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Voted “Greenest Person on the Planet” by 3rd Whale in Canada, Matthias Gelber shows organizations both big and small how they can be agents of positive change in the midst of today’s global ecological crisis. The International Trainer, Ecopreneur, and Green Activist has spoken on Environmental Management Sustainability in 40 countries over the past 19 years.

From a young age, Matthias has been a passionate advocate of green living. His core passion and life mission is dedicated to Mother Nature and preserving the planet’s natural environment by both ‘Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility’. After earning a Master’s in Environmental Science majoring in Legislation from Brunel University in the United Kingdom, he started a successful environmental consulting company in 1999.

Matthias is co-founder of Maleki GmbH, a construction material research and development business in Germany that specializes in low carbon footprint, high performance building material. He also serves as Board of Director for a solar cell research, technology and development business in Malaysia, his current country of residence. Currently he spearheads Eco Warriors Malaysia, a community movement focused on taking positive action to combat climate change.

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      • A professional speaker, international trainer, and business man, Matthias Gelber came in ahead of 600 other participants from around the world to emerge as the champion in the annual award for Greenest Person on the Planet by 3rd Whale in Canada in 2008. Put simply, Matthias’s passion is in preserving the natural environment – a passion that has seen him focus on environmental management and CSR for the last 15 years in around 40 countries worldwide.

    Earning a Masters in Environmental Science in the United Kingdom, Matthias went on to start his own environmental consulting company dealing with sustainability issues relating to the natural environment of the planet. He served in the past as a member on the board of INEM (the International Network of Environmental Management) and the ARPSCP (the Asian Pacific Roundtable of Sustainable Consumption and Cleaner Production), Matthias was as well named one of the Men of the Year in Malaysia by Clive Magazine.

    Speaking and chairing regularly at international events in the fields of Construction, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental issues, Matthias has been working the last few years with the building industry to develop practical strategies for effective environmental and sustainability strategies and systems. Matthias is a member of the Green Building Council Philippines and IISBE, the International Initiative for Sustainable Built Environments.

    The co-founder of Maleki GmbH, specializing in low carbon footprint and high performance building materials, Matthias also initiated Eco Warriors Malaysia, a Facebook group delivering practical environmental action, such as peat forest rehabilitation and condo waste recycling for a better Earth.

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Matthias Gelber knows it’s important for the human society to continue progressing; however, it doesn’t mean having to do so at the expense of our planet’s natural ecosystems. That’s why he offers realistic approaches and steps that businesses and the general public can take to make the earth a better place, literally. Drawing from his own extensive experience in the green technology business, organizing and executing transitions to more environmentally friendly lifestyles, and of course his own personal habits, Matthias translates environmental issues into relevant matters that audience members can take into their own hands.

Greening your Business
Matthias will give examples of what are the fastest and most cost effective steps to turn your business, your products or services green. The audience will learn how to save money, how to deliver green innovation that makes them more competitive.

Due to his comprehensive past experience with many organizations and from industrial-based knowledge within private, public or governmental sectors, Matthias is able to provide authoritative examples that your employees from all walks of life will be able to relate to at this session.

How to succeed with a Green Business!
Matthias has successfully started a small environmental business in 1999 selling it to a listed engineering company in 2001. Again in 2007 he was involved in a new green start up Maleki GmbH. He gives deep insight with his talks into the challenges facing green business and green technology. He outlines some key points how you can make your green business a success.

The Day after Today
The talk starts off with Matthias showing images of his youth as a little village boy. The pictures focus initially on the pleasure he has with continuous snow during the winter months.

Then the focus shifts over to the current generation of boys in the same little village, in the form of the son of the brother of Matthias. He is a young boy and a keen skier; however he is facing the problem that nowadays during the winter there is a continuous change between rain and snow. This prevents him from being able to enjoy the same winter sports as Matthias did during his days as a young little village boy. Matthias draws the audience to consider why this is the case. Subsequently, more global problems related to climate change are addressed by further pictures. Matthias then addresses the audience directly on what they can do to contribute with their own daily decisions to improve the environment. The focus on future generations with regards to environmental conditions is the center piece of the personal challenge presented to the listeners.

This presentation has been delivered to environmental professionals, business people, students and professional speakers. All audiences have been consistent in affirming that the talk has the power to impact people and change their thinking. At a quality conference in Mexico, the talk was the only one out of more than 100 that received a spontaneous second round of applause after delivery in the plenary session to nearly 1000 attendees.

Living to the Greenest with the Green Man
This motivational, talks focus on what we can do in our lives to go green. How can you live without public transport and a small electricity bill? What about recycling and other green day-to-day action? Matthias gives an insight into his low carbon footprint live style and reveals his “biggest environmental sin”. This is all about giving the audience practical examples that they can implement in their lives.

What People are Saying about Seeing Matthias Speak

Rating Entries

    “Matthias is one of the most powerful, compelling and inspiring speaker that I have ever met! When he talks, you can sense his energy and his stories make his message relevant and credible. For most of the students in my college this was the first time that they heard an interesting and relevant talk about environmental issues – this has made a huge long term impact.”
    Chong Beng,
    English Lecturer,
    Hanxing Academy of Journalism,
    Competent Toastmaster

    “Matthias is one of the best speakers I′ve seen for a long time. His mix of information, entertainment, visual imagery and delivery style provides a powerful, entertaining and memorable message.”
    Frank Furness,
    Former President of the European Professional Speakers Association

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