Peter M. Ricchiuti Profile

  • As a speaker, Ricchiuti has addressed about 1200 organizations in 47 states and several countries.

  • He teaches audiences why “follow the herd” mentality rarely delivers long-term success when it comes to the markets.

  • Wall Street Investment Visionary and Entertaining Finance Speaker.
  • Two-time winner of the Tulane University Freeman School of Business top Professor award, Peter Richutti combines penetrating insight into the financial markets with a fine sense of humor which makes his speeches invaluable.

    Peter cut his teeth working for the investment firm of Kidder Peabody and went on, as the assistant treasurer for the state of Louisiana, to manage funds of over $3 billion. He is the founder of Tulane’s renowned Burkenroad Reports stock research program.

    In great demand as a public speaker for over two decades, Peter has addressed hundreds of groups in virtually every state in the country as well as overseas. Among these more exotic audiences were the New Orleans Saints. His work has been featured on CNN and CNBC, and also in the New York Times, Barrons, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

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      A Funny Economist?

      Peter Ricchiuti (Ri-Shooty) is the business school professor you wish you had back in college!

      His humor and insight have earned him numerous teaching awards at Tulane University where he created and runs the nationally acclaimed Burkenroad Reports student stock research program.

      Peter is a graduate of Babson College and began his career with the investment firm of Kidder Peabody in Boston. He later managed Louisiana’s $3 billion investment portfolio while serving as the assistant state treasurer.

      From Memphis to Mars (PA), Peter has addressed more than 1200 groups in 47 states and several countries. He has been featured in BARRON’S, Kiplinger’s, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He also hosts a popular weekly business show on National Public Radio in New Orleans called “Out To Lunch.”

      Peter is a husband, dad and author who has attended baseball games at all 30 current major league ballparks.

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    Peter Richutti brings the knowledge gained from his extensive real-world experience and his renowned securities research programmed to explain to his audiences exactly what the financial markets are telling us. Speaking with his trademark humor, he provides the tools for you to choose your investments with more confidence.

    In both his style and his message, Peter is an individual; he explains just why following the herd is almost always a path to mediocrity or worse. In an entertaining manner he outlines the important trends in investing and shows just how you can forge your own profitable path.


    What The Financial Markets Are Telling Us Now??

    The economy is inherently cyclical. While these cycles don’t necessarily repeat themselves, they usually rhyme. “The financial markets often foretell what’s ahead for the economy. This can illuminate opportunities and serve as valuable storm warnings for business leaders. A lot of this runs counter to what people are commonly hearing in the media.

    Outline of topics covered:

    • Politics and Your Investments
    • Outlook for the Deficit and Interest Rates
    • Outlook for Energy Prices
    • Market Valuation Techniques
    • Pros and Cons of International Investing

    Uncertainty Brings Opportunity

    The decisions made by business leaders and investors during tough times determine their relative condition when things improve. Decision makers need the proper tools to correctly balance survival and opportunism. Making the right calls involves blocking out the noise and remembering that if a majority of the people were right, … a majority of the people would be rich.

    The Four Most Dangerous Words In Finance - “THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT!”

    Trees don’t really grow to the sky and downturns eventually find some kind of equilibrium point. In times of great optimism and great pessimism we tend to lose sight of historical economic patterns and valuations. Unfortunately, for many each time is the first time. The buzzing background of the 24 hour news cycle only serves to make this worse. We will look at indicators that deliver perspective.

    Do These Earnings Make My PE Look Big???

    How high is too high? The truth is that no investment is either good or bad. It is all a function of the price that you are buying or selling it at. This kind of thinking is often ignored in a market frenzy. It’s often tough to trust your instincts, focus on the historic patterns and not get swept up by all those talking heads. As economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said “there are two kinds of forecasters, those that don’t know, and those that don’t know that they don’t know.”

    What People are Saying about Seeing Peter Speak

    Rating Entries

      “Not only was your presentation insightful, it was, by a wide margin, the most energetic and entertaining presentation I have ever seen.”

      Morgan Stanley, Santa Monica, CA

”Thank you so much for a wonderful performance last week! The attendees, I think, want you to conduct the whole meeting! “

      ValMark Securities Inc., Akron, Ohio

      “You′re right – you are the professor we all wished we had in college! What a great presentation! You would think people would be ready to go home on the last morning of a conference, but I do believe they would have stayed for another hour or two to enjoy your work. Thank you for closing our conference with a “bang” and giving our attendees food for thought on their way home.”

