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“Master of Unusual comedy”, Michel Lauziere combines his talents as an inventor, showman, musician, and polyglot to dazzle audiences around the world. His bizarre visual standup acts have captivated an estimated 1 billion viewers.

In one of his most famous performances done for the Late Show with David Letterman, Lauziere rollerbladed through a closed street, playing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 on 284 tuned wine bottles filled with varying quantities of water. From playing classical music on bicycle pumps to juggling children’s swimming pools, he’s taken his unique acts to over 45 countries and performed them in six languages.

During the 1980s, Lauziere chose to follow his natural yearn to perform, leaving his budding career as an editorial cartoonist to start up his one-man show. His programs are not just passive entertainment; rather his creative genius inspires audiences to think up new ways to do something and not rely on the tried-and-true methods.

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      • How can one best define Michel Lauziere? He is a combination of inventor, acrobat, comedian and musician rolled into one charismatic “Master of unusual comedy.” From entering his famous huge balloon to playing classical music with his unique horn suit, or playing popular themes with water guns, dishes or absolutely anything he can find, Michel Lauziere reveals some of the most original and unique sight gags ever performed.

    He began his solo career in 1989, after working with a partner for a few years. Since then, he has performed in more than 50 countries, on the 5 continents. He has done TV shows, festivals, corporate events, commercials or one-man-shows in over 400 cities, including Beijing, Hong-Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Bogota, Caracas, Mexico City, Miami, New-York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Paris, London, Rome, Milan, Monte-Carlo, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Marrakech, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Oslo, Innsbruck, Zurich, Vienna, Budapest, Athens, Dubai, and Istanbul.

    Michel Lauziere has presented his full show in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese. Also, for TV appearances, he can perform short visual and musical numbers, learning just a few efficient punch lines in any language!

    With numerous appearances on the most prestigious television networks in Europe, Asia, South America, North America (guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and on the Late Show with David Letterman) and with several viral clips on the Web, Michel Lauzière ranks among the most appreciated visual comedians in the world.

    Artist of universal appeal, Lauzière is one of the few comedian-performers who can charm and entertain audiences of all social backgrounds, all ages, and all cultures.

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Rating Entries

    “His inventions are marvels of simplicity, recycled everyday objects that transform form and function into an entertaining enterprise.”
    LOS ANGELES TIMES, Los Angeles (USA)

    “The flagship of modern variety.”
    DIE WELT, Berlin (Germany)

    “Creator of comical routines that made him internationally renowned.”
    EL MERCURIO, Santiago (Chile)

    “Under the spell of the eccentric comic… Lauziere delivers imaginative poetry.”
    MONACO-MATIN (Monaco)

    “The alchemist of sound.”
    LE SOLEIL, Quebec City (Canada)

    “A modern clown, but without the red nose and oversized shoes… surely an
    absolute must.”
    LA NOVA BÜNTNER TAGBLATT, Arosa (Switzerland)

    “He′s an inventive, winningly relaxed performer.”
    THE OTTAWA CITIZEN, Ottawa (Canada)

    “He bounced about on stage, prompting howls of laughter.”
    THE STRAITS TIMES (Singapore)

    “The master of the unusual reinvents humour.”
    LA TRIBUNA, Marbella (Spain)

    “Michel captures audiences of all ages… Incredible!”

    “And the public wants more. Bewildered by such a flow of ideas, delighted
    by this stream of fresh air on stage.”
    LA TRIBUNE, Sherbrooke (Canada)

    “He manages to play classical music on dishes… Funny and unique.”
    Shizuoka (Japan)

    “So casual his demeanor, so bursting his talent.”
    NEUE RHEIN ZEITUNG, Düsseldorf (Germany)

    ” … a limitless imagination…dazzling!”
    LA PRESSE, Montreal (Canada)

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