Nicholas J. Webb Profile

  • A multiple number one bestselling author, award-winning inventor, and advisor to some of the top organizations in the world.

  • Nick Webb is a corporate strategist and innovation expert helping organizations understand and be relevant in the hyper-connected future.

  • Awarded over 40 Patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including one of the world’s smallest medical implants.

  • Nicholas J. Webb is one of the most prolific business thought leaders in the United States. He is a Senior Partner at Lassen Scientific, Inc. who works with Fortune 500 companies around the world. The goal of his talks is to show companies how to become leaders in innovation and strategy.

    Nicholas is known as the “Innovation Evangelist” who speaks around the world about healthcare, innovation, leadership, technology, and the future of the economy. The US Patent and trademark office have awarded him more than 40 patents. His groundbreaking inventions range from one of the world’s smallest medical implants to an assortment of industrial, consumer, and wearable technology.

    A medical implant Nicholas created was instrumental in the treatment of ocular surface diseases. He is also the creator of Hanz Toys (, an educational line of toys designed to teach children about innovation. Hanz Toys is one of the top award-winning toys in the toy industry.

    Nicholas has developed a large body knowledge from his research of innovation and technology. Nicholas put the results of his research into several best-selling books including Invent Stuff, The Innovation Playbook, The Cost of Being Sick, the Digital Innovation Playbook, and Breakers.

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      Nicholas Webb is a number one best-selling author and is one of the most popular Innovation, Healthcare, Future-trends, and Customer Experience Speakers in the world. Nick is the CEO of LeaderLogic, LLC a Management Consulting Firm that provides consulting services and training to the top brands in the world. Nick works shoulder-to-shoulder with boards of directors of multibillion-dollar companies to assist them in building future-ready organizations.

      Nick began his career as a successful technologist creating award-winning innovations in healthcare, consumer, and industrial technologies. He has been awarded over 40 Patents by the U.S. Patent Office for various landmark technologies. Nick is also a prolific best-selling author that has been published by many prestigious publishers. Nick is the author of What Customers Crave, The Innovation Mandate, What Customers Hate, Happy Work, Lucid Leadership and his number one bestselling book, The Healthcare Mandate.

      Nick has served as a Chief Innovation Officer and an Adjunct Professor at a top medical school. Nicholas was awarded his Doctorate of Humane Letters (hon.) for his contributions in healthcare.

      Additionally, Nick is also the Producer and Host of the Award-winning Documentary Film, “The Healthcare Cure”, the film was released in 2021 and won the Sedona International Film Festival’s “Audience Choice Award”, Most Impactful Film.

      As a Keynote Speaker with a humanistic, smart, and fun presentation style, Nick has also been listed as one of the top Keynote Speakers in the World.

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    Nicholas J. Webb's Speech Descriptions

    Nicholas J. Webb is a recognized business futurist and social strategist whose specialties are business, digital engagement and innovation. He helps organizations realize that innovation is more than an intangible concept; innovation is a means by which companies remain relevant in an ever-changing technological landscape. Nicholas has a passion to help organizations remain relevant by embracing advancements in technology.

    The Future of Innovation.

    In a time of “Chaotic Innovation” and hyper-complexity, organizations need to build a core competency of innovation mastery. In Nick Webb’s keynotes, he provides customized actionable insights on leveraging the new body of science around Chaotic Innovation to drive sustainable growth and organizational excellence.

    Chaotic Innovation. Beyond Disruption.

    In this powerful keynote, Nick provides practical and industry-specific examples of how innovation has transitioned from Symmetrical Innovation through Disruptive Innovation to its current state of Chaotic Innovation. Nick doesn’t just provide the theories around chaotic innovation, rather he provides a detailed roadmap on driving sustainable and scalable growth in a time of chaotic change.

    How to Thrive in a Time of Chaotic Change.

    We are currently living in a time of Chaotic Innovation and rapid change. Additionally, we are also dealing with hyper-complexity across our markets. In this fun and upbeat program, Nick provides a roadmap on how to thrive in a time of change and complexity.

    Healthcare Chaotic Innovation. Beyond Disruption.