      Missouri Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems,
 Lake of the Ozarks, MO

”All I can say is that you outdid yourself. There were many, many favorable comments from attendees, and everyone was just thrilled that you had been asked to be a luncheon speaker at the Conference. Your enthusiasm and energy is contagious, and it carried over through the balance of the entire evening.”

      Western Pension & Benefits National Conference, Beaver Creek, CO

”Professor Ricchiuti′s presentation was Off the Chart!”

      LIMRA International, Baltimore, MD

”Thank you for a fantastic presentation at our forum. You really wowed the group and will make future events much harder to plan since you raised the bar considerably!”

      Stable Value Association, Washington, DC

      I reviewed the evaluations closely and the average rating ranged from 6 to 7, and even though the scale only went up to 7, you received a few “8′s”!

      Specific comments include:

      • “His session was better than what was described in the newsletter.”
      • “Outstanding-best in a long time!”
      • “Excellent, Energizing!”
      • “Bring this guy back!”
      • “Awesome!”

      The Financial Planning Association, Pittsburgh, PA

      Partial Client List:

      • Academy of Financial Services
      • Accredited Investors
      • Allianz Life
      • Amedisys Incorporated
      • American Capital Strategies
      • American Institute of Certified
      • Public Accountants
      • American Society of CLU & ChFC
      • American Stock Exchange
      • Ameriprise
      • Ameritus/Acacia Group
      • Ameritas Investment Corporation
      • Arkansas Bankers Association
      • Association of High Technology
      • Distributors
      • Association of Non-Woven Products
      • Atlanta Society of Certified Financial Planners
      • AXA Financial Distributors
      • Bancorp South
      • Bank of Ireland
      • BKR International
      • Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp.
      • Building Contractors Association of New Jersey
      • Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
      • Capital Resource Advisors
      • Caterpillar Investments
      • Chartered Financial Analyst Society of Atlanta
      • Capital Resource Advisors
      • Capitas Financial
      • Carter Financial Management
      • Chicago Teachers Retirement System
      • Citi-Corp
      • Citigroup
      • Colorado Public Pension Conference
      • Commercial Finance Association
      • Commercial Food Equipment Service Association
      • Community First Bankshares
      • Commonwealth Bank Group (Australia)
      • Dallas Association of Financial Planners
      • Dayton Securities
      • Delaware Investments
      • Driehaus & Co.
      • Duplantier, Hrapmann, Hogan & Maher, LLP
      • Eastern Association of Colleges & Universities Business Officers
      • Edison Electric Institute
      • Enterprise Funds
      • GE Capital
      • Fenimore Asset Management
      • Financial Planning Association of Atlanta
      • Financial Planning Association of Australia
      • Financial Planners Association of Baltimore
      • Financial Planning Association of Boston
      • Financial Planning Association of Illinois
      • Financial Planners Association of Michigan
      • Financial Planners Association of Ohio
      • Financial Planners Association Philadelphia Tri State Area
      • Financial Planning Association of New Zealand
      • Financial Planning Association of Pittsburgh
      • Financial Research Associates
      • First Global
      • First Union Securities
      • FiServ Le Mans
      • Franklin Templeton
      • Georgia Society of CPAs
      • Government Financial Officers Association
      • Graduate Banking School of the South
      • Gulf South Banking Conference
      • Hancock Bank Economic Symposium
      • Hospitality Asset Managers Association
      • Howard County (MD) Government Retirement System
      • Illinois Bankers Association
      • Illinois CPA Society
      • Illinois Public Retirement Systems
      • Independence Investment Associates
      • Independent Sealing Distributors
      • Industrial Asset Management
      • Information Management Network
      • ING/Aeltus Investment Management
      • Insight 2000
      • Intel Corporation
      • Institute for Certified Financial Planners
      • Institute for International Research
      • International Factoring Association
      • International Group of Accounting Firms
      • INVESCO
      • Investment Management Consultants Association
      • Investment Management Institute
      • Investment Performance Services
      • Investment Program Association
      • Iowa Bankers Association
      • J.P.Morgan
      • Jackson National Life
      • Kansas Public Employees Retirement Systems
      • Kentucky Society of CPAs
      • Lifemark Inc.
      • LIMRA International
      • Lincoln Financial Advisors
      • Louisiana Bankers Association
      • Louisiana Graduate School of Banking at LSU
      • Louisiana Graduate School of Banking at LSU
      • Louisiana & Mississippi Credit Unions

