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Wide-reaching author and motivational speaker, Michael Heppell has been called the UK’s “number one success coach.” From Microsoft to Virgin, he has helped people at every career stage make the jump from good to brilliant.

Known as the leading customer service expert in the UK, Michael is the international bestselling author of How to Be Brilliant, Five Star Service – One Star Budget, The Edge, Brilliant Life, and Flip It. Since launching his career as a speaker and trainer in 1995, he has addressed almost 1 million people, building a strong reputation as a sought after expert due to his mix of industry savvy, sharp-witted humor, and actionable takeaways that yield tangible results.

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    Michael Heppell has been described as ‘the cure for an average life,’ and as one of the ‘top ten professional speakers in Europe’. He works extensively with individuals and organisations both in the UK and around the world.

    He is a powerfully effective trainer and world class keynote presenter who guarantees to have an audience off their seats through his mix of industry savvy and sharp-witted humour.

    Michael founded Michael Heppell Ltd in 1998 with the goal ‘to positively influence one million lives’. Through business courses, workshops and a range of products and lifestyle events he is capturing participant’s imaginations in new and dynamic ways, designed to enhance learning and ensure sustainable results.

    He is the international best selling author of How to Be Brilliant available in 18 languages and across 80 countries. Five Star Service One Star Budget shows readers how to wow their customers without breaking the bank and Brilliant Life shows the reader how to have a brilliant balanced life.

    Michael works with individuals from Category B prisoners to Chief Executives, and companies from owner/managers to major PLCs.

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Michael Heppell is the ultimate keynote presenter. Described as one of the top three professional speakers in the world Michael is in high demand to deliver his keynote presentations across the globe due to his keen ability have audiences laughing and learning at the same time.

Michael uses his vast insights to help companies develop a competitive advantage by focusing attention on the needs of their customers and their people. His How to Be Brilliant keynote has been seen by over 250,000 people while his Five Star Service presentation is a must for anyone who wants to inspire an audience to raise their level of service.

How to Be Brilliant!
How to have the ultimate personal development experience

  • Take positive action to achieve your goals
  • Go from good to brilliant
  • Grasp every opportunity with enthusiasm

For many of us, good isn’t really enough. We want to be the best we can be and seize every opportunity with energy and enthusiasm. After all, why be good when you can be brilliant?

Michael Heppell has equipped people and organisations with his tools to be brilliant for over ten years. At this inspirational event, discover how you too can achieve your goals and leave with that all important spring in your step.

Michael will offer practical, simple steps to help you and your team embrace every day and every opportunity with positivity, energy, enthusiasm and inspiration. Find out where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there as quickly and economically as possible (while having fun!).

5 Star Service – 1 Star Budget
The very best customer service costs nothing financially but you have to know exactly what to do to create the incredible interactions that lead to loyal customers.

Michael has spent 20 years studying the very best customer service organisations and has distilled what thy do that others don’t.

Flip It – how to get the best out of everything
The perfect feel good keynote. Based on the Sunday Times No. 1 best selling book.
After learning the tools and techniques from Flip It Michael guarantees you’ll never have a bad day ever again. Flip It is excellent for organisations going through change and who need a different way of thinking, acting and doing.

What People are Saying about Seeing Michael Speak

Rating Entries

    “What can I say, except Wednesday was BRILLIANT! The feedback I have received from the 120 Managers, who were privileged enough to be present on Wednesday, has been outstanding. From my perspective you comprehensively met my expectations and objectives, as well as delivering hundreds of great messages in a fun, interactive and entirely memorable way. I defy anyone not to be positively influenced. Once again many thanks for your contribution to a great day at HSBC, North West London Area. You have certainly helped me break mindsets, change behaviours and in time further improve performance.”
    Mark McEvitt,
    Area Director,
    North West London Area

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued participation and effort at the Personal Finance Society′s Annual Conference last week. This was once again an overwhelming success and we couldn′t have done it without you.”
    Tim Eadon,
    Chief Executive

    “Michael′s communication and preparation leading up to the event was very impressive, the 90-minute keynote was absolutely brilliant and left the whole team buzzing with excitement and energy. In my opinion there is no better motivational speaker.”
    Jonathan Raggett,
    Managing Director

    “From beginning to end, the team at Michael Heppell LTD have been an absolute pleasure to work with.
    The energy that Michael and Christine brought to the event, still has people being positive 5 months later.
    The feedback that I received from the multi-cultural team was that the content was easy to consume, yet powerful enough to motivate for change.
    It was an absolute pleasure having Michael and Christine be part of the annual kick-off.”
    Mohammed Seedat
    Business Manager, MVP Award Programme. Microsoft

    “With a conference themed around ‘Being Brilliant’ we couldn’t invite anyone else but Michael and he more than lived up to his billing. Fun, insightful, memorable and totally relevant to the challenge facing the business, Michael ticked every box.
    We will definitely be inviting him back for the next installment when even being brilliant ceases to be good enough!”

    Mark Fox
    MD UK Delivery, Pizza Hut

    “The approach of a high energy presentation that mixes humor and audience participation resulted in a brilliant response from the team on the day but has continued to do in the weeks that have followed.
    This event has made a positive difference to my business.”

    Charles Courquin
    Business Partner North-East Europe. IBM

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Books by Michael Heppell:

    Five Star Service: How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

    Create magic moments that get you noticed, remembered and referred

    Providing excellent customer service is the surest way to greater success for your organisation and a more successful career for you. And it′s not half as difficult or time consuming to achieve as you might think!

    Neither does it have to cost a fortune. There′s a common misconception that five star customer service carries a hefty price tag – this is simply not true! Many of the essential components of Five Star Service cost little or nothing to achieve.

    Five Star Service, 2nd edition, by bestselling author Michael Heppell, shows you exactly how to deliver amazing service, as an individual and as an organisation, and at very low cost. With over 100 instant tips, 50 examples of best practice and over a dozen brand new strategies you’ll be equipped to wow your customers every time.

    This book is perfect if you′d like to:

    • Deliver remarkable results that will keep clients coming back for more
    • Win the hearts and minds of new customers without spending a fortune
    • Receive repeat orders and positive referrals from your customers

    Order Here

    Five Star Service, One Star Budget: How to Create Magic Moments for Your Customers that get You Noticed, Remembered & Referred

    Everybody loves Five Star Service. It′s the surest way to a more successful career for you and greater success for your organization. What′s more, it′s not half as difficult or time consuming to achieve as you might think!

    Neither does it have to cost a fortune. There′s a common misconception that Five Star Service carries a hefty price tag – this is simply not true! Many of the essential components of Five Star Service cost little or nothing to achieve.

    In this simple but hugely powerful little book, bestselling author Michael Heppell shows you exactly how to deliver Five Star Service, as an individual and as an organization, and at very low cost.

    This book is for if you′d like to:

    • make your customers (and your colleagues) happier, more often
    • deliver remarkable results that will fast track your career
    • win more customers without spending a fortune
    • get repeat orders and referrals from everyone you encounter

    Are you ready to shine?

    Order Here

    How to Be Brilliant: Change Your Ways in 90 Days

    For many of us, being ‘good’ isn’t really good enough. We want to make the very best we can out of our lives – to achieve all we can achieve and be the best we can be. We want to be Brilliant. This book will give you tools to find out what point you are at now, understand where it is you want to get and develop strategies and powerful methods to get you there. As quickly as possible and as economically as possible with as much fun as possible. The book uses many clear examples and stories to show you how to overcome barriers that hold you back. You’ll learn how to develop a clear vision for a brilliant future and communicate with your friends, family and colleagues at a higher level.

    Order Here

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