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Influential leaders, well-known authors, and speakers from multiple disciplines have called her their “secret weapon.” She is the great presenter behind great presenters.

Nan Crawford is an international speaker and speech coach who has prepared hundreds of leaders for what she calls “the bigger stage.” She has coached various experts and celebrities for Ted talks or media appearances. She helps influential people expand their influence and inspire their audiences through work shopping their message, creativity, and stage presence.

With her background in theater, leadership expertise, and the same principles she applies to her one-on-one coaching, Nan also invigorates groups training them in collaboration, sparking creativity, and communication. Some of her notable clients include Disney, Google, Nike, and HP. She is particularly drawn to clients who work in the areas of women’s rights and environmental justice.

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    Nan Crawford is an expert in how to increase your influence. She specializes in coaching visionary leaders to deliver high-stakes presentations and high-impact conversations. Nan helps clients leverage their strength, wisdom and creativity so they inspire audiences to take meaningful action.

    In addition to a long client list with organizations and individuals, Nan has worked with The Bridgespan Group, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Rudolf Steiner Foundation, World Pulse and V-DAY on issues of economic, environmental and social justice.
    As a presenter, Nan has shared the stage with Christine Arylo, Peter Block, Lisa Ling, Dan Pink, Robert Reich, Anna Deveare Smith, Bill Strickland, Marci Shimoff, SARK, David Whyte and Ben Zander.

    In her role as the Main-Stage Director for The Bioneers conference on sustainability, Nan has coached luminaries such as: Janine Benyus, Majora Carter, Eve Ensler, Gloria Feldt, Jane Goodall, Van Jones, Dune Lankard, Jensine Larsen, Elizabeth Lindsey, Michael Pollan, Kavita Ramdas, Nina Simons, Lynne Twist & Dr. Andrew Weil. Nan coached social entrepreneur Eve Blossom to craft and deliver her courageous talk for TEDIndia and helped Annie Leonard take the stage for her appearance on The Colbert Report.

    Nan has served on the Executive Education Faculty at Columbia, Duke, Harvard and UC Berkeley. She is a cum laude graduate with a BFA in Theatre from the University of Texas and holds an MA in Organization Development from CIIS.

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Nan Crawford's Speech Descriptions

If you are looking for your organization to make a bigger impact, Nan Crawford can help you. In her twenty-plus years of working in theater and leadership, Nan has developed keys steps to help you and your associates gain confidence, creativity, and clarity in communication.

Nan Crawford’s presentations are invigorating and inspiring experiences that leave audiences eager to take on the challenges before them. Topics include…

From Inspiration to Action:
How to Make the Change You Want to See in the World

Wrap up your event with an energizing closing keynote, where Nan Crawford will lead the call to think strategically, connect creatively and act decisively.
Nan will engage your audience in a dynamic interactive session to celebrate conference highlights, integrate themes and transform insight into action. Rather than seeking closure, Nan will help participants create openings as they go forth. Learn what’s possible when you embrace the maxim: “Commitment is sexy”.

Fueling the Creative Fire:
Discover Key Tools Leaders Need for Creativity to Thrive

The creative force lives within each of us.
Discover what holds us back and what feeds our innate Creativity and how as leaders we can fuel the creative fire in our organizations, our colleagues and our communities. Nan creates a highly experiential exploration, combined with opportunities for reflection and application.
In this engaging session Nan will inspire your audience to transform the inner critic, cultivate a creative mind-set, spark the imagination, gain confidence and improve performance.

How to Increase Your Influence:
With Powerful Presentations

Nan Crawford will help your audience learn how to shine in the spotlight. She offers key strategies to more powerfully command the stage and deliver a focused message with clarity, creativity and courage. When your people improve their pitching and presentation skills, more deals are closed, decisions get made faster, and your organization can make a bigger impact.

What People are Saying about Seeing Nan Speak

Rating Entries

Nan Crawford creates magic with an audience, allowing them to experience and communicate on multiple levels. More than a facilitator, she captures and echoes the experience, emotions, and intellectual playfulness within a group. Her sessions leave one feeling connected, upbeat, and feeling truly alive.”
— Richard L. Barksdale
Senior Consultant
Ernst & Young LLP

“Nan has the natural ability to balance her refreshing and warm leadership style with a focused and insightful wisdom that often draws people more deeply into the material. She has helped me develop a more friendly and spontaneous leadership and presentation.”
— Richard Matthew
Software Manager
Verilink Corporation

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