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Joint winner, as Vice Chair of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, of the Nobel Peace Prize, Professor Mohan Munasighe has had a remarkable career encompassing four decades of public service in the fields of climate change, ecology and sustainability.

Professor Munasighe has been awarded postgraduate degrees in physics, development economics and engineering from Cambridge University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and McGill and Concordia Universities in Canada. He has also been the recipient of several honorary degrees.

Currently the chairman of MIND, the Munasighe Institute of Development, Professor Munasighe is also Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Manchester (UK), Distinguished Guest Professor at Peking University and Honorary Senior Adviser to the Sri Lankan government. His many prestigious former posts include being Senior Energy Advisor to the President of Sri Lanka, Advisor to the United States President’s Council on Environmental Quality and a Senior Advisor/Manager at the World Bank. Professor Munasighe is also a Fellow of several of the most highly regarded Academies of Science in the world and sits on the editorial board of many professional journals.

The winner of numerous international prizes and medals for his research and also Visiting Professor at some of the world’s most prestigious universities, Professor Munasighe is the author of ninety-two books and more than three hundred papers on subjects as diverse as climate change, water resources and information technology, among many others.

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      • Prof. Mohan Munasinghe shared the 2007 Nobel Prize for Peace, as Vice Chair of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC-AR4). Currently, he is Chairman of the Munasinghe Inst. of Development (MIND), Colombo; Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Manchester, UK; Distinguished Guest Professor at Peking University, China; and Honorary Senior Advisor to the Sri Lanka Govt.

    He has earned post-graduate degrees in engineering, physics and development economics from Cambridge University (UK), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), and McGill University and Concordia University (Canada). Prof. Munasinghe has also received several honorary doctorates (honoris causa). Highlights from 40 years of distinguished public service include working as Senior Energy Advisor to the President of Sri Lanka, Advisor to the United States Presidents Council on Environmental Quality, and Senior Advisor/Manager, World Bank.

    He has taught as Visiting Professor at several leading universities worldwide, and won many international prizes and medals for his research and its applications. Prof. Munasinghe has authored 92 books and over three hundred technical papers on economics, sustainable development, climate change, power, energy, water resources, transport, environment, disasters, and information technology. He is a Fellow of several internationally recognized Academies of Science, and serves on the editorial boards of over a dozen professional journals.

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As a Nobel prizewinner, Professor Munasinghe brings his vast experience and unrivalled expertise to his presentations and training seminars, tailored to audiences ranging from community meetings to high-level international conferences.

One of Professor Munasighe’s most popular talks is on Sustainomics, an innovative transdisciplinary framework that draws on scientific approaches and techniques from the natural and social sciences, engineering and humanities to facilitate sound research and decision-making in sustainable development.

Professor Munasighe can also speak on many aspects of environmental policy and climate change, with his expertise ranging from the consequences of global warming to renewable energy to the uses of information technology.

    Mohan Munasinghe delivers insightful keynote speeches at gatherings ranging from high level international conferences to community meetings. He offers presentations and training seminars to corporations and governments on climate change, sustainable development, environment, economics, energy, transport, water resources, and information technology.

    Sustainomics: The Future of Sustainable Development
    Sustainomics is an innovative transdisciplinary framework (or transdiscipline) based on a holistic set of key principles, theories and methods. It facilitates sound research and decision making, drawing on many other scientific approaches and techniques involving the natural and social sciences, engineering and humanities -- because no single traditional discipline can cover the vast scope and complexity of SD issues.

    Sustainable development is broadly described as "a process for improving the range of opportunities that will enable individual human beings and communities to achieve their aspirations and full potential over a sustained period of time, while maintaining the resilience of economic, social and environmental systems." Adapting this general concept, a more focused and practical approach towards making development more sustainable seeks "continuing improvements in the present quality of life at a lower intensity of resource use, thereby leaving behind for future generations an undiminished stock of productive assets (i.e., manufactured, natural and social capital) that will enhance opportunities for improving their quality of life."

    Attendees will learn the core principles of Sustainomics, including how to:

    • Develop more sustainable (MDMS) with empowerment, action and foresight
    • Harmonize the sustainable development triangle for balance and integration
    • Transcend conventional boundaries with innovation and fresh ideas
    • Employ full cycle application of integrative tools for practical implementation

    Other Suggested Speaking Topics:

    • Climate Change
    • The Environment
    • Renewable Energy & Green Transport
    • Water Resource Management
    • The Information Technology Age
    • The Consequences of Global Warming for the Economy, Environment and Society

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Books by Mohan Munasinghe:

    Sustainable Development in Practice: Sustainomics Methodology and Applications

    A practical analysis of current sustainable development prospects using the innovative sustainomics framework.

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