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Corporate Culture, Corporate Team Building, Creativity, Innovation

Travels from Portland, Oregon, USA

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Michael Perman Profile

  • Perman is an experienced and dynamic innovation futurist, author and producer of CRAVING THE FUTURE, book and podcast, and founder of C’EST WHAT?, LLC, the "mindful innovation” firm.

  • Perman has a proven track record of helping organizations see what is coming over the horizon, building innovation capacity, teaching teams how to harness their collective creativity as well enabling ideas to move from “fuzzy to fruition”. 

  • As a senior director and advisor, Perman has enabled brands such as Levi’s, Adidas, Hyatt, Gensler Design,William-Sonoma, Fair Trade Certified, and Banana Republic, perceive emerging opportunities.
  • Futurist and creativity expert, Michael Perman helps teams crack the innovation paradox to generate actionable ideas, breakthrough products, and revolutionary customer experiences.

    The founder of C’EST WHAT?, LLC a firm dedicated to cultivating “mindful innovation,” Perman has a proven track record of leading senior executives to see what is coming over the horizon, developing winning innovation strategies and inspiring thousands of employees to capitalize on their collective creativity.

    Perman has been an innovation force behind iconic brands for 30 years. His programs have been responsible for multiple breakthrough developments across a range of industries, including food, fashion, sports, energy, real estate, music, sustainability, government and retailing.

    Throughout his thirty years as an innovation leader, strategist and executive-level facilitator, Michael has honed numerous tools and methods for building innovation frameworks and increasing innovation capacity of organization.

    Perman’s new book CRAVING THE FUTURE, provides fact-based research, inspiring stories and proven methods for driving innovation. Perman’s CRAVING THE FUTURE podcast features conversations with the most intriguing innovation luminaries of our times. Each episode conveys the best thinking on the future of innovation in different aspects of society, business and culture.

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      Michael Perman galvanizes teams and whole organizations to think and act differently while helping them envision a future of prosperity and growth. Michael is the founder of C’EST WHAT? The Mindful Innovation firm based in San Francisco.

      Under his leadership, people become better equipped to make strategic choices regarding where to invest their time, energy, and resources for growth.

      During his 30 plus year career in new product development, brand strategy, innovation and organizational transformation, Michael has gathered ethnographic insights from hundreds of sessions where people live, work, play, shop and find their inspiration. These sessions were creative fodder for dozens of innovation initiatives in categories of food, fashion, sports, energy, government, finance and retailing.

      Michael’s experience includes projects for Levi’s, Starbucks, Adidas, Gap, Banana Republic, General Mills, Nike, US Bank, Google, The Naval Postgraduate School and the Electric Power Research Institute. His transformational programs were implemented with thousands of employees, leading to more effective teams, more motivated people and growth. Michael’s experience is global – having activated insights, innovation and marketing initiatives in several international cities. He also advises smaller organizations, start-ups, agricultural commissions and non-profits to create a path forward.

      Most recently. Michael was “Dean” of Innovation for Gap across all brands and functions where he orchestrated 30 innovation leaders and enabled more than 2000 employees to experience and utilize best-in-class innovation tools. His team drove the development of new products, new experiences, brand strategy and organizational effectiveness.

      Prior to Gap, Michael held several roles at Levi’s including Head of Consumer Insights and Senior Director of Global Marketing where he helped reposition and turn around Levi’s women’s business. He also drove insights leading to the creation of several new sub-brands products including Waterless, Commuter and Denizen, which generated more than $600 MM in revenue.

      Michael was previously founder of Brand New Corporation, the innovation and strategy consultancy based in Portland, Oregon where he created new methods of generating insights and ideas.

      Michael believes innovation is the “ability to perceive alternative realities and the courage to act upon those visions.” His dynamic and creative presentations and workshops illuminate this concept and provides advice on how organizations can take action.

      Michael lives in Larkspur, CA where he enjoys trail running with his dog Artimus, mountain biking, cooking fish and trying to make things grow in the garden.

    Michael Perman Speaking Videos

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    Michael Perman's Speech Descriptions

    Michael Perman provides your audience with a unique and engaging multi-sensory experience that enables people to perceive innovation waves emerging over the horizon. His keynotes are customized with future themes that are especially relevant to your audience. Perman conveys an optimal blend of method and meaning, serious content and memorable entertainment.

    Craving the Future
    Michael believes that the art and science of futurism can be demystified and democratized so that a broader group of people can be part of creating what is coming next. He also believes that innovation leadership demands the ability to perceive alternative realities and then having the courage to move toward those visions.

    Delivered through his uniquely engaging style, Michael’s exclusive foresights about the future provide a memorable audience experience, inspiring them to think and act in new ways with confidence. Your audience will gain ideas, and also fundamental skills they can apply to their own future work.

    Science Fiction writer, William Gibson once said, “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” In this engaging audience experience, Michael provides clues from today that enable you to perceive what might unfold in the future, and how you can create what’s next before the future happens to you.

    Michael shares perspectives derived from decades of global foresights and trends experience, deep ethnographic research and extensive thought-leader studies derived from the brightest innovation luminaries of our times

    Michael will share clues and mega-trends that are likely to have far-reaching effects on consumers, society and businesses. His honed pattern-recognition skills illuminate fresh thinking using nascent examples and behind-the-scenes, exclusive information on what’s coming next.

    Building Creative Cultures
    For organizations that want to drive more creativity and innovation in their culture, leading to growth and employee satisfaction. Michael will reveal the right behaviors, tools, insights and ways of working that lead to more innovative, growth-oriented cultures. The presentation, accompanied by music, film, interesting graphics and stories will inform and entertain your audience. This presentation is for organizations who want to see creativity flourish and people motivated.

    Mindful Innovation
    “Mindful Innovation” is an advanced level of Design Thinking that accesses deeper levels of empathy and collective consciousness - liberating more holistic ideation. The technique also leverages meditation and social consciousness as contemporary tools that enable organizations to develop more purpose-driven cultures where employees thrive in greater harmony. In this presentation, Michael Perman shares ideas from years of experience implementing Design Thinking and Mindfulness work. You’ll learn how your organization can evolve and thrive amidst a higher level of consciousness. You’ll also feel really peaceful, relaxed and inspired to create what’s next.

    Juicing the Middle Brain
    Innovation emerges from deep insights about WHAT PEOPLE CRAVE. These sensations are triggered by hormones such as dopamine, cortisol and oxytocin.
    In this presentation, Michael Perman shares his experience, wisdom and advice from conducting hundreds of insights sessions and dozens of innovation workshops that drive creativity and innovative thinking with teams. You’ll hear curious stories about seeing alternative possibilities and heart-warming stories about courage. This presentation is great for organizations trying to transform, grow and innovate.

    When we Create:
    In this experience, Michael combines live music and imaginative graphics to share moments of creation that helped organizations to thrive. He’ll provide stories about creativity and innovation that helped Levi’s business transformation after almost going bankrupt in the 2000’s. You’ll also here about the creative transformation at Gap Inc - what worked and where they struggled. For years, Michael has studied the art and science of creative cultures and will also share the wisdom he’s derived from dozens of interviews with innovation luminaries. Plus, you’ll enjoy the surprising intersection between sensory experiences and creativity - likely with interesting live music on stage. It’s a memorable experience where you’re audience will learn tools and techniques they can use in their own business.

    Curious Clues:
    About What’s Next

    William Gibson once said, “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” In this presentation, Michael Perman shares emerging trends through his careful analysis and pattern recognition of “CURIOUS CLUES.” Michael can customize his presentation for your industry, and share concepts about what’s emerging. Michael is an experienced futurist and will share exciting possibilities about what’s coming next in your industry.

    Live Music Experience

    Music and song are vital to the creative process. They humanize our intellect and give voice to our emotions. Lyrics and stories connect us to something greater, opening up a world of possibilities. In this experience your people will learn to create songs and have a full rock band play their stories live and improvisational. Creativity is what happens when we are deeply engaged in the things we believe in - and they will be engaged!

    In this magical event, Michael collaborates with GRAMMY and EMMY nominated musician, author, and Kellogg School of Management alumnus, Peter Himmelman and his BIG MUSE team to create a quick, fun, and effective way to unleash creativity in your team. This is a game-changing set of experiences and tools to drive creativity and innovation for your event, conference and your organization.

    This powerful duo will craft a memorable experience that ignites energy among thousands of people. And, then take that energy to enable a very focused and strategic perspective for a core team of leaders. People who attend your event will record this as one of the most memorable and powerful experiences of their career. Your team will depart inspired to create what's next!

    Michael Perman on Speaking

    Audiences will learn what innovation actually is: the ability to perceive alternative realities and the courage to move toward those visions.

    SPEAKING.COM: What do you want people to learn/take away from your presentations?

    PERMAN: First, audiences will learn what innovation actually is: the ability to perceive alternative realities and the courage to move toward those visions. Then, they’ll learn how you gain that ability – through skills, mindfulness and fresh ways to solve problems.

    Furthermore, I want people to become more curious – an essential part of being an innovator. Fortunately, curiosity doesn’t require a lot of skill, but rather attitude and some time. It’s also really valuable at a multi-day event when people need to engage with other content.

    Finally, I want attendees to feel inspired and empowered to use their imaginations. People will discover how to peel back the layers that shroud natural courage – another crucial component of the innovation process – and boost their confidence for the future

    SPEAKING.COM: What kind of special prep work do you do prior to an event? How do you prepare for your speaking engagements?

    PERMAN: There’s mental preparation and physical preparation. I like to learn as much as possible about the audience so I’m in tune with their wavelength. Fortunately, I am a curious person so I love learning about new areas.

    I have a structure to my presentations, but I need to have something new in the mix to stay excited, so I usually switch out images and bring in new visual stimulation.

    Something unique about me is that I really like doors so try to arrive early to an event and see the local doors.

    Finally, I always do a work-out – ideally running on a trail – prior to my presentations to ensure that I’m fresh, energized and alive!

    SPEAKING.COM: Have you had any particularly memorable speaking engagements / unusual situations arise while on the road?

    PERMAN: I once spoke to a collection of advertising executives in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I was early on the agenda but it was still 85 degrees and the air conditioning was broken. The hotel brought in giant fans, but there were really noisy. In the end, I just presented with profuse sweat. I think the audience understood though, and, as advertising executives, they were accustomed to improvising. The experience reminded me that innovation requires spontaneity.

    SPEAKING.COM: What types of audiences would most benefit from your message?

    PERMAN: People who wish to energize their organization with fresh ideas about creating a future of prosperity, vitality and growth. People who see the value of creative culture and want to know how that happens.

    Most people have creative gifts that are sequestered by culture, society and their personal experiences. I see my role in life as unleashing the natural talent and brilliance that everyone has within their minds.

    SPEAKING.COM: Which of your keynote speaking topics are your favorites and why?

    PERMAN: I love speaking about imagination – how it happens and making people feel OK that their crazy ideas are what the world really needs. I also love speaking about how our minds work, although it’s important to note that I’m not a neuroscientist.

    Most people have creative gifts that are sequestered by culture, society and their personal experiences. I see my role in life as unleashing the natural talent and brilliance that everyone has within their minds.

    I also love speaking about creative culture and how to make it happen. The process of creativity and innovation is a hazy mystery to many but it’s really clear to me so I think it’s my mission to share the keys to the kingdom of imagination.

    SPEAKING.COM: What inspired you to start doing speaking engagements?

    PERMAN: My first public speaking event was the Earth Day rally I organized in eighth grade at Richards Elementary School in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. Our town had just been fogged with DDT to kill beetles in the elm trees, but it also resulted in the killing thousands of birds and other critters. I was young and pissed.

    We had 400 grade school kids and teachers in the school gymnasium plus local politicians whom I invited. I had propped the stage with a stuffed gorilla wearing a gas mask and as the curtains opened we played the theme song to 2001 Space Odyssey, Zarathustra, Op. 30. It was a dramatic event, especially for grade school students.

    That feeling of speaking my mind, sharing what I know and making an impact on the audience and the world around us was energizing and it became a passion. In some ways, I think speaking is my calling. It’s one of the ways I get my energy and a sense of purpose.

    I want people’s minds to wander and make sub-conscious connections to what I share.

    SPEAKING.COM: How do you keep your audience engaged and actively listening during your keynotes? Do you use case studies, personal stories and/or in your speeches?

    PERMAN: My role at most events is to inspire, evoke curiosity, and be the speaker who differs from the majority of presenters – most of whom use case studies. Personally, I’m not a big case study guy because I feel it’s ego-centric to yak about “my amazing accomplishments.” Rather, I am a storyteller who likes to use unconventional words and phrases. I like to incorporate historical references and some personal stories. My presentations are also image-heavy with very few words. I have an extensive personal library of photographs that are evocative, and use those images because I want people’s minds to wander and make sub-conscious connections to what I share.

    SPEAKING.COM: What are some of the successes you’ve helped clients achieve?

    PERMAN: The insights and new thinking I helped drive at Levi’s resulted in new brands and business ventures that led to $600 million in incremental revenue, bailing the company out of financial troubles that it had. For adidas, I helped them envision alternative paths for the future of innovation – out 5 or more years. My sweet spot is helping organizations envision their future. Exclusive Interview with Michael Perman
    2020 Back and Forth
    In this interview, innovation keynote speaker, Michael Perman discusses:
  • How mindful innovation helps us tap into our subconscious and a wealth of new ideas.
  • The 3 C's that are the building blocks of creating break-through products and services.
  • Why innovation is not everyone's job.
  • How to maximize the introverted innovators at your company. Read the Full Interview
    Engaging Your Audiences With Multi-Sensory Experiences
    In this interview, innovation keynote speaker, Michael Perman discusses:
  • How mindful innovation helps us tap into our subconscious and a wealth of new ideas.
  • The 3 C's that are the building blocks of creating break-through products and services.
  • Why innovation is not everyone's job.
  • How to maximize the introverted innovators at your company. Read the Full Interview
    Create a Future of Prosperity with Innovation Speaker, Michael Perman
    In this interview, innovation keynote speaker, Michael Perman discusses:
  • How mindful innovation helps us tap into our subconscious and a wealth of new ideas.
  • The 3 C's that are the building blocks of creating break-through products and services.
  • Why innovation is not everyone's job.
  • How to maximize the introverted innovators at your company. Read the Full Interview
  • "Our minds have huge potential, which often remains untapped due to reliance on more reductive or analytical innovation tools. Mindful innovation accesses sub-conscious thinking and the collective consciousness of energy where deeper and newer ideas exist but have yet to emerge."
    - Michael Perman

    What People are Saying about Seeing Michael Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Michael was the keynote speaker at our annual Commercial Real Estate & Development Conference and was the perfect fit. Michael gave a very insightful and engaging talk. He clearly did his homework and was very prepared in his understanding of our region and how it compares to other markets. The ideas he presented and how he challenged us to look for curious clues that are occurring now in other parts of the world and how they will impact our future in Milwaukee were well received by the attendees. Michael helped to make the event a great success and differentiate us in the market.”
    – Dan Meyer, Publisher at BizTimes Media

    “The moment Michael shared his vision of inspiring the song inside each of us and empowering every last individual to lean in and sing their song; I was hooked. But the overall event C’EST WHAT staged was not just about each of us singing our own songs, but the joy of witnessing others sing theirs. It bordered on what I imagine a religious happening to be; a forum in which everyone let go of personal fears and hang-ups to prove what’s possible when we all just commit to one and other with kindness and support. The team-building power and cultural connectivity achieved at a C’EST WHAT? Event is unrivaled; and I’ve seen scores of good ones!

    Once everyone’s spirits were set free by the event, you could see imagination take over to nourish innovation and creativity. Devil’s advocacy just became pure advocacy and anything felt possible. I highly recommend.”
    – Russ Klein, CEO of the American Marketing Association

    ”Michael has a rare combination of analytical skills and creative intuition that combine to create compelling results and collaborate with teams to achieve their highest potential.“
    – Mary Alderete, CMO at Modcloth

    ”Michael was definitely our most innovative Master of Ceremony. He turned our Design Thinking Forum into a masterpiece. Michael won’t just speak on your program—he will transform it!“
    – Heather McKenzie, Senior Producer, Marcus Evans

    ”Michael was amazing at delivering the humor and insight our audience loves and other people gravitate to. He’s an incredible speaker and has great presence with the audience.“
    – Jeffrey Friedman, Head of Production, Brain Exchange

    ”Michael connects with an audience, opening up their minds by opening up his heart. We crave innovation, we fear complexity, but we find comfort in connection; and Michael helps us with all three.“
    – John Harris, President and CEO, Worldwide Partners, Inc.

    “Michael Perman and Peter Himmelman collaborated to create a unique, interactive experience — encouraging our audience to find the courage to create, by writing their own songs. It was a fun, interesting, empowering evening. Michael and Peter were the perfect combination of head and heart.”
    – Glenn Kleiman, Executive Director at Radio Milwaukee

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