells a story about how AI has shaped the technology landscape of today and what the next 5-10 years might look like as it continues to mature.

    The world is at the cusp of a global transformation that reframes how organizations leverage emerging technology. “AI Now” introduces how Deep learning, advanced analytics, and Generative AI tools like ChatGPT are driving the disruption today.

    The organizations that embrace these tools will be better positioned to outpace and outperform their competitors. “AI Next” helps leaders think strategically about the ROI & business impacts that this technology will drive and how to scale investments from proofs of concepts through to commercialization.

    As powerful as AI is, it’s vital that leaders also consider the risks of working with this technology. Ethical and responsible use of AI is critical for the long-term success of organizations. “AI Never” introduces lines that should never be crossed to ensure the long-term sustainable use of technology.

    From What Is to What If

    Strategic Foresight provides a practical, scalable toolkit for forces & trends and anticipating their longer-term impact to your strategy. A Foresight Mindset empowers teams & leaders to manage risk and confidently make decisions in dynamic and uncertain environments.

    This presentation shines a light on the ways that AI and emerging technologies are sculpting the horizon and equips participants with the mindset and methodologies to turn these insights into strategic advantages.

    The audience will be challenged with thought-provoking scenarios, real-world case studies, and strategic frameworks that empower them to lead with foresight, agility, and confidence in a world where the only constant is change.

    Organizations that adopt a mindset around Strategic Foresight are more resilient to the threats of emerging technology, dynamic operating environments, and increased competitive pressures.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Ramy Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Ramy has a unique approach to presenting AI & emerging technologies that combines deep understanding of the topic with an undeniable enthusiasm that engages the audience in a meaningful and personal way.”
    — Monica Radulesco, TELUS

    “Ramy’s session on Strategic Foresight for Planners: Anticipating, Exploring and Shaping Our Shared Future straight out blew my mind!”
    -Director, Urban Forestry, City of Toronto

    “Ramy’s energy & expertise when it comes to the role of emerging technology are unrivaled. He brought a passion & enthusiasm to my team that helped drive us to new heights in terms of data-driven digital transformation.”

    “Ramy’s approach to introducing the complex topic of Generative AI helped our team better understand where key business opportunities for this technology exist and gave us the tools to build our own internal AI investment strategy and roadmap.”

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