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  • Equipped with 30 years of Silicon Valley insider experience, Le Merle is the co-founder of and Managing Partner of Fifth Era and of Keiretsu Capital, the world’s largest network of early stage investors.

  • Le Merle provides senior executives with a clear perspective on the technology and innovations that are about to impact their industry and how they can reorganize their company around innovation.

  • Le Merle’s insights on blockchain and reinventing business models for the Digital Economy have been sought by Google, Amazon, PayPal, eBay, and multiple national governments.
  • Matthew Le Merle has been an advisor to Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Paypal, and it only takes one glance at his resume to understand why. The corporate growth and investment expert’s 30 year+ career combines hands-on leadership experience with a wealth of knowledge on blockchain and biotechnology as well as how to use these disruptive forces to your company’s advantage.

    Le Merle is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Era and of Keiretsu Capital, which manages the world’s largest network of early stage angel investors with 53 chapters on 3 continents. He is an adjunct professor at Singularity University, giving courses/workshops on corporate innovation, entrepreneurship, and blockchain.

    Le Merle is the co-author of Blockchain Competitive Advantage and Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era, an Amazon #1 bestseller in nine categories. He has served as chairman or non-executive director for 14 companies, and additionally has served on as an advisor/consultant for several regional and national government bodies including that of Korea, India, Indonesia, Israel, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, provinces of China, and the state of California.

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      Matthew Le Merle is co-founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Era and of Keiretsu Capital – the most active US venture investors and world’s largest angel investor network.

      Matthew is an expert on corporate growth, innovation, digitization and technology transformations having advised leading companies including Amazon, Cisco, eBay, Google, HP, Microsoft, PayPal and many others on growth and innovation-related issues.

      Matthew’s career has spanned being a global strategy advisor, professional services firm leader, corporate operating executive, private equity and venture capital investor, and board director for high growth public and private companies. His board work has included Chairman or Non-Executive Director roles in 14 companies and active Advisory Board roles in a further 9. Matthew’s board experience includes a broad range of industries including Business Services, Consumer and Retail, Digital Entertainment, eCommerce, and Fintech.

      Matthew has advised sovereign and regional economic entities on issues of innovation, entrepreneurialism and cluster growth. Clients have covered the globe from China, the EU, and the UK to the US including in his home state of California and the Bay Area/Silicon Valley.

      Earlier in his career, Matthew spent 21 years as a strategy consultant and advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs, boards and executive teams with McKinsey & Company, and as a practice leader with A.T. Kearney and Monitor Group where he led both firms’ West Coast practices and at Booz & Company. He was also a corporate executive at Gap Inc. where he was SVP strategy and corporate development and SVP global marketing.

      Matthew received a B.A. (Double First) and Master’s from Christ Church, Oxford, and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He was born in London, UK, and is now a dual US/UK citizen and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and London, UK with his wife, Alison Davis, and their five children.

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    Matthew Le Merle’s keynotes are roadmaps for investing and business strategy in “the Fifth Era.” Le Merle helps corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors grasp the bigger picture of the disruptive forces changing our world and focuses on tools and examples on how to use them to one's advantage. The veteran venture capital investor, former corporate executive, and globally known strategist offers unique insights on new technologies and innovation, sharing his specialist knowledge on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, Internet regulation, and the coming together of the digital and biotech revolutions.

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    Books by Matthew Le Merle:

    Second Chance

    For thousands of years Earth has suffered under the strain of supporting an ever more needy and destructive humanity who increasingly rely upon their artificial intelligences in almost everyway. At last with Earth’s carrying capacity rapidly falling, these Intelligences have taken people off earth to distant destinations in huge space fleets. However, as the last wave prepares to leave and their final countdown is completed two ships fail to takeoff.

    Now eighteen years later a handful of the People, abandoned by their Intelligences, and suffering terribly from limited resources and frightful mutations, live difficult lives around the Field where still stand the two ships that failed to save them. Born into this world Belle and her boyfriend Adam must come up with a way to escape before they are brought to trial in front of their Sage and her Lawenforcers for their law breaking. Not to do so will bring them to a horrible ending.

    Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era: Lessons from Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft

    Over the last 30 years a host of new technologies have begun to change every industry driving us into a new era of human existence. The companies who have been most able to tap into these new innovations have become the most highly valued companies in the world. To do so, they have created a new approach to corporate innovation. In “Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era,” Silicon Valley insiders Matthew C. Le Merle and Alison Davis share the lessons they have learned from two decades of interaction with Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft as well as other leading companies. The authors describe this new approach so that every company can be ready as we enter the Fifth Era.

    Build Your Fortune in the Fifth Era: How Angel Investors, VCs, and Entrepreneurs Prosper in an Age of Unprecedented Innovation

    The Internet didn’t even exist 30 years ago, and now billions of people are connected to the web every day, and remarkable new technologies have been invented that will dramatically change the way humans exist on our planet. This emerging playing field is not well understood and not everyone who was successful in the past will be able to benefit from this momentous shift. In Build Your Fortune in the Fifth Era, Silicon Valley insiders Matthew C. Le Merle and Alison Davis provide insights, based on 30 years of leading, investing in and advising new technology companies, on the rules of this game, and outline options for how readers can participate and prosper in the coming Fifth Era.

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