        • Louisiana Press Association
        • Louisiana Publishing Group
        • Louisiana Society of CPAs
        • Lowe, Brockenbrough & Co.
        • Management Circle Inc.
        • Maryland Society of CPAs
        • Massachusetts Bankers Association
        • Massachusetts Consolidated Retirement System
        • Massachusetts Public Pension Conference
        • Material Handling Equipment Distribution Association
        • Mellon Asset Management
        • Mellon Financial
        • Merck
        • Michigan Society of Certified Financial Planners
        • Midland National
        • Midwest Health Commercial Financial Associates
        • Million Dollar Round Table
        • Minnesota Society of CPAs
        • Mississippi Bankers Association
        • Mississippi Economic Development Council
        • Mississippi Power Company
        • Mississippi Public Employment Retirement System
        • Mississippi Young Bankers
        • Missouri Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems
        • Missouri/Kansas Bankers Association
        • Missouri Society of CPAs
        • Money Watch Live
        • Morgan Stanley
        • Murphy Oil
        • Mutual Service Corporation
        • NASDAQ
        • Nassau Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
        • National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers
        • National Association of Government Deferred Compensation Administrators
        • National Association of Homebuilders
        • National Association of Personal Financial Advisors
        • National Association Philadelphia Tri State Area
        • National Association of State Retirement Administrators
        • National Association of State Treasurers
        • National Association of Treasurer’s for Religious Organizations
        • National Bankers Association
        • National Pre-Retirement Education Association
        • National Tax Shelter Accounts Association
        • Nationwide Financial
        • Nationwide Insurance
        • New Jersey Carpenters Association
        • New Mexico Bankers
        • New Orleans Saints
        • Non-Woven Textile Industry
        • Nordea Investment Management
        • North Carolina Insurance Conference
        • NYU Real Estate Conference
        • Offshore Marine Service Association
        • ONESCO
        • Opal Financial Group
        • Phelps Dunbar, LLP
        • Philips Medical Systems
        • Phoenix Contact
        • Portland Cement Association
        • Prudential Insurance Company
        • Prudential Investment Management
        • Recreational Vehicle Association
        • Robert Baird & Co.
        • SCANA Corporation
        • Sisterhood of Shir Chadash
        • Securian Financial
        • SmithBarney
        • Society for Financial Service Professionals
        • South Dakota Bankers Association
        • Southern Arkansas University
        • Southern Economic Development Council
        • Southern Employee Benefits Conference
        • Southern Companies
        • Stable Value GIC Association
        • State Farm
        • Sunlife/Clarica
        • T. Rowe Price
        • TD Waterhouse
        • Tennessee Valley Association
        • Texas Municipal Employees Retirement System
        • Texas Public Employment Retirement System
        • The Association of Home Office Underwriters
        • The Boston Company
        • The Common Fund
        • The Institute for Certified Financial Planners
        • The Legend Group
        • Travelers Life & Annuity
        • UBS/Paine Webber
        • Union Central Insurance
        • U.S. Department of Economic Development
        • University of South Carolina Board of Regents
        • ValMark Securities
        • Western Insulation Association
        • Western Pension Benefits Association
        • Woodmen of the World

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      Books by Peter M. Ricchiuti:

      Stocks Under Rocks
      How to Uncover Overlooked, Profitable Market Opportunities

      Find great stocks “in your own backyard”: master do-it-yourself research techniques for uncovering today’s best small-cap equity opportunities! Peter Ricchiuti reveals the secrets of Tulane University’s Burkenroads Reports program, where he and 200+ business students work together to uncover less-followed, frequently misunderstood, and seemingly un-sexy companies that often produce superior investment returns. Their research on these “orphan stocks” powers The Burkenroad Mutual Fund, which has outperformed 99% of all stock funds over the past eleven years.

      You’ve seen them on CNBC, CNN, and the Nightly Business report… read about them in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Now, Ricchiuti shows how they do it—and how some well-informed stock sleuthing can pay off big for you, too. You’ll discover why “underfollowed” small-cap equities now offer exceptional investment opportunities, and how to leverage the surprising hidden advantages available to individual investors—including the ability to trade in stocks that don’t generate the volume and liquidity institutional investors require.

      Fact is, there’s very little innovative equity research on Wall Street anymore. That gives you a powerful advantage—and Ricchiuti gives you the principles and simple techniques you need to take advantage of it. Stocks Under Rocks will be the next classic for every personal investor who wants to find great investments and have fun doing it!

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