Nina Sossamon-Pogue Profile

  • Nina is the author of the best-selling book, This is Not the End: Strategies to Get You Through the Worst Chapters of Your Life where she offers strategies to handle life’s hardships so you can control your own destiny.

  • Nina's programs teach audiences new strategies to increase their productivity and job satisfaction; strengthen resilience and succeed at the highest levels; conquer adversity and overcome challenges of all sizes.

  • Nina became known for repeatedly adapting and finding new levels of success after devastating challenges in her life.
  • Nina is an inspirational thought leader, who’s experience as a communicator powers her ability to share her framework for a successful life. As someone who’s adapted through a lifetime of major challenges and reached the highest levels of sports, television, and then corporate America, she is now dedicated to other people’s success.

    Nina was a member of the USA Gymnastics team in the 1980’s and then became an award-winning journalist and Emmy-award winning television news anchor. Nina left TV for Tech and spent 12 years on the leadership team of a technology company during its hyper-growth expansion and highly successful IPO.

    Nina’s successes, the highs, are only part of her story. Her ability to adapt and find new levels of success after major failures and devastating plot twists in her life (the lows) are what she considers her real accomplishments. After repeatedly being asked, “How did you do that?”, she began her research into why some people thrive while others struggle with change. Years of research and two books later, she identified the specific actions and mental shifts needed to adapt in a positive way during the highs and the lows that a full life brings. She created a proven framework that anyone can use to create future success.

    An expert on Resilience, Nina uses her story as a backdrop to show how the highs and lows in each person’s story create a lifetime of learning and new strength. She takes audiences on a journey into the book of their own life and gives them tools to create success in their chapters ahead. Her first book, This is Not The End: Strategies to Get You Through the Worst Chapters of Your Life (2019 Morgan James Publishing) offers readers strategies to handle life’s most difficult challenges and control their own destiny. Nina is also the host of the podcast “This Seriously Sucks, the Right Podcast When Life Goes Seriously Wrong”, where she shares stories of amazing people who have overcome devastating challenges.

    Nina sits on several non-profit boards and is an Executive Advisor with the Alzheimer Association. Nina has lived a very public life highlighted by her ability to connect with and encourage people. As a gymnast Nina was named Miss Congeniality at the USA Gymnastics Championships, and during her television career she was voted Charleston’s Favorite News Anchor for 10 consecutive years. Nina was also named a ‘Woman of Distinction’ by the state of South Carolina.

    Nina and her husband Ben have three adult children who are recent college graduates.  Nina lives in Charleston, South Carolina and speaks throughout the United States, inspiring audiences to think of their future in new ways.

    Her Mission:

    Helping hard working people handle the highs and lows that come with working to be successful.

    We are in a Mental Health Crisis that is crippling individuals and organizations across the globe. Nina’s message and ‘Resilience Reboot’ framewark, are helping during this unprecedented time.

    In her Resilience message Nina addresses the need to ‘adapt in positive way’ to change. She offers a unique perspective of a ‘Lifetime Timeline’ and ‘Reverse Resume’ and gives the audience a mental hack to handle the cognitive load created by change.

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    Nina Sossamon-Pogue's Speech Descriptions

    THIS is Resilience, Sustaining Your Superpower?

    What exactly is resilience? How do you handle adversity? Change and challenges are constantly part of life, so let’s get consistent at handling them like a pro. Nina gets audiences to reframe their thinking around success and failure and shares an elegant repeatable framework to handle anything life throws at you. With adversity of all sizes sidetracking todays’ workforce, causing stress, anxiety, and burnout, we need to help our people (which in turn helps productivity and profits). This presentation is an aha lesson in success and a journey to the intersection of personal and professional resilience. Audiences learn: their own style for handling adversity, their ‘Reverse Resume’, and a framework to tap into the next time something doesn’t go as planned, no matter how big that something is. You can handle ‘THIS’.

    You’re Wired for THIS, Resilience for the High Achievers

    A session for all the smart humans doing the hard work! The folks working to hit goals, KPI’s or that quarterly number. The folks who didn’t take the easy path and continue with persistence and grit to push forward. Using her own very public successes and failures as a backdrop, Nina shares an Aha! lesson in being a high achiever and gives audiences a framework to handle adversity of all sizes. She expertly takes audiences from feeling they’re ‘stuck in the spin’ of this technologically advancing, FOMO, machine learning era, to feeling ‘excited to be on the ride’ and harnessing the momentum. This powerful session is packed with actionable insights to increase productivity and improve culture. Audiences learn: The High Achiever Success Cycle, Their Reverse Resume, Why time seems to be moving faster, and the Resilience Reboot strategy for all the challenges ahead.

    Resilience 101: Because life won’t always go as planned.
    *For High School and College Audiences

    The one constant in life is change, so learning to handle it like a pro is a key to your success. Unless you plan to just sit on the sidelines and watch someone else succeed, you’re in the game and knowing what to do when things don’t go as planned, is like having a cheat code!

    Nina gets young audiences to think in new ways about the highs and lows that will come with trying to succeed in today’s technology infused, FOMO world. Using her own stories as a successful athlete in high school and college, her years being ‘popular’ on TV, and decade as a ‘successful’ Tech executive, Nina shares the failures that accompanied her success and takes young audiences into their own possible futures full of successes and failures. A parent of three recent college grads, this presentation is current and hits home. Nina taps into today’s digital overload, constant connectivity, machine learning, FOMO culture. Young people living the stress of being a human in this era of hyper-advancing technology become empowered to take control of their cognitive load, be themselves in a comparative culture and get excited about all the different ways their futures could play out. Audiences learn: Why Resilience is a buzz word, How adapting during change creates mental strength, Why time seems to be moving faster as they get older, and the Resilience Reboot strategy, so when things don’t go their way in the future, they know, they can handle THIS!

    What People are Saying about Seeing Nina Speak

    Rating Entries

    “We have speakers all the time – Nina and her team really did the research to find out what this audience is about and really tailored her presentation to meet the needs of the actual audience. Her message is professional yet personal.

    — Lori Lombardi / President, One Connection Management Group

    “We have heard so much positive feedback about Nina’s speech at our annual breakfast event. I even got “BEST ONE YET!”. She really connected and made an impact on our attendees. There was one moment when I think no one took a breath. She’s so motivational.”

    — Cady Nell Keener | Co- Chair | Ellevate SC

    “Nina is a pro. She knows how to handle a room from the stage and she could jump back stage and help trouble shoot AV issues. She knows her stuff and she’s fun to work with. Nina understands the sublime and what it takes to emotionally communicate an impactful message to every single person in the audience – and that is a rare gift.”

    — Quinn McMurtry | Producer & Creative Director | MAC Productions AV & Live Event Production

    “Her energy is contagious! It is obvious that Nina takes time to prepare. She gives the audience useful advice that they can take back to their companies, and use for their personal success too.”

    — James Kelly | Senior Vice President, Sales | HSA Bank

    “Nina is great to work with because she gets it from the planning side of the speaker business. Because she has lead marketing and events teams, she knows the value of learning the audience, showing up on time prepared, and delivering on her promises.”

    — Hunter Smyth | Director, Event Marketing | Benefitfocus

    “It (her keynote) was a very impressive and very thoughtful, provoking, insightful presentation. It certainly did it for me and I’ve gone through about 40 of these.”

    — Ernest Andrade / Executive Director, Charleston Digital Corridor

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    Books by Nina Sossamon-Pogue:

    This Is Not The End.: Strategies to Get You Through the Worst Chapters of Your Life

    Advice on how to handle a rough chapter in your life, from someone who’s been there before.

    Nina Sossamon-Pogue, former world-class gymnast and award-winning television personality turned successful corporate executive, pulls from decades of high, lows, and public pain to write This Is Not the End. It became the resource Nina needed when she thought her life was over and sometimes wished it were.

    In this book, Nina shares candid stories of her own journey toward healing after a series of traumatic events. She uses the wisdom gained from her experience, combined with proven and practical tips, to show those going through a difficult time how to:

    · Figure out where to put this event in their head
    · Create the script that will protect them in public
    · Assess which people and places are helping or hurting them
    · Learn how to look at a traumatic event as a fraction of their life story
    · Understand that even the most public pain (television trucks on the front lawn) comes and goes
    · Practice the mental gymnastics needed to get them to the next chapter (yes, there is a next chapter!)

    While today may seem miserable, This Is Not the End can help you see that your life is not ruined. You’re merely in a tough plot twist, and better days are ahead…

    But I Want Both: The Working Mom’s Guide to Creating a Life She Loves

    Imagine excelling in your career and feeling like a great parent!

    When your career takes off at the same time you start your family, everyone needs more from you at once. You know you could be great at both work and family life, but you feel like you are failing at both. What’s the secret? You don’t want to give up what you’ve worked so hard for, but you worry you are missing out or messing up your kids. At this point in life, it seems everyone is counting on you, and if you even think about the things you want to do, you feel selfish.

    Think again! It’s possible to keep being a key player at work, stay on the fast track to success, and be involved at home, being the parent you want to be. In But I Want Both, bestselling author Nina Sossamon-Pogue draws from her experience as a parent and a professional to show you how you can have a successful, high-stakes career and wonderful life with your family. Learn how to:

    · Stop worrying that you are failing as a parent
    · Feel confident in your skills and value at work
    · Be ready for anything life throws at you a
    · Stop looking at the clock like it’s your enemy
    · Feel great about the choices you make

    If you’re spending time at work feeling like you should be at home and using up your time at home feeling like you should be working, then But I want Both can help. Don’t let your life zoom by feeling like you are missing out in both places!

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