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After years of marketing experience in various international groups, Oscar Di Montigny is now the Chief Marketing Officer at Banca Mediolanum.

In 2009 Oscar di Montigny created and launched “Mediolanum Corporate University”, which was recognized as the 2n best corporate university in the world at the prestigious “Corporate Universities Awards” in 2013.

An expert in innovative marketing, relational communication and corporate education, he is the creator and main proponent of “Economy 0.0” principles, which seek to combine business and management with philosophy, art and science.

He also has a blog called “Riflessioni per il terzo millennio”, where he explores and analyzes how future megatrends will determine new social and market scenarios.

An era of change, or a change of era? The first signs of a nascent Sharing Economy are appearing fast, but let us not be fooled: we will not see any cultural shift if we are heading in the wrong direction. This perspective has led Oscar Di Montigny to define the basic principles that underpin “Economy 0.0”. We have entered the Era of Relations, and the digital convergence between technology and human relations is bringing with it the seeds of innovation that will change everything. We will need to reinvent ourselves if we wish to reinvent the world around us; we will need to become an active participant in the establishment of a new economic and social system.

As such, the challenge facing companies today has become largely “cultural” in nature. Those who know how to predict the new technological, social and market megatrends will be the ones who come out on top, and they will know how to reinvent themselves as a new business ecosystem founded on the sharing of a common Value System.

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Oscar Di Montigny's Speech Descriptions

Economy 0.0: back to the center
To do good and doing it good: “make out life a product and make this product something significative togheter:” It’s a new idea: a sustainable Economy that express the capacity of existing togheter, in relation to everything and not only with some parts. It’s an economy based on the cultural creative capital, able to recognise in Love the economic act for excellence.

Marketing Trends: Humanity and Social Responsibility
Fundamentals of future Marketing are Umanity and Social Responsability. We live in a new era in which the companies need to share values more than selling products. Do good and make profit are not anymore two distinct universes; armonizing and weave the two universes is the challenge that avery company shoul be able to take to be ready for the future. We need to start a radical change. It’s a matter of a new challenge: to create around the client an eco-system that sintetize tre necessities in one: the company’s necessity to make profit, the client’s necessity to be satisfied, the society’s necessity to take advantage from this transaction.

Future & Innovation
Future is, for some aspects, what define us the most. It’s what we want to be and what we want to happen, for us and for the society in which we live.

Corporate Education

Technology and Human Relations

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