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Peter Docker Profile

  • With decades of leadership experience in the Royal Air Force as well as private industry, Docker specializes in building high-performing organization cultures driven by a common purpose.

  • For the past decade, Docker has partnered with Simon Sinek in the Start With Why movement and is the co-author of the book, Find Your Why.

  • Docker's many accomplishments include lowering the rate of accidents in the gas, oil, and mining industries, negotiating with the Russians when the Berlin Wall came down and overseeing a multi-million dollar deal for the UK Department of Defence to acquire aircraft.

  • As a speaker, Docker empowers audiences to discover their "why" while helping them gain a stronger understanding of what makes people tick and how we can increase cooperation both inside and outside the workplace.
  • Peter is passionate about enabling people to unlock their natural talents. He teaches leadership that is focused on commitment and human connection. This approach harnesses the collective wisdom of teams to generate extraordinary outcomes. He illustrates his insights by drawing on examples from his previous industry, flying, and military careers to explain powerful concepts that can be applied in any business.

    Peter worked with Simon Sinek for over 7 years and was one of the founding ‘Igniters’ on Simon’s team. He took his years of practical experience to co-author Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team, with Simon and David Mead. Published in September 2017, it has been translated into more than 25 languages and has sold over 420,000 copies.

    In December 2019, Peter stepped away from Simon’s team to focus on sharing his wider insights into how organizations thrive. His new book, Leading From The Jumpseat: How to Create Extraordinary Opportunities by Handing Over Control, will be published in October 2021. A trained leadership consultant and executive coach, Peter’s commercial and industry experience has been at the most senior levels in sectors including oil & gas, construction, mining, pharmaceuticals, banking, television, film, media, print, hospitality, manufacturing and services – across 92 countries. His clients include Google, Four Seasons Hotels, Accenture, American Express, ASOS, EY, NBC Universal and over 100 more.

    Peter served for 25 years as a Royal Air Force senior officer, has been a Force Commander during combat flying operations and has seen service across the globe. His career has spanned from professional pilot, to leading an aviation training and standards organization, teaching postgraduates at the UK’s Defense College, to flying the British prime minister around the world. Peter has also led multibillion-dollar international procurement projects and served as a crisis manager and former international negotiator for the UK government.
    He has been married to his wife Claire for 33 years and has two grown-up children from whom he learns a great deal.

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      Peter gets up every day inspired to enable people to be extraordinary so that they can do extraordinary things. Extraordinary in the areas that really matter to them, areas that genuinely inspire them.

      “What fires me up everyday is to see people achieving incredible things by being their true selves. Everyone has extraordinary talents and, when these are given space to breathe, combined with a clear sense of higher purpose, remarkable performance has a tendency to flow. Put simply, it’s about reconnecting to what it is to be human.”

      Peter believes that when similarly inspired people come together in organisations, remarkable things can happen. Great performance is achieved by connecting people to a higher, common purpose – a ‘Why’. This leads to places to work in which people feel more fulfilled, there is a high level of discretionary effort, innovation and empowerment thrives – and sustainable results follow. Peter is committed to helping shift the world of work to be a place where the vast majority of people go home fulfilled, energised and inspired by the work they do. Passionate about enabling people to be extraordinary and inspired by the theory of The Golden Circle, Peter has collaborated with Simon Sinek for over five years and has the role of Igniter and Implementation Specialist on the Start With Why team (

      Peter’s commercial and industry experience has been at the most senior levels in sectors including oil & gas, construction, mining, pharmaceuticals, banking, television, film, media, manufacturing and services – across 80 countries. His career has spanned professional pilot; leading an aviation training and standards organisation; teaching post-graduates at an international college; and running a multi-billion pound procurement project. A former Royal Air Force senior officer, he has been a Force Commander during combat flying operations and has seen service across the world. He is a seasoned crisis manager, a former international negotiator for the UK Government, and executive coach. Peter is now dedicated to continuing to learn and share insights into how humans operate, communicate and relate.

      A keynote speaker and facilitator, Peter presents around the world, offers workshops and bespoke leadership programmes. His talks include: Harness the Power of Why; Truly Human Leadership; and Leadership during Crisis.

      A Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and of the Chartered Management Institute, Peter holds a degree in mathematics, an MSc in aeronautical systems, trials and design, and an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence.

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    Peter Docker's Speech Descriptions

    Leadership keynote speaker, Peter Docker helps executives, managers, and frontline employees see challenges in a new light. A former military commander in the 2003 Gulf War, Docker draws from his own experience mobilizing teams in high stakes circumstances as he reveals best practices that drive cooperation, trust, and results in any workplace. Docker’s fascinating presentations will leave you with a thorough understanding of how you can shift people’s perceptions and harness our innate ability to thrive in teams.

    In association with Simon Sinek’s organisation, Start With Why, Peter’s keynotes have the ability to touch and inspire large groups of people in very short timescales. His talks can be a traditional keynote of up to 60 minutes, or delivered over several hours during which Peter will get the audience involved in exploring the ideas he shares.

    Five Key Principles
    Explore how organizations harness the power of Why. Use the Five Key Principles of Leadership as a roadmap to create engagement, innovation and breakthrough in your organization.

    Leaders Eat Last
    Drawing on material from Simon Sinek’s second book, Leaders Eat Last, as well as additional examples of working within extraordinary teams, leaders learn how to create an environment where people are inspired to cooperate resulting in remarkable outcomes.

    Leadership During Crisis
    Peter gives a compelling account of what it was like to take 170 men and women to war and back during the 2003 Gulf conflict. This is a story not about politics, but about people who were called upon to put their lives on the line for each other. Lacking equipment and operating old, unprotected aircraft, they flew every mission they were tasked and everyone returned home safely. This was not by chance – it called upon a particular type of leadership.

    Peter draws on his own experience and uses other case studies, including from NASA’s space program, to identify how this different type of leadership can be applied in business to produce results that extend far beyond what may be expected.

    Start With Why: Bringing "The Golden Circle” to Life
    Building on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, Peter Docker’s presentations inspire others, enabling them to generate new possibilities for themselves and their organizations. It’s often the extreme experiences in life that offer more opportunity and sharper focus than others around what it takes for people to be extraordinary.

    Peter illustrates his insights into what makes people tick by drawing on his broad commercial, flying and military experience, including his first-hand compelling account of being a Force Commander during the 2003 Gulf War. Using examples drawn from industry, he then explains how these principles can be applied in any business to create an extraordinary, inspiring and sustainable organization.

    Workshops, Leadership and Cultural Development Programs
    Peter delivers a range of workshops and development programs to enable organisations to implement the ideas covered in his keynote. The programs produce cultural shifts and enhance leadership skills, building on what already exists within an organisation.

    The programs include:

  • Full- and half-day workshops for senior leadership teams (30-40 people, board level)
  • Tailored sessions for larger groups delivered in partnership with the client (200+)
  • Bespoke, integrated programs to create sustainable Why-based cultures, inspired teams and transform business results.

    The programs bring together Adaptive Leadership skills, Right-to-Left Thinking techniques and unique strategic planning tools, delivered through workshops and coaching over several months.

  • What People are Saying about Seeing Peter Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Peter was a wonderful speaker, very well received. We received excellent feedback so far on our surveys noting that he was a dynamic speaker and set the event off on the right foot. Such a nice person with great insights. We truly appreciated him joining us in Monaco!”

    – EMC

    “Peter’s presentation was brilliant. He was a very engaging speaker and he made it so relevant that you could really understand how it would work day-to-day in your role and workplace. ”

    – Human Resources Institute of New Zealand Conference

    “Peter brings an exceptional level of commitment and integrity to his work – and it shows in the results he gets. But, perhaps most of all, his ability to see old, gnarly problems in a clear, illuminating new light makes working with him full of potential and hugely exciting. Occasionally, you meet a group of people who can truly inspire. It’s rare to be blown away by a consultancy firm, even rarer still to meet some with the passion, enthusiasm and humanity of Why Not. We came away feeling honoured that they chose to work with us and help us become all we could be. Rare indeed.”

    – Freeman Christie Ltd.

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    Books by Peter Docker:

    Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team

    With detailed exercises, illustrations, and action steps for every stage of the process, Find Your Why can help you address many important concerns, including:

    * What if my WHY sounds just like my competitor’s?
    * Can I have more than one WHY?
    * If my work doesn’t match my WHY, what should I do?
    * What if my team can’t agree on our WHY?

    Whether you’ve just started your first job, are leading a team, or are CEO of your own company, the exercises in this book will help guide you on a path to long-term success and fulfillment, for both you and your colleagues.

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