    In a time of Chaotic Innovation and hyper-complexity, healthcare organizations need to build a core competency of innovation mastery. In this keynote, Nick provides customized actionable insights on how to leverage the new body of science around Chaotic Innovation to drive sustainable growth, market relevancy, and significant improvements in patient experience and quality of care. Perhaps more importantly, you will learn how to avoid being blindsided by the rapidly changing healthcare marketplace.

    The Chaotic Future of Healthcare.

    In this powerful keynote, Nick provides practical and healthcare segment-specific examples of how Chaotic Healthcare Innovation has transitioned from Symmetrical Innovation, through Disruptive Innovation, to its current state of Chaotic Innovation. Nick doesn’t just provide the theories around Chaotic Innovation, he provides a detailed roadmap on how to drive sustainable and scalable growth in a time of chaotic change.

    Lessons from a leadership guru and bestselling leadership author.

    In this groundbreaking keynote, Nick tackles the toughest challenge facing organizational leaders today: how to get unfiltered, honest information from multiple sources and transform it into industry-leading growth. Nick reveals how leaders facing a bewildering mass of data and opinions can cut through the static, get a grip on reality, make effective decisions, and lead their organizations to sustained success.

    Nick’s talk is based on the research of his bestselling book, Lucid Leadership, and provides in-depth strategies to develop your clarity of vision, take decisive action, and fulfill your company’s mission.

    This talk is for every leader who’s looking for clarity amid “the fog of business” and needs to get the most out of themselves and their employees while delighting investors and customers.

    The Secrets of the Happiest and Fastest Growing Organizations in the World.

    The best organizations in the world are driving sustainable growth by creating an enterprise culture of happiness. These organizations attract and keep mission-critical talent, drive the best innovations, and lead their markets, always.

    In this powerful presentation and based on Nick’s bestselling book, Happy Work, he delivers practical and actionable insights on how the best organizations are thriving in the new workforce.

    From Runner-Up to Market Champion

    In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, the difference between winning and losing is often slight. It’s like a race where the fastest runner who crosses the line just one step ahead of the pack is victorious—and the number two finisher is quickly forgotten.
    This insightful keynote is packed with proven concepts that show you how to keep your organization in front of the competition. Using his decades of global business experience, Nick reveals how innovation leadership and human experience design are the keys to staying one step ahead. Nick also provides detailed insights for you to leverage disruption to propel your organization forward.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Nicholas Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Are you ready to take your creative ideas from ‘incremental’ to ‘disruptive’ or even ‘destructive’? Nick Webb just spoke to one of our teams and left the group inspired and eager to break our normal conventions. He’s right when he says Innovation is not a bumper sticker – you have to do something to make it come to life.”
    Cal Austin, Regional Director / Pfizer

    “I got raving reviews, including from the global head of R&D and head of quality. You have really given people something to think and talk about. I look forward to seeing you at many future events!”
    David Lee, Baxalta

    “Nick Webb did a wonderful closing session at our Annual NRC Health Symposium in 2021. The audience appreciated Nick’s fun, engaging and clear message around innovation and disruption. Nick is an excellent and thought-provoking speaker.”
    Helen Hrdy, NRC Health

    “Nicholas Webb’s talk was a religious experience.“
    Carla Lyons, VP Marketing / Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc.

    “Nicholas Webb was a keynote speaker at our most recent DHL Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Conference. Nicholas was inspiring and managed to connect very well with the audience giving context to the transformation the life sciences and healthcare industry is facing and the value senior supply chain and logistics experts can bring to the table to better serve patients.”
    DHL, Milena McComas, Global Director Marketing

    “Nicholas Webb’s keynote was ranked NUMBER ONE out of the 25 professional speakers at this years Orthoworld annual meeting. His message provided real-world answers not theories or concepts.”
    Jack Detweiler, Vice President, Business Development, ORTHOWORLD

    “Our audience loved Nicholas’s message, but more importantly they respected him because of his real-world expertise. Our selection committee has already asked him back for the 2010 conference.”
    Michael Good, Pharm.D., MBA, VCRI

    “Very inspiring and real. In a world of hype, Nick cuts through to the core.”
    John Lopker

    “Nick cut out the u and provided real substance that could be immediately implemented as soon as you leave.”
    Mike Kirkpatrick

    “A wonderful seminar experience. One of the most professional and positive experiences of my career!”
    Charlie Childers

    “Excellent to be provided a system to use in evaluating the viability of a product.”
    Joanne Angell

    “An easy to follow plan. To get to point “D”, you must rst go to ‘A’ through ‘B’ through ‘C’ and if your ideas make it through the proper steps, then and only then do you do ‘D.’”
    Bruce Engles

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    Books by Nicholas J. Webb:

      The Digital Innovation Playbook: Creating a Transformative Customer Experience

      Praise for The DIGITAL Innovation Playbook

      The Digital Innovation Playbook is the product of Nicholas′s inventive mind, countless hours of research, and keen perspective on all things digital. Not only do I value Nick′s advice, but I also enjoy the passion with which he delivers it. That said, I couldn′t imagine leaving you in more capable hands.”
      —Steve Faktor, Vice President, Business Growth and Innovation, American Express, from the Foreword

      “Nicholas Webb′s theories on innovation and innovation management are so insightful, practical, and visionary that they have becomes the best practices of innovation management for future.”
      —Dr. Johan Kotze, Innovation Manager Racquet sports,HEAD Sport GmbH

      Order Here

      The Innovation Playbook: A Revolution in Business Excellence
      If 84% of top business leaders think innovation is critical to their organization′s success, then why do 95% of new products fail in the marketplace and less than 1% of the 2,000 patents issued each week ever return a profit to their company? Addressing the dismal failure rate of corporate innovation head on, The Innovation Playbook provides a complete road map to a revolution in business excellence founded on innovation.

      Written by successful innovator Nicholas J. Webb—who has launched more than 300 innovations and has been awarded more than 35 patents by the U.S. Patent Office—Part I of The Innovation Playbook highlights the importance of innovation in today′s corporate world and details the reasons why so many of today′s organizations can′t get it done. Part II then lays out in six chapters the Nicholas Webb solution to achieving success through innovation.

      Whether you are a business owner, C-level manager, R&D manager, marketing manager, or inventor, here, you will discover:

      • Why innovation isn′t working in today′s organizations
      • The obsession with risk and risk management
      • Common “myths” about what innovators and innovative organizations should do
      • The magic combination of customer focus, process, and culture that separates true innovation superstars from the rest of the pack
      • The crucial concept of net customer value, including Webb′s “value strata” set of standards of excellence and how to achieve it
      • How you can get really close to customers and establish the “conduits of connectivity” necessary to truly understand net customer value
      • A unique, modifiable framework and toolbox to find new ideas from external and internal sources, filter those ideas, and move them through the development process at utmost speed
      • The key cultural components in an organization that support good innovation and tips for how to get there, with particular emphasis on using today′s digital media tools to support innovation
      • Case examples of companies that have “made it,” how they did it, and how to become a superstar using the Certified Innovation Superstar certification and training program

      Complemented by a companion web site that helps you put theory into practice, The Innovation Playbook′s blueprint to success prepares managers and inventors to get their Innovation Superstar certification as well as implement a successful innovation culture in real corporate life.

      Order Here

      The Cost of Being Sick

      Healthcare futurist and medical product inventor Nicholas J. Webb, explores seven key predictions regarding the future—and the reality—of America’s current health care system. Based on current studies, The Cost of Being Sick follows today’s trends to their logical finales. Avoiding this imminent crash, however, can be done. With health benefits slipping while the cost of treatments continues to escalate all in the face of poor health routines that feed the disease process, there is only one possible course of action. Each of us must accept the responsibility for our own health—not only for ourselves, but for our children as well.

      And here’s the silver-lining: Not only does The Cost of Being Sick expose the cause of our failing health-care system, but it also presents the cure. And the cure promises more than just relief from the problems we are facing. This cure also promises a better lifestyle and a strengthened financial position.

      So what exactly is “the cost of being sick?” The price is more than you will want to pay—but it is a bill you can avoid.

      Order Here

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