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  • Nick Offerman is an American actor, writer, comedian, and carpenter who is known for his role as Ron Swanson in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation.

  • Offerman was awarded the Television Critics Association Award for Individual Achievement in Comedy for the role.
  • Celebrity speaker Nick Offerman is on the rise as a budding comedic presence in today’s entertainment world.  Offerman has created a name for himself with his stern emotionless face that allows him to deliver punch lines with ultimate conviction.  Nick has seen his career develop over time from theatre production to underground comic to full-fledged actor.  Over the years he’s befriended notable names in comedy like Megan Mullally (his wife) and Amy Poehler, whom he’s worked with throughout his career.

    Celebrity Speaker Nick Offerman career in fame began rather slowly.  His first appearance on major television came on Will and Grace where his wife Megan Mullally was an actress.  Offerman appeared in a few episodes but never earned a full-time part on the program.  Over the next several years, Nick appeared on several television series including 24, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, and George Lopez.  In 2009, Offerman received the role he had been waiting for as Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks and Recreation.  Offerman excels in the part often times providing some of the funniest scenes in the program with subtle physical humor.  He’s been an integral part of the hit-show for all 6 of its seasons, and he was honored with the TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Comedy for his performance in 2010-2011. In addition to his other acting, Nick is also known for his writing. He has released two semi-autobiographical publications: the first, Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man’s Fundamentals for Delicious Living was released in 2013; his second, Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America’s Gutsiest Troublemakers, was released May 26, 2015.

    Aside from his career in television, Nick Offerman has earned supporting roles in a number of films.  His recent successes came in 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street as well as We’re The Millers.  He also starred in a viral online video where he provided a satirical comedy awareness video on the 2012 bacon shortage.  Offerman also created an online “Strips for Charity” campaign where he offered to get naked in exchange for donations for Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars.

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    Books by Nick Offerman:

    Where the Deer and the Antelope Play: The Pastoral Observations of One Ignorant American Who Loves to Walk Outside

    A humorous and rousing set of literal and figurative sojourns as well as a mission statement about comprehending, protecting, and truly experiencing the outdoors, fueled by three journeys undertaken by actor, humorist, and New York Times bestselling author Nick Offerman

    Nick Offerman has always felt a particular affection for the Land of the Free—not just for the people and their purported ideals but to the actual land itself: the bedrock, the topsoil, and everything in between that generates the health of your local watershed. In his new book, Nick takes a humorous, inspiring, and elucidating trip to America’s trails, farms, and frontier to examine the people who inhabit the land, what that has meant to them and us, and to the land itself, both historically and currently.

    In 2018, Wendell Berry posed a question to Nick, a query that planted the seed of this book, sending Nick on two memorable journeys with pals—a hiking trip to Glacier National Park with his friends Jeff Tweedy and George Saunders, as well as an extended visit to his friend James Rebanks, the author of The Shepherd’s Life and English Pastoral. He followed that up with an excursion that could only have come about in 2020—Nick and his wife, Megan Mullally, bought an Airstream trailer to drive across (several of) the United States. These three quests inspired some “deep-ish” thinking from Nick, about the history and philosophy of our relationship with nature in our national parks, in our farming, and in our backyards; what we mean when we talk about conservation; and the importance of outdoor recreation, all subjects very close to Nick’s heart.

    With witty, heartwarming stories and a keen insight into the human problems we all confront, this is both a ramble through and celebration of the land we all love.

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