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    • At the Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, Nikki Stone became America’s first-ever Olympic Champion in the sport of inverted aerial skiing. What made this performance so unbelievable was the fact that less than two years earlier, a chronic injury prevented Nikki from standing, much less walking or skiing off a 12-foot wall of snow that launches aerialists 5 stories into the air.

Ten different doctors told Nikki that, due to the unrecoverable damage to 2 spinal discs, she would have to face the likelihood that she might never strap on a pair of skis again. Nikki fought back against insurmountable odds to reach the sport’s highest acclaim atop the Olympic podium. Nikki’s tenacity and refusal to step down from a challenge also helped her earn 35 World Cup podiums, eleven World Cup titles, four national titles and two Overall World Grand Prix titles.

Nikki now travels around the world working as a sought-after inspirational speaker sharing her secrets to success. Nikki was even named the 2008 International Professional Speaker of the Year from American Speakers Bureau Corporation. She encourages and inspires her audiences to find their Turtle Effect by realizing their passions, triumphing over obstacles and take life-enhancing risks, like she did, to reach extraordinary goals that may initially seem unattainable.

Nikki has also parlayed her success on the stage or at the podium into an inspirational personal development coaching program. Nikki is personally teaching individuals and groups the tools and skills they need to make infinite improvements in the workplace and in their personal lives. Most recently, Nikki was hired to motivate and support all of the contestants of the new Regional Biggest Loser—soon to be rolled out to a number of cities across the U.S.

Because of Nikki’s successful background, the U.S. Olympic Committee engaged her to help train the current and upcoming athletes on overcoming challenges, finding motivation, and dealing with these pressures at the Olympic Games. And due to her constant referrals as a motivational speaker, the United States Olympic Committee also contracted Nikki to train the Olympians in speaking, presentation, and mentoring skills.

Nikki’s empowering book, When Turtles Fly: Secrets of Successful People Who Know How to Stick Their Necks Out, was recently honored as an Amazon bestseller. Nikki was recently invited on the Today Show to share the success of the book. When Turtles Fly includes inspirational stories from successful individuals from all different arenas (politicians, actors/actresses, Fortune 500 business executives, musicians, bestselling authors, athletes, Nobel Prize winners, etc) and after each story, Nikki gives readers different activities that they can perform to help reinforce the behavior needed for success in their own business and lifestyle. Stone also writes articles and columns for a number of magazines, newspapers, and websites. Nikki is also a contributing author to the inspirational book Awaken the Olympian Within: Stories from America′s Greatest Olympic Motivators.

You may have seen Nikki through her numerous television appearances on such shows as Late Night with David Letterman, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN Early Addition, MSNBC Morning Line, ESPN’s Cold Pizza, FOX News Sports Express, CNN Business As Unusual, and FOX Sports News live. You could have also caught Nikki in one of her nationally televised commercials for companies like Chevrolet and the Salt Lake Olympic Committee.

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Nikki Stone's Speech Descriptions

    When Turtles Fly: Finding Your Turtle Effect
    Sticking your neck out to reach your goals

    Only Some Want to Fly
    Striving for Excellence by Spreading your Wings to Reach Success

    Knocking Down Those Walls
    Turning your Obstacles into Hurdles

    You Can’t Get to the Top Alone
    Using Teamwork to Achieve your Goals

    We Only Live Once: Make it Count
    Taking the Risk to Be Your Best

    Watch Out World, Here Come the Women
    Women in Sports & Business Reaching New Heights

What People are Saying about Seeing Nikki Speak

Rating Entries

    “You did a great job and you we′re very gracious with your picture taking. Your ′Turtle′ messages stuck and your stories really helped me cement our theme – ′Reaching New Heights.′”

    Audience Comments…

    “You have a very special gift and an awesome story to tell …it is great for you to be able to touch people’s lives. And we will all benefit from hearing your story, suggestions, and tools for success!”

    “You taught me invaluable lessons in focus, commitment, overcoming adversity, taking risks, and building confidence… You also brought me to tears (developing the soft side)…. The whole presentation was beautifully done! You physically “take on” the audience you engage with.”

    “I have heard so many speakers try to relate their message back to the audience, but they always miss the mark. You tied your story into everyone’s (which was no easy feat considering our diverse backgrounds with spouses there) and it was such a smooth connection that didn’t feel forced. I got a great deal out of your presentation… I hope that there is somehow an opportunity to hear you speak again sometime soon.”

    “To know that our triumphs can be compared to an Olympic Gold Medalist is truly empowering. And now we have some practical suggestions to help us continue on this path. I can’t wait to get your book. What a great surprise that was…You’ve set the bar incredibly high for future presenters!”

    “It’s easy to see why everyone fell in love with your story, motivation, generosity, and character. Your enthusiasm was contagious and your message was so powerful and moving.”

    “I truly think your motivational speech was the first I’ve heard that kept my attention the WHOLE time and completely captivated me. Thank you for breaking the mold of the typical motivational speaker.”

    (Event Booked by Speakers Platform)

    “I valued the way you gathered input regarding our firm′s focus so you could include the information in your remarks. This truly surprised the audience since you spoke without using your notes and sprinkled quite a few bits of pertinent information within the talk. You are a true professional…”
    Deborah A. Kirby, Director of Marketing; Parr, Waddoups, Brown, Gee and Loveless

    “WOW!!! We knew you were going to be good, but you still managed to exceed all expectations. Your remarks were truly moving … [they] were the perfect “wrap up”for our meetings, and send everyone home feeling like we can (and do) make a difference. Thank you for providing a real boost of encouragement and motivation… We are truly fortunate to be associated with you.”
    Mark Dixon, Director, Hospital Relations, Children′s Miracle Net

    “Our sales people were absolutely thrilled to hear your message of overcoming obstacles and achieving your personal best. By the time you were finished speaking, there wasn′t a dry eye in the house. For those of us who organized the meeting, the speech was particularly impressive as you helped cement – for a rather cynical group – why O.C. Tanner [is pursuing this project]. For making the connection, for your incredible personal story, and for your gracious manner in signing autographs and mingling with our people afterward, we thank you. I hope we can work together soon. I certainly have been telling everyone I come in contact with about you and your wonderful abilities.”
    Adrian Gostick, Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications, O.C. Tanner Company

    “Your moving story of dedication, commitment, and the will to triumph over adversity was extremely inspirational… Your willingness to share your Olympic gold medal with the group and get your picture taken with everyone was also most appreciated. We couldn′t have asked for a more professional, motivational, or friendly Olympian to work with and we were proud to have you as part of the Delta team.”
    Kelly Sartin, Manager – Olympic Marketing, Delta

    “The trials and tribulations you had to endure to reach your goals really made a profound affect on everyone. Your story really touched many people, as was evident from the tears, laughter and applause. Your message was eloquently stated and the ′rungs′(or essential attributes) of your ladder of success will surely be applied by all of us in the workplace and in life.”
    Jaime Rupert, Vice President, Coltrin & Associates

    “I appreciate your ability to take [our message] and incorporate it into a motivational. The audience was enthralled with your Olympic story…”
    Lynn Williams, Tour and Travel Manager, Park City Chamber of Commerce

    “Not only were your remarks inspirational, they were so on target for our [audience]… I was so impressed with your ability to focus on your audience, to tell your story in a very diversified and motivational way that I have recommended you to several organizations for keynote addresses.”
    Mona Given, CFO/ Public Relations; Huntsman World Senior Games

    “Your story your spirit, and your generosity were truly inspiring to us and our guests. Your story still sends chills down my spine”.
    Brad Gerdeman, Director – Worldwide Marketing Communications, Delta

    “We sincerely appreciate your easy cooperation and all your efforts in hosting the group, and in making their visit memorable. From our clients and tour guide: ′The feedback was great! They loved the video and speech′, ′…Nikki Stone received an A+ from the group…all were very positive′, ′…they all paid rapt attention during the entire tour…”
    Amy Merkley, Account Executive and Kirsty Stephens, Program Manager, PGI – The Event and Communications Agency

    “We heard so many positive comments about your remarks on overcoming obstacles and reaching goals. People commented in person as well as on our evaluation forms that you were their favorite presenter they listened to during the three-day event. So we thank you for making your remarks so meaningful…”
    Kathy Riggs, USU extension Agent/ Leadermete co-chair, Utah State University Extension

    “I was personally greatly inspired by your presentation … I will not soon forget the experience I had with you today! We are richer for having been with you… Thanks for enriching our lives.”
    Neal L. Cox, Dean of Students, Southern Utah University

    “The guests were very impressed with the time you spent with them and insight you gave them. It sure was great that you brought your medal and torch to give the guests an opportunity to be photographed with them. You certainly handle everything very professionally and have developed an inspiring message. It sounds like the future will hold some special opportunities for you.”
    Stan Smith, President, Stan Smith Events

    “Your inspirational talk was very meaningful to the lodging community and inspired an air of enthusiasm… Responses from our audience were very positive… They also appreciated you taking the time to stay long enough to sign an autograph and answer any of their questions… I appreciate your willingness to customize your program to fit so nicely into ours!”
    Cyndi Shalhoub, CMP, Salt Lake Organizing Committee, 2002 Olympic Games


    • AT&T
    • John Hancock
    • Delta Air Lines Inc.
    • Coca-Cola
    • New York Life
    • American Express
    • Anheuser Busch
    • Chevrolet
    • Ericsson
    • US West Communications
    • GE Capital
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Franklin Covey
    • Kimberly Clark
    • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
    • OC Tanner
    • Altiris
    • Sun Valley Resort Company
    • Promodel
    • The Children′s Miracle Network
    • The Huntsman World Senior Games
    • Coltrin & Associates
    • North American Ski Journalist Association
    • The National Ski Area Association
    • The National Broilers Convention
    • The Heritage Company
    • Salt Lake Organizing Committee
    • US Olympic Committee
    • League of California Cities
    • General Services Administration
    • The New York Transit System

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Books by Nikki Stone:

    When Turtles Fly: Secrets of Successful People Who Know How To Stick Their Necks Out

    Did you know you have better odds at winning the lottery than an Olympic medal? To bring home one of those coveted medals–or achieve any great personal goal in life–you need a lot more than luck. You need a game plan.

    What if you could learn the secrets of success from an Olympian? A Nobel Prize winner? A Fortune 500 CEO? Olympic gold medalist Nikki Stone has compiled a treasure trove of compelling stories to illustrate each step on the path to success. She′s gathered humorous, heartwarming and hugely inspirational tales from some of today′s most brilliant business leaders, scientists, soldiers, inventors, philanthropists, musicians, athletes and entrepreneurs…a host of people whose very names epitomize achievement. Winners such as:

    • Designer Tommy Hilfiger
    • Prince Albert of Monaco
    • X-Games& Olympic Champion Shaun White
    • NFL Quarterback Steve Young
    • Musician Jazz Branford Marsalis
    • Best-selling Author Dr. Stephen Covey
    • Olympic star Skiing Lindsey Vonn
    • Celebrity Chef Todd English
    • Venture Capitalist Vinod Khosla

      … And many more successful greats

    Now an acclaimed motivational speaker and peak performance coach, author Nikki Stone helps people in all walks of life to overcome fears, failures and plateaus and realize their full potential. In this step-by-step guide to success, she and her team of high achievers share their stories about reaching for dreams…and grasping them.

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