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With more than 3,000 shows performed, comic-magician Matt Marcy has built a successful career on his own terms in a highly competitive field. Matt goes beyond card tricks and disappearing acts, putting a hilarious twist on everything he does in a program that has been described as “one part Saturday Night Live and two parts David Copperfield.”

Matt is an award-winning headline entertainer who travels nationwide and specializes in corporate entertainment, sleight of hand performances, emcee and hosting engagements, team building seminars, & keynote programs. His blend of comedy and magic has entranced audiences at Oracle, Ernst & Young, Disney, Toshiba, and Aon. He has also performed for a variety of celebrities and dignitaries including Prince Faisel of Saudi Arabia.

Matt can be seen on the CW show Masters of Illusion. Furthermore, he is the creator and star of his “Disillusioned” comedy web series, which follows a professional magician struggling “to find love, success, and respect in an art form that doesn’t really get any.” He is the author of the book Magic for the Business World which teaches non-magicians simple magic tricks they can use to connect with clients, colleagues, or customers.

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      • Matt Marcy has spent the last 15 years performing around the world as a comic-magician and emcee. With over 3,000 shows under his belt, he′s entertained everyone from Hollywood celebrities to CEO′s of Fortune 500 companies to royalty. Matt has made a name for himself by combining his unique style, quick wit, and completely original magic and illusion, and is a regular entertainer for corporate and private events, as well as for clubs, theaters, hotels, casinos, colleges, and cruise ships. He is also a favorite at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, having performed over 1,000 shows at the exclusive magicians′ clubhouse. As one reviewer put it, “Matt is one of the most original comedy magicians I have ever seen. His performance is nuanced, goofy, broad, full of humor on multiple levels, and his magic is baffling to the point of swearing off drink forever.”

    A graduate of Brown University, Matt has twice been nominated as best comedy-magician of the year, and is the creator of the instructional magic DVD “Simple Tricks…to blow their minds!” He is also the writer and performer of the hit theater show “Disillusioned… Confessions of a Serial Magician.”

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Matt Marcy has a talent for treating his audience like smart adults, but making them feel that excitement of youth. The experienced showman goes beyond card tricks and disappearing acts to create an emotional connection with groups both large and small in a fast-paced show you won’t want to end. Matt’s mind-blowing illusions and his down-to-earth humorous personality are an endearing odd couple and elevate his program far above a typical magic show – the reason numerous companies are calling him “the best entertainment we’ve ever had.”

    Matt′s shows have been seen in all types of venues: From hotel ballrooms to trade show floors to casino showrooms; from restaurants to country clubs to private residences; from the smallest of club stages to the largest theater stages (and even to Hollywood soundstages), Matt′s show is flexible enough to fit into nearly any environment. Or, if you′ve already scheduled your event and you′re just looking for a host to add that extra special touch, Matt displays the same quick wit and easy going style — with or without magic — in his copious emcee work as he does in his regular shows.

    Corporate Magic
    Have you ever wanted to hire an entertainer who would have your guests or clients thanking YOU for providing an unforgettable experience?

    Join Sony, Toshiba, Northrop Grumman, PDNB, Bank of America, Oracle, Kaiser Permanente, Mercury Insurance, Ernst & Young, Comcast, and hundreds of other companies, groups,and organizations who have been amazed and enthralled by one of the country′s leading corporate entertainers!

    Your corporate event entertainment decision is very important. The performer you choose will be remembered long after the event is over, so what better than a show that inspires gasps of astonishment and sidesplitting laughter? With nearly two decades and over 2,000 shows worth of performing experience, Matt can provide the unforgettable entertainment that will have your guests or clients thanking YOU the next day.

    High-Energy, Clean, Hilarious Magical Entertainment for your Next Corporate Event...Guaranteed!

    Hosting and Emcee Work
    There are few things that can help make an event more successful than a good host...and you′ve finally found one! To learn more about hiring Matt as a host or emcee for your next event, contact him here. References are available. If you′re looking for a host or emcee for your next event, Matt is the performer for you. Having hosted nearly 1,000 shows in both the theatrical and corporate worlds, Matt has the experience to guarantee that everything will run smoothly. In fact, Matt′s success as an emcee has recently taken him from Los Angeles to Minneapolis to Atlanta (and everywhere in between) as he′s hosted shows and events around the country.

    An expert at introductions, act coordination, interviews, and audience interaction, Matt will keep things entertaining while ensuring that all the necessary parts of your program come off as planned. What′s more, he can work with event coordinators to help with staging, can advise on technical matters, and can even mix in some of his original, award-winning comedy-magic, if appropriate. (And he can even custom-tailor it to your event!)

    There are few things that can help make an event more successful than a good host...and you′ve finally found one!

    Close-up and Strolling Magic So you really want to add a magical touch to an upcoming event, but a full stage show just doesn′t seem appropriate? Fear not, dear friend. That′s why, in addition to his regular stage material, Matt also performs close-up and strolling magic to complement whatever function you can imagine. Combining world-class sleight-of-hand with the same comedy and personality that has made him so popular onstage, Matt has performed his close-up and strolling magic at corporate events, private celebrations, fundraisers, and other functions for groups ranging in size from 10 people to 10,000 people.

    For the uninitiated, the term "close-up magic" refers to magic performed for small groups using everyday objects such as cards, coins, money, silks, and balls. Entirely reliant on sleight-of-hand, close-up magic happens just inches away from the audience. Additionally, Matt always uses audience participants while performing his close-up, thereby giving spectators a very special "hands on" magical experience.

    What is "strolling" magic? Well, if your event will have a small number of people in attendance, a single close-up show is fine. However, many events have dozens or hundreds or even thousands of people. Under these circumstances, Matt will perform "strolling" magic in which he will move between tables or small groups of people and perform a few minutes of close-up magic for each group. Strolling magic is appropriate for nearly any event, including corporate or office parties, birthday parties, cocktail parties, anniversaries, fundraisers, restaurant shows, and receptions.

What People are Saying about Seeing Matt Speak

Rating Entries

    “Thanks again for a great show, Matt. Your memorable presentations were not only baffling, but they kept the audience howling with laughter and made the entire event a smashing success. Best of all, you made me look good.”
    Ronald Sugar, CEO
    Northrop Grumman

    “It was truly great having you Matt. You clearly were the best entertainment we have ever had.”
    Ron Scott, Dir. of Human Resources
    Chicago Title Insurance

    “One of the most original comedy magicians I have ever seen. His performance is nuanced, goofy, broad, full of humor on multiple levels, and his magic is baffling to the point of swearing off drink forever.”
    Jacques Lord
    Brown Club of San Diego Newsletter

    “You could tell Matt is a seasoned pro…. This young man can work anywhere. Matt′s got talent, he′s just that good!”
    Article for Linking Ring Magazine

    “Matt, [you have] that rare ability to combine the art of illusion and the art of storytelling; [you made us] laugh, then [took our] breath away with [your] bag of tricks.”
    John Solomon, Vice-President
    Walt Disney Imagineerin

    “We′ve hired Matt for the last 3 years for our organization and he′s bar none the best entertainer we′ve ever had. He′s personable, hilarious, everyone loved his show, and we′d love to have him back year after year.”
    Josh Parker, President

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