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  • Montoya is the financial sector's go-to expert for marketing advice and materials.

  • Montoya is the visionary founder of MarketingLibrary and MarketingPro, a unique system that has been catering to the needs of financial advisors since 1997.

  • Author of three best-selling books on personal branding, Montoya was key in converting this marketing phenomenon into a basic practice.
  • Peter Montoya’s mastery of marketing and expertise in the financial sector led him to define a niche market. Over 20 years ago, he recognized that financial advisors are too busy to handle everything on their own so he created MarketingLibrary and MarketingPro to write anything an advisor might want to sent to a client from prospecting letters to a happy birthday card, while ensuring that every word of copy met the industry’s rigorous rules and regulations.

    Montoya began his career as a sales trainer and was one of the key figures responsible for taking the concept of “personal branding” mainstream. He has penned three best-selling books on the topic and delivered thousands of workshops, seminars, and keynotes on how financial advisors can better distinguish their practice and hone their marketing skills without adding complexity to their busy lives.

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        • Peter Montoya is a seasoned Financial Services industry veteran with nearly 15 years of experience. Since launching his Marketing Firm in 1997, he has …

          • Delivered over 1,500 presentations to Financial Professionals across the country.
          • Developed more than 5,000 custom marketing plans.
          • Authored three best-selling books.
          • Logged over 1 million miles with United Airlines.

      Peter travels more than 120 days each year to meet with his clients, their Broker/Dealers, conduct seminars and deliver presentations. He is passionate about the success of his clients and continually seeks to provide new ways for them to increase their business.

      It was Peter who saw the need for and began development of the valuable resources within MarketingLibrary. It began with the idea that Financial Professionals should have ready access to high-impact, compliance-reviewed marketing materials. What started out as an idea has grown into a highly praised and utilized marketing system that now includes compliance interaction, direct mail capabilities, full-color prospecting pieces, document imaging and more.

      Along with his team of seasoned copywriters, designers, programmers, consultants and client service specialists – Peter continues to develop new technologies and ideas to help Financial Professionals save time, improve client satisfaction and increase their bottom lines.

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    Since 1997 Peter Montoya has been financial advisors’ go-to expert for how to develop and maintain your personal brand, distinguish yourself from the competition, and raise your bottom line. Montoya’s presentations are packed with practical tips that will get your brain buzzing with opportunities and ideas.

      Only an expert in the industry can provide the specialized tools and information that will truly give your Reps an edge.

      The Financial Services industry is unique, with its own specific pitfalls and challenges. Hire the only trainer in the business who knows how to integrate all the solutions in one simple and effective marketing system.

      Peter is quite possibly the most versatile speaker in the industry and can provide high-impact presentations in as little as 45 minutes, or easily fill two full days with valuable content.

      Talk to us about how we can custom-develop a presentation specifically for your Representatives on any of the following subjects:

      • Specialization
      • Marketing Channel Development
      • Prospecting
      • Client Service
      • Branding Tools
      • Company Names & Slogans
      • Marketing Systems
      • Marketing Timetables
      • Personal Brochures
      • Budgeting

      Best-Selling Programs:

      The Brand Called You: Personal Branding (60, 90 minutes or 3 hours)

      Our conference workshop will give your attendees a crash course in Personal Branding, and teach them how to create tools and money-making strategies they can put into action immediately. We will reveal the secrets of niche marketing, brand building, personal brochures, direct mail, and even give them a complete 12-month marketing plan.

      Module One: Personal Branding 101

      • Marketing is More Critical Than Sales
      • Visibility is More Important Than Ability
      • Perception Becomes Reality
      • People Do Business with People They Like

      Module Two: Marketing Strategies

      • Positioning Yourself
      • Target Marketing
      • Marketing Channels

      Module Three: Marketing Tools
      Personal Brochures

      • Your Most Important Marketing Tool
      • 4 Steps to Creating an Effective Brochure
      • Typesetting and Printing
      • Using Your Brochure

      Direct Mail

      • Why Direct Mail
      • Common Direct Mail Mistakes
      • Personal Postcards, Newsletters & Sales Letters
      • Mailing Strategies
      • Building a Client Database
      • Using Direct Mail to Build a Referral Business

      Advisor Web Sites

      • User Friendly
      • Good Design
      • Value Content

      Module Four: Identity Development

      • Naming Your Company
      • Slogans & Logos

      Module Five: Writing Your Marketing Plan

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    Books by Peter Montoya:

      The Brand Called You: Make Your Business Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

      The international bestseller-now updated for an even bigger, brand-savvy market

      Self-published in 2005, this step-by-step guide for professionals looking to develop a strong company brand has become an international sensation, selling more than 65,000 copies worldwide and hitting #3 on Japan′s business bestseller list. This invaluable guide teaches you the vital principles and skills of personal branding, including how to craft an emotionally resonant branding message, create top-quality branding tools, and attract a constant flow of business.

      Order Here

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