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The real-life astronaut who inspired George Clooney’s role in the film Gravity, Michael Massimino and his crews traveled higher and faster than any other astronauts in the 21st century. Mike faced life-threatening challenges as he repaired the Hubble Space Telescope during its last servicing mission.

As well as being the last person to work inside the Hubble Telescope, he also became the first person to send a tweet from space. He sent his 1.3 million followers the message ““From orbit: Launch was awesome!! I am feeling great, working hard, & enjoying the magnificent views, the adventure of a lifetime has begun!”

Mike has been a guest on many late night talk shows, hosted educational television programs, and provided commentary for several news programs about the future of commercial space travel. He also played himself on the hit CBS series and was the subject of the IMAX film Hubble 3D.

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    A spacewalker on the final two Hubble Space Telescope servicing missions, Michael Massimino and his crews traveled faster (Mach 26) and higher (350 miles) than any other astronauts in the 21st century while increasing the discovery capabilities of arguably the greatest scientific instrument ever built by a factor of 100. During the final Hubble servicing mission, Mike was faced with both success and life-threatening challenges as he performed the most intricate repair ever attempted in space.

    He also became the first person to tweet from space and currently has 1.3 million Twitter followers. On his last mission, Mike set a team record for cumulative spacewalking time and became the last person to work inside of the Hubble Space Telescope.

    He has made numerous television appearances, including a recurring role as himself on the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, has been a guest on numerous late-night television broadcasts, has hosted educational television programs, and has provided expert commentary on many network and cable news programs for stories on the future of space exploration and commercial space opportunities. He was also featured with his crew in the IMAX film Hubble 3D and has been called “the real-life astronaut who inspired George Clooney’s role” in the film Gravity. Mike is currently working on a memoir of his astronaut career to be published by Crown in early 2016.

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NASA astronaut, Mike Massimino brings humor and masterful storytelling to his speaking engagements. Drawing from his real-life experiences in space, he captivates audiences with tales of inspiration, innovation, leadership, and teamwork.

He instills in his audiences the core values of dedication, teamwork, innovation,determination, and leadership as tools to reach final goals. He explains how using the tools of dedication and teamwork helped him train for NASA’s most difficult space missions. He explains how leadership and innovation helped overcome seemingly unbeatable odds while in space and beyond.

Mike inspires audiences to have a passion for what they do and how this will help achieve goals as well as overcome challenges. He shares the vastness and beauty of space and his thoughts on the future as analogies to business and setting up team goals. By using creativity and innovation in your personal life as well as your own space program, you can meet great challenges head-on.

Views from Space: Leadership, Teamwork, Determination

Mike Massimino shares with audiences personal stories of inspiration, innovation, teamwork and leadership as drawn from his experiences in one of the greatest and most dangerous jobs someone can have—NASA astronaut.

Through humor and storytelling, he highlights the pursuit and achievement of a childhood dream, the dedication and teamwork necessary to train for one of NASA’s most difficult space missions, the determination needed to face tragedies like the Columbia space shuttle accident, and the innovation and leadership necessary to overcome seemingly insurmountable trails when in space and beyond. He leaves his audiences understanding the value of having passion for what you do, of perseverance in achieving a goal, of building a team to meet great challenges, and of creativity and innovation in problem solving.

He also inspires audiences with the awe and beauty of space and shares his thoughts on the future—both personal and in regard to the ever-changing and competitive space program

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