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  • Mark Schulman is the drummer for P!NK, performing for sold-out audiences all over the world.

  • Mark’s presentations have the excitement of a Rock show with the transformational results of a cutting-edge keynote.

  • He will leave you and your team drumming up new levels of peak performance!
  • Mark Schulman is the drummer for P!nk. He shares rock star success secrets and illustrates their application to achieving business goals. Get ready to be empowered, inspired, and elevated to an evolved mindset and new level of peak performance.

    Having performed for over a billion people, Mark unlocks an audience’s “Rockstar Attitude” by combining his powerful business philosophy and innovative, strategic content with engaging multimedia and drum performances. Mark’s high-energy speaking style, his deep business expertise, and dynamic, interactive musical demonstrations help people find and express their own rhythm, build on their own individual strengths, and enhance important emotional connections in life and business.

    Mark delivers the excitement of a rock show and the transformational results of a cutting-edge keynote. Think Tony Robbins meets Bono meets Ringo Starr! You’ll break the boundaries of possibility and performance while rocking out to an unforgettable mix of drumming performances, audience-interactive demonstrations, and compelling stories from Mark’s intimate experiences with P!nk, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Cher, and other world-class artists.

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    Getting the Band Together

    Having worked and played with some of the most successful bands and artists in music history, including Pink, Foreigner, Billy Idol, Simple Minds, and Cher just to name a few, Mark truly understands the emotions, adjustments, and actions of successfully bringing a band or team of people together after a hiatus.

    From the profound experience of meeting Cher for the first time at rehearsal to recording drum tracks by himself in his own studio while collaborating remotely with musicians he couldn't see or hear to some rough starting moments performing on the Billboard Music Awards with P!nk and the band after over two years apart, Mark brings you industry insights, performances, and engaging interactive experiences that will ignite your conference attendees to truly ROCK again!

    After experiencing Mark's R.O.C.K. methodology, audiences leave invigorated, synchronized, and with some Rock and Roll attitude:

    Reimagine Mark helps attendees realize collaboration with a new perspective through an emphasis on active listening, unique interactive 'jamming' and techniques for communicating like rockstars.

    Optimize Mark not only demonstrates through stories and engagement how attendees can use their time together more efficiently but gives unique insights through his own experience how employees can collaborate and jam harder while working from home as well.

    Celebrate As the audience's 'own personal rockstar', Mark makes this keynote feel like a show through collaborative rhythmic processes, exciting video clips, drumming performances and celebratory activities. At the end Mark bestows the audience with their very own 'band name'.

    Kick Off Mark takes the audience through a journey that literally raises everyone's energy. The show culminates with everyone jamming together. The attendees leave with some Rock and Roll swagger and methodologies that infuse greater comradery together at the conference and individually in the office or at home.

    Hacking the Rockstar Attitude How to Ignite Rockstar Performance during Uncertain Times

    Using Mark’s three core principles during this kinetic and sensory-driven program, you will walk away with a blueprint for how to incorporate rock & roll philosophy, techniques and swagger into your business in order to drive performance and energize your work environment. Are you ready to rock?

    Conquering Life's Stage Fright Transforming Fear into Confidence Now and Post Pandemic

    Mark brings his popular book to life at your event through engaging stories, performance and interactive processes. Mark demonstrates how all individual and team performances are broken down into three simple yet powerful steps: Clarity, Capability and Confidence. You will use these three simple concepts to drive you and your team’s performance to a higher level by transforming fear and trepidation in Confidence!

    Boost Your RQ - Rockstar Quotient! Solid Insights For Changing Times

    For organizations, leaders, and individuals, Mark will show you how you can boost your Rockstar Quotient for real gains in productivity, capacity, performance, innovation, morale… This is a rock show disguised as a keynote with measurable results!

    What People are Saying about Seeing Mark Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Our presentation caused a real shift in my thought process. I had been conditioned to believe that we have to change our behavior first. Now I realize that with an analysis and improvement of my team’s attitude, I can predict their behavior and better control the outcome of my projects. This is a very valuable tool. Thanks so much Mark!”
    — Matt Bernstein, CISCO Systems

    “The Virtual event was a great success. People loved Mark’s energy!”
    — Rockwell Automation

    “It was everything we hoped for and MORE!”
    — Kaiser Permanente

    “It was fabulous! It was specific to us. Everyone really enjoyed it.”
    — Dell Technologies

    “You captured their hearts, motivated and inspired- but even more, you honored them by your willingness to participate.”
    — David L. White, President, YAP

    “Mark literally rocked our world!”
    — Horizon

    “It’s not easy to get a standing ovation from a corporate audience; Mark got two! Mark Schulman’s keynote address was truly a great success and made me, the event planner look like a Rock Star!”
    — Infor Global Solutions

    “I GOT TO listen to a WONDERFUL & INSPIRATIONAL speaker!
    Mark was a great choice and I left the meeting feeling very motivated for life in general. GREAT JOB ;-)”
    — Angela English, Human Resources Generalist,

    “Thank you again the passion and caring you put into the sessions with our teams. They are still reflecting on the positive experience and how they enjoyed the time with you.”
    — Managing Director Optus Business

    “It was exactly what the team needed and I’m so grateful we had the opportunity to participate. Your message was straightforward, but one that we tend to forget from time to time — attitude is everything! I consider myself a pretty positive person, but many of your points were great reminders that we can all do better. I keep hearing “I get to…” and “I’m not a whiner, I’m a winner” and “Attitude, Behavior, Consequence” throughout the office — it makes me smile! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, and for spending your time with our team! It was a really special evening for us but you made it a night that we will never forget!!! Thanks again — wishing you all the best!”
    — Rhonda F. Kulhanek, oOh! Media”

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