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Margo is an inspiring storyteller who brings experience, innovation and authenticity to every keynote, panel and workshop. She covers a range of topics including building innovative and authentic cultures, developing your leadership brand, and creating high performing teams.

When Margo joined The Body Shop as a part-time sales associate she was inspired by Anita Roddick’s authentic leadership and mission driven approach to business, Margo saw that culture was the foundation of business success and being an HR leader could be inspiring, meaningful and creative. Since then, Margo has led the development of innovative people strategies at three iconic brands – Stitch Fix, Lululemon and Starbucks. She’s seen scale, transition from private to public company and worked with leading innovators in the tech and consumer space.

And life has come full circle. She is currently sharing what she’s learned as a speaker and advisor with a commitment to developing people and organizations to achieve their full, unique potential.

Margo loves working with businesses who are up to big things when it comes to people, culture and innovative products.

Her experience in scaling companies and creating innovative people strategies make her an ideal advisor to CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Investors and CHROs who facing the challenges and rewards that come with building great companies.

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Margo Downs's Speech Descriptions

Building Innovative and Authentic Cultures
Creating a culture that is authentic to the company’s brand and strategy requires a thoughtful, innovative and structured approach. Margo will offer her time-tested method for developing and scaling culture honed from her tenures at three iconic brands.

Inspiring Leadership
What makes a great leader? How is leadership expressed in a way that is unique to an organization? How do leaders continue to grow, inspire and remain resilient in the face of organizational challenges? Margo has extensive experience as a direct leader of large teams, developer of leadership frameworks and coach to senior leaders. She will provide a unique and thought-provoking approach to building leadership capability.

Busting Common People-Practices Myths
There are popular beliefs propagated across the people and culture space in organizations. Retention is everything. HR is responsible for employee happiness. The interest of management, shareholders and employees will always be at odds. Margo challenges many of these long-held beliefs and offers a fresh perspective on how to innovate in the HR space.

Creating Inclusive Workplaces
It’s 2019 and challenges still exist for women and minority groups in the workplace. What structures, practices and beliefs impede the ability for everyone to thrive and deliver great results? Margo tackles these issues in a direct and candid way and provides ideas on how to support the authentic talents of each individual while building a high-performing and inclusive culture.

Building Results-Oriented Teams
Today’s workplaces are often distributed across multiple geographies and time zones. Most employees are likely to be a part of not just one, but a number of teams both personally and professionally. Great teamwork doesn’t happen organically, however. Margo explores the qualities of high-performing teams, techniques for building great teams and how to course-correct when teams go off track.

When Things Fall Apart
We strive to create healthy, thriving organizations. And sometimes things can go off track: a reputational crisis; leadership transitions; business challenges; a culture that has gone astray. Margo has faced a number of these challenges and offers a time-tested way through and out the other side.

Creating a Culture of Innovation
The advent of technology and the speed of competition have put innovation at the forefront of every company’s focus. Driving innovation doesn’t magically occur once a strategy is declared. Creating a culture of innovation requires a thoughtful and deliberate approach. Margo’s experience in building culture at one of the most innovative technology companies provides a perspective on how to unleash the power of your employees.

Building a Relentlessly Optimistic Culture
Is it possible to create a world of work where responsibility and optimism are the prevailing sentiments of employees? Where people are treated as whole human beings? Where the interests of management, shareholders and employees are aligned? Today’s headlines are filled with countless stories of workplaces that are toxic and add no value to the experience of the people who work in them. It doesn’t have to be that way. Margo’s insights gleaned from her experience with three unique company cultures will provide ideas on how to put the humanity back into work.

The Talent Formula
War for Talent. Employer of choice. Best place to work. eNPS. Most companies have discovered that having the right people in the organization is the greatest competitive advantage. Review any company’s risk assessment and you are likely to find attracting and retaining talent near the top of the list. What is the right formula for hiring the best people for your organization? One size does not fit all. Margo shares her formula for attracting, developing and inspiring employees to deliver your unique value proposition.

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