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Diversity, Empowerment, Inspirational, Motivational Speaker, Overcoming Adversity, Personal Growth

Travels from California, USA

Peggy ONeill's speaking fee falls within range:
$5,000 to $10,000 (Speakers' virtual presentation fees are generally around 60-80% of the in-person fee range noted here.)

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Peggy ONeill Profile

  • O'Neill is a leading speaker and coach on building your inner confidence, overcoming challenges, and diversity.

  • O'Neill's teachings have been featured in the self development films, The Opus and Tapping the Source, alongside Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Dr. Joe Vitale.

  • O'Neill has spoken to over 100,000 people from high profile organizations like FEMA, Chase Bank, Diversity Works, Texaco, and the EPA.
  • At a height of 3’8”, Peggy O’Neill has seen life from a unique perspective. The award-winning motivational speaker and life coach draws from her challenges and differences to help others break through their obstacles and maximize their potential.

    Hailing from her background in psychotherapy, O’Neill trains audiences to manage stress, resolve conflicts, overcome challenges, and increase their emotional intelligence. Over the years she has spoken to more than 100,000 people from prominent organizations like FEMA, Chase Bank, Diversity Works, Texaco, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Women’s Aware Inc. O’Neill also works with students in anti-bullying programs.

    O’Neill’s messages on overcoming trial and adversity are featured in the self-development films The Opus, and Tapping the Source. She is the author of Walking Tall: Overcoming Inner Smallness, No Matter What Size You Are and the award-winning children’s book, Little Squarehead.

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        • Peggy O′Neill works with people who want to awaken their inner greatness, and with organizations that want to create a culture of inclusion and respect.

      Peggy speaks from experience! From the soaring height of 3′8″, Peggy offers innovative ideas in an uplifting, inspirational style, making her a perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn new strategies that can be implemented immediately.

      Clients report newfound abilities to: Rebound from challenges with confidence, optimism & resolve; Improve performance and morale; Get along better; Resolve conflict with ease; Experience more success & deeper fulfillment.

      She is the author of Walking Tall and Little Squarehead, as well as several audio and video programs. Peggy’s Services Include: Diversity Training/Conflict Resolution; Inspirational Speaking; Transformational Coaching.

      Articulate. Humorous. Powerful. But what′s most remarkable about Peggy is conveyed through the contrast between her outer smallness and inner BIGness. FedEx Co-founder, Frank Maguire says, “Peggy is the messenger AND the message.”

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    Peggy ONeill's Speech Descriptions

    A little person with a big message, Peggy O’Neill inspires others to find their inner greatness so that they can have more successful happier lives. O’Neill spent the first half of her life letting her unusual height dictate her feelings and decisions, a mindset that led her to her personal rock bottom. Turning her life around, she began to shed self-doubts and build up what she calls “her inner bigness.” Now she shows others how to become more resilient, respectful, and resourceful so that they can take on the challenges in their lives and bridge differences at work or in their community.


      Peggy is a captivating professional speaker, award-winning author, life-coach and advocate for positive living.

      Using insight, compelling storytelling, powerful questions and humor she has endeared herself to individuals, small groups and large audiences throughout the United States.

      She doesn′t just deliver a dynamic speech; her impact on an audience leaves something lasting, something that touches them deeply and changes them in positive ways.

      The Gift of Non-Violent Communication

      How much more productive and constructive would any team be whose members knew how to minimize conflict, and when it did arise, knew how to skillfully resolve that conflict? … Infinitely!

      Attendees will learn to:

      • Develop communication skills, preventing distressful disputes
      • Master active-listening & non-reactive speaking
      • Navigate a solution that works for all
      • Build trust & create connections with ease

      Getting Along ... Better ... Together …

      Learning to build unity amidst the unprecedented diversity in today’s workplace is an essential survival skill for any modern business or organization. Being a successful businessperson living with a significant difference, Peggy has unique, personal expertise in bridging differences, finding a common ground and evolving from tolerating differences to celebrating them! In this enlightening and humorous keynote, Peggy helps us learn to find the value in diversity, to open our minds and hearts, while turning our focus to the "sameness" that connects us all.

      Attendees will learn to:

      • Dissolve biases & stereotypical judgments & fears
      • Realize and enjoy the benefits of being more inclusive
      • Communicate in ways that build cooperation, connection & social accord
      • Prevent unnecessary conflict and hurt

      Overcoming Today’s Challenges &Stepping into Your Greatness

      In this powerful, poignant and humorous presentation, Peggy weaves together her unique story of trials, triumphs and transformation that guide, encourage and inspire us all to triumph over whatever challenges may be weighing us down, shed our fears of being great, and to express and exude our inherent magnificence; in short, to Walk Tall!

      Attendees will learn to:

      • Conquer the diminishing effects of undue challenges, set-backs & self-doubt
      • Build and sustain resiliency, optimism & fortitude during difficult times
      • Break free from whatever is keeping you “small”
      • Embrace adversity to grow more empowered

      Increasing Disability Awareness, Inclusion and Respect

      Attendees will learn to:

      • Increase acceptance, appreciation, and dignity of all humans
      • Decrease separation, condescension, and pre-judgment
      • Heighten awareness of the contributions and skills of people with disabilities
      • Remove stereotypical cultural & employment barriers

      These programs (and others of similar topics) are customized to your organization′s current challenges, and can be done in a format from one hour to two days.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Peggy Speak

    Rating Entries

      “We would definitely recommend you as a speaker to any group or company wishing to walk tall and overcome any difficulties.”
        – Art Rancis, VP, Ball Aerospace- Commercial Products and Technologies

      “An uplifting experience. Peggy is truly a diamond!”
      – Rick Doty, CPA

      “Peggy′s story is unique, and she has a way of delivering it that is very effective.”
      – Susan Escalantes, Diversity Coordinator. Storage Technologies

      “You were so easy and pleasant to work with.”
      – Lucy Jones, Prog. Director, US West

      “Your message not only touched our hearts, but also gave us a new sense of encouragement. You may be a “little person” physically, but your message was tremendous.”
      – Beverly Weston, Pres., Weston Image Consulting

      “Excellent style, humor and rapport with audience.”
      – Fred Johnston, Lucent Technologies

      “The people here are all feeling uplifted and optimistic after hearing you today. And I’m having a much better afternoon.”
      – Chris Brummer, Pres. Dynamic Essentials Inc.

      “Your sense of humor delighted us.”
      – Denis Maloney, Dir. of Telecom Services, Univ. of Colorado

      “Peggy is a dynamic woman who has struggled with physical and social challenges that have made her stronger and more alive than most people of average size.” 
      – John Quiggley, Boulder Daily Camera Newspaper

      “Peggy was such a highlight and a positive addition to this conference. Her speaking ability is genuine and easy to get involved in. I love the way she involves and interacts with the audience.”
      – Jennifer Knowlton, Co. Mental Health

      “The group was very inspired by your message of finding the gift in their disability. You gave us several useful tools to work with. Thank you.”
      – Larry Dolan, Pres. Boulder Epilepsy Group

      “Your message is priceless and truly touched so many of our employees… Your personal experiences, expressive personality and vibrant delivery truly made the presentation one-of-a-kind and memorable.”
      – Shannon Beatty, Washington Mutual Bank

      “You have a gift to move us to greater and more profound thoughts on our challenges. I was mesmerized by your presentation.”
        – Beverly Day, CPA

      “This was an awesome keynote. The positive energy that flowed was great. I learned more about me in this keynote than the whole conference.”
      – Jan Altman, Co. Coalition for Child Mental Health

      “Your topic was very timely as I have been experiencing some difficulties of my own. You gave me some good tools and I’ve already started using them.”
      – Trish Newell, Boulder Board of Realtors

      “I think you are the BIGGEST person I know.”
      – Darlene Walter Veterans Officers Assoc.

      “Your sense of humor delighted us.”
      – Denis Maloney, Telecom Services, Univ. of Colorado

      “Your presentation, without a doubt, was one of the most impressive presentations I have had the pleasure to attend. Your humor, spirit and confidence projected a message that we all accepted and appreciated. Thank you for making a difference.”
      – Robert Hansen, Santa Barbara Rotary Charitable Foundation

      “You were so easy and pleasant to work with.”
      – Lucy Jones, Prog Director, US West

      “We’ve had a lot of feedback from our managers. We would definitely recommend you as a speaker to any group or company wishing to walk tall and overcome any difficulties.
      – Art Rancis, VP Ball Aerospace

      “Peggy′s story is unique, and she has a way of delivering it that is very effective.”
      – Susan Escalantes, Diversity Coordinator. StorageTek